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6s vs Actonians – 21.04.18

Match Report – 21/04/2018 vs OLD ACTONIANS 8 HOME

Another huge match for the sixes, as we played the team that beat us comfortably at their ground earlier in the season.

It was nice to play football in glorious weather and at the HOOD!!

We had another strong squad and with a few people out injured, this was great for the club to get 14 players out when other teams are struggling!  Loverboy Tyron missed his THIRD game in a row for the end of season running and to be fair the weather at the hood felt like Brazil!

A squad of Merton’s number 1 Swanny in goal, back 4 of Chappell, Grant, Skipper, Spense.  Midfield four of Michael and Charlie, Reece and Callum. Up top was Pete (who is on fire!) and the Big DOG (special mention who played despite being in hospital for 3 days!!) A very strong bench of Matt, Dan P and Denys.

The oppo only had 10 men to start the game which played massively into our hands.  We started the game well and was pressuring Actonians and picking our passes. After a few dangerous throw ins we finally managed to get the early goal before they could get upto 11.  The skipper pouncing on a loose ball to give us the deserved lead.  What happened next was outrageous! Grant from a fully 25 yards banging one into the bottom corner. 2-0!  Then a sour note.  After a tangle of legs, there was a scuffle between Spense and their best player at the time.  Both skippers tried to convince the ref to book each player and just carry on as we thought it would be best for the game, but we were both shocked when red cards were produced.  Both down to 10 and a change in the defence with Matt coming on for Pete.  Actonians did have spells in the game and were very dangerous and to be fair to them they never gave up.  Ultimately it would be our depth in strength from the bench that was the difference.  Also Charlie’s non-stop running and superb energy was immense! Goals from Dan P, Pete and Michael in the second half pushed our dominance home.  A consolation – just to piss Swanny off made the final score 5-1.  At the final whistle, we knew we had overcome a massive hurdle and was just waiting for the result of old wilsonians to see if were champions this week or having to win our last game next week.  After frantically checking teletext the result came through that WIlsonians had drew 2-2 with South Bank.  Although not mathematically MERTON 6’sWERE NEAR ENOUGH CHAMPIONS!! We need to lose 33-0 at home to South Bank. 


MOM – Charlie


6s vs Old Wilsonians – 14.04.18

Match Report – 14/04/2018 vs OLD WILSONIANS 6 HOME (BUT AWAY)

Well what a massive two games ahead for the Mighty Merton sixes, first off was Old Wilsonians 6’s who kindly agreed to switch venues as the Hood was still unplayable.

This was a potentially tricky game on paper as a defeat here for us would had the league title pretty much to their 5’s. We arrived with a strong squad on paper. A squad of Merton’s number 1 Swanny in goal, back 4 of Chappell, Grant, Skipper, Spense.  Midfield Michael and Charlie (who is now firmly part of the 6’s squad), George and Callum. Up top was Pete (who is on fire!) and the Big DOG!! A very strong bench of Matt, Reece and Dan P.

When we arrived on the pitch it was quite clear this wasn’t the same sixes squad that turned up to a flooded WCE, when we unfortunately couldn’t play.  However they were not to be underestimated!

Again the game started and we were superb.  Knocking the ball around and finding some great passes to get in behind the high line of Wilsonians.  We were winning all the tackles and fighting for every second ball.  Chances came and went, but finally Tony banged one in!  Callum again was superb creating numerous chances and getting on the scoresheet himself.  George scored a great solo goal and with Tony grabbing another were soon 4-0 up.  A good finish from Wilsonians made it 4-1 at half time.  Again we were brilliant and really playing with confidence.  Second half we were again strong and Pete, who had a superb game nearly scored a worldy of a header.  Michael and Charlie were having great games and broke the midfield at will.  Loverboy Tyron will struggle to get back in the squad!  Anyway with a couple of goals from Pete, a superb strike from Callum and Dan P getting on the scoresheet.  A great own goal from Chappell and a superb finish by their striker made the final score 8-3.  We played great and comments from the oppo in their match report didn’t need to be said.  We are a very strong side – but a team has to be built and to play like that at our level is a great achievement for the sixes. Plus we can’t help out the oppo when they gift us four goals by passing across their back line and to players in yellow!!  I would also be fair to our fives and for any team that raises eyebrows at our position, both teams in the club have had a squad and they have stuck with them throughout the season!!  One game down – 2 to go to be champions!  MOM – Callum DOD – CHAPPELL

6s vs City of London – 07.04.18

Match Report – 07/04/2018 vs City of London AWAY 2-8

After the defeat in the cup final this was a chance to try and get on a winning run to bring home the title.  With 5 players out from either injuries and romantic breaks to Brazil, it was left to call on favours from the club to get a side out.  Luckily enough we had a good 14 players, with a couple of newbies in attendance.

We thought prior this would a potential banana skin as they snatched a draw in the reverse fixture.

Once the team was changed, it was down to the now infamous 5 minute quick stretch and warm up routine and await the start of the match.

Starting line-up was as follows: Merton’s number 1, Swanny in goal, centre half pairing of Grant and Chappell, full backs of Skipper and Spense.  Midfield 4 was Charlie, Reece, Callum and Ackers with Billy and Tony up top.  The bench was strong with Pete, Dan K and Dan Rist.

Smithy gave the team talk and outlined the well thought out pre-match plans to the troops and off we went.

So now to the game, basically we were superb with Callum causing nothing but trouble for their defence.  The long and short of it was goals from Billy, Tony, Callum and a absolute screamer from the skipper put the mighty Merton sixes up at half time!  City did have a consolation through a handball in the box by Grant.  In the second half we eased a bit and with changes interrupting the flow we managed lots of chances but could only grab the odd goal. The game finished 8-2 and was great way to shake off any doubts that the cup final could derail our season.

Mom – Charlie

Dod – Skipper

6s vs Old Finchleians 6s – 24.03.18

Match Report – 24/03/2018 vs Old Finchleans 6’s (AFA CUP FINAL)

The time had come for many to venture into the unknown and actually play a cup final for the mighty Merton.  After weeks of build up, which included an additional training session and numerous what’s app messages, the day had arrived.  First of all the gaffer would like to say picking the cup final squad was one of the hardest decisions of being a manger and letting people down isn’t my forte!  But the people that wasn’t selected took it with dignity and accepted the decisions made – fair play to them.

So onto matchday – I would like to thank Dodge and all the people that assisted in making the day feel special to us.  First of all by providing breakfast rolls and coffee at the hood was a great touch and for all those that helped pay for the coach, it really meant a lot.

Once we arrived at EBOG there was a sense of disappointment that this ground had been selected for a cup final.  The pitch wasn’t the best (but can be expected after all the bad weather) and the fact that the ground was 5 minutes away from our oppo soon become apparent with their large and hostile support arriving on mass.

So the starting 11 was as follows:  Merton number one Swanny in goal, back four of Gaffer, Chappell, Grant and Andy.  The midfield consisted of Ty, Lee, George and Callum with the strikeforce of Nick and Tony upfront.  Supersubs were Reece, Matt and Pete.

So with a team talk, war cries and exchange of pennants (which I forgot!) out of the way it was onto the match.

We knew this would be a battle, anyone that smashes a Polytechnic team in the semis on their own ground were gonna be a good outfit.

The oppo crowd of mostly drunken youths were making themselves heard and booing every touch from Merton along singing some lovely songs which will recreate at some point!! 

We were under the cosh for the first ten minutes but stood firm and started to get into the game.  Then the first big moment of controversy.  Some neat play by Merton resulted in Tony nicking the ball in front of an onrushing goalkeeper and then was taken out.  Stonewall penalty!  Referee didn’t think so and waved play on.  Merton were incensed!!  As it turned out this was our big chance and maybe the ref was intimidated by the crowd or felt it was too early on in the game.  But after this it was pretty much one way traffic and we were on the ropes.

Around 20 mins in, a good ball in from Finchleans resulted in there player volleying home from the penalty spot.  We were 1-0 down, but still tried to play our game on a pitch that was against us.

Unfortunately Lee suffered a nasty injury from a late tackle – which again went unpunished and had to be replaced.  Matt came on and was putting in his usual shift trying to win tackles and break up play.

Half time came and we were still in the game.  We were just hoping for that one chance!

We held our own in the second half but soon began to tire.  Nick was forced off with a dodgy hamstring and again Pete came on and tried to influence the game.  By now though the oppo began to flood midfield and were overrun.  When they scored their second it was no surprise as a long range effort drifted in.  2-0 down.

After that changes were made to try and salvage something.  We tried everything and with players giving 100% I couldn’t ask for anymore.  Unfortunately as we chased, we gave away 2 more sloppy goals and ended up losing 4-0 to an unbelievably strong 6’s team.

The crowd on the sidelines and things that were said (and smoked) did take the shine off the day, but hey we were young once!

In the spirit of the game the Merton lads were gracious in defeat and applauded the winners off the pitch when they collected the trophy.  It did hurt to see them celebrate, so let’s use this as motivation to go and get this league title!!!

I would like to thank the Merton support that made the long journey down to support us.  I defiantly think my brother and Connor boosted EBOG’s bar takings!!!

Also hope that Lee and Nick make quick and strong recoveries from injury!

Man of the Match: No votes taken as everyone was superb.

Dick of the Day: no votes again

Next game: away to City of London

Written by the Gaffer

6s vs Norseman 6s – 17.02.18

Match Report – 17/02/2018 vs Norsemen 6’s (AWAY – AFA CUP SEMI)

Well the biggest game of the season thus far was upon us and it was the small matter of an AFA cup final spot up for grabs.

Manager Smithy managed to convince the boys it was a 13:30 kick off (when it was 14:00), and everyone made their way to the venue on time. Well when I say everyone, George got lost at Morden and the boys had to get off the tube at the next stop to wait for him.

We had a strong line up and a massive thanks goes to Spense for agreeing to miss out.

We welcomed back Lee after his long term injury, which was great news for the sixes as he has been missed in certain games.

The team talk in the changing rooms prior was making sure everyone was focused and knew their roles. After a bit of music we made our way to one of the back pitches for the game. It was a welcome sight seeing a ref and two linesman making there away across the field, as this is something we were not used too!

One last team talk and then the game started at a frantic pace.

Initially Merton were on the back foot, but we were looking very dangerous on the break.  Disaster did strike in the 5th minute with Grant giving away a clumsy penalty.  Word of advice Granty boy, when appealing its outside the box, make sure you are standing outside of the box first!  They scored and we were thinking this may not be our day.  This did give us the wakeup call needed, and as the saying goes, the scoring team are at the most vulnerable after scoring and within minutes Tony scored with a cool finish. 1-1!!  The game then settled down, but didn’t lack the challenges and passion of a semi final.  Moments before half time disaster struck.  Merton failing to clear a corner, after numerous chances to do so and with Kev ball watching left their player to score with a good finish in the corner.  2-1 down at half time.

Half time team talk consisted of us trying to play our normal game as the result will take care of itself, as the sun and hill would come into play second half and it was to our advantage.

Second half began well for the mighty boars and we started to create chance after chance.  The skipper had a goal bound header spectacularly cleared off the line and the resulting ball back found Nick after a flapping attempt from their keeper who slotted home.  2-2

The lads started to tire and a few changes were made with Matt coming on for the skipper and moving in to right back.  Chance after chance went begging for Merton, so it was no surprise that we scored soon.

The self proclaimed Big Dog scored a third (can’t remember how this came about) to queue wild celebrations from the lads.

After we went ahead, Norsemen changed their formation and came back in the game, however this left them horribly exposed at the back.  We missed numerous good chances as Tony and George missed 1on1’s to good saves from the unorthodox keeper.

With all these chances missed, the inevitable happened.  Hitting us on the break, Norsemen equalised making it 3-3. The heads went down slightly and were out on our feet.  Smithy came back on and managed to get booked for a minor scuffle as one of their lads couldn’t take a strong challenge!

Extra time came and Swanny was the busier of the two keepers, pulling off a couple of blinders.  I was fearing the worst and was also worried about the players dropping like flies.  This is where all the younger years of playing Champ manager came into its own, making changes and tinkering every couple of minutes!

With penalties looming, Merton created one last chance to which Tony, who was limping in pain, managed to squeeze a shot past the keeper. 4-3 to Merton and another hat-trick for Tony!


In the celebrations it was clear Tony couldn’t continue, on came the skipper to make a back 5 to protect what we had.  The pressure to hold on was immense and everyone put their bodies on the line.  With minutes to go Matt spotted an opportunity to finish the game and was clean though only to sky the chance – we were thinking the worse!!

Luckily the referee blew for full time and a great match came to end.  Merton celebrated like mental and Norsemen were gracious in defeat and wished us well for the final.  Even poor Tony shed a tear at the end, but think that was cramp!

So there we go, the lads move onto to the AFA cup final on the 24th March 2018 at EBOG and I hope we can get a decent travelling support coming from the Hood.  On a personal note it was great to manage the lads on the day and everyone gave 110%.   Nothing is won yet, but we have a great chance for a historic double!

The celebrations lasted long into the night and I gave up at 01:00, whilst  a few hardy souls carried on!

Man of the Match: No votes taken as everyone was superb.

Dick of the Day: no votes again

Next week away to City of London

Written by the Gaffer

6s vs HSBC 7s – 27.01.18

Match Report – 27/01/2018 vs HSBC HOME (well away actually)

As the Hood still resembles an outdoor swimming pool, HSBC kindly agreed to switch the game to their lovely home ground for our crunch AFA quarter cup clash.  On paper with our current form and the fact they were bottom of the league below, this should have been a comfortable day for the sixes.

We had a strong line up that welcomed back the self proclaimed “big dog” Tony to the ranks.  We kept him in reserve to be unleashed later.

The team talk centred around making sure everyone was up for the game and not to be complacent.  We needed to get the job done and move into the semi’s.

The game started and it was apparent that the pitch was a bit of a leveller and that we would need to make sure we kept the ball out of the boggy areas.

After a bright start from the sixes, Nick missed a couple of chances which would have made the first 15 mins more comfortable.  Once we were in our stride, the chances came and it wasn’t long before Callum smartly finished a nice move.  HSBC battled well and kept coming back at us and hit the post with a long range effort that beat Swanny.  That was the wakeup call we need and we stepped up a gear scoring two quick fire goals from Callum and George, Callum’s being one of the team goals of the season.

HSBC managed to pull one back when the skipper headed a wind assisted header against the bar and the resulting corner was scrambled in.  I think the big dog scored to make it 4-1 but I can’t remember.  Half time may have been 4-1!!!

Second half we took control of the game and managed to tire the HSBC team by letting them chase shadows.

Anyway second half we managed to score 3 more with Tony completing his hat trick (one goal was a peach of an assist from the skipper – had to get that in!) and Trey scored with a great finish.  HSBC managed to score a couple to make the final score 7-3 and we moved into the semi final.

Couple of sour notes was that Mr CHAPPELL did not want to be substituted after busting his nose again!!! With the ref and the skipper taking the best course of action and subbing him – Mr Chappell threw a water bottle in direction of the skipper (I think he meant to miss but the wind swerved it and hit him!) and there was a set two between manager and assistant!! Amazing scenes and deservedly won him a night out in the coveted dick of the day outfit!

You would have thought we had lost the game with the subdued celebrations, but there you go.  Maybe we can borrow the 3’s music system for the next game!

Next week we have a week off so the big dog and Chappell can get their noses fixed again – get well soon Tony!!

We have a massive couple of weeks coming up which includes the semi on the 17th, so let’s get focused and win something for the mighty Merton FC.

Man of the Match: Callum – was superb in the first half and was denied a hat trick by the stupid manager taking him off. 

Dick of the Day: no contest – water bottlegate Chappell.

See you in a few weeks when we play South Bank at home – wherever that may be!!!

Written by the Gaffer

6s vs Civil Service 7s – 13.01.18

Merton 6s 3

Civil Service 2


Team: Swanny, Kev, Chappell, Grant, Spencer, George B, Matt, Trey, Callum, Nick, Pete – Subs: Reece, Dan P


The 6s retained their 100% 2018 and stayed top of the table – but like all good sides they had to do it despite playing well below par for much of the game.


The deck was shuffled again, with Ackers getting the call up (When will he learn) and Ty still being used as a drug pony by the Brazilian mafia – it was left to those who remained to bring the points back to the hood.

It was a strange start to the game, with Merton not really settling very well and Civil .. well lets say the way they stated  I thought it was going to be a walk in the park!. But there were more than a few sloppy passes from the boys in Yellow (Yes Yellow Spanner – thats the shirt you’re aiming for) and somehow this was giving Civil the confidence that today could be their day. Civils attack kept being given a few sniffs a goal because of our sloppyness AND their greater desire for the 2nd ball. Fortunately Swanny was equal to anything thrown at him. At the other end we simply looked like we could score at every attack – but we weren’t being decisive enough with our passes and openings created kept being lost cheaply. Yet again George was the brightest on the pitch and he picked up the ball and danced round a few before putting Nick clean through for him to score and we could relax ..we thought. We really shouldn’t have done as this didn’t really wake us up or make us start to dominate like we should’ve – Soon after the Civil attacker broke clear and finished well past Swanny .. Game ON!

The half time chat was all about us not playing as team, in both defence and attack – sort this out and we should get the win needed to maintain the pressure on Actonians.

Fortunately the 2nd half was better than the first – but far from perfect. We started well and were finally knocking the ball about with confidence – and were soon 2-1 up with Nick doing well before playing in George to tuck it inside the post brilliantly. We started to control the game a little more but there was still the sloppiness in midfield with bad choices and over playing that kept leaving us exposed. Just when we seemed to be on top their Midfielder picked up the ball cut inside Kev and struck a fierce shot that arrowed inside the post – I’m certain hes never hit a ball as true and as well in his life. Its moments like these that you can reflect on when the season is done – was this the league going because of a bit of one off magic by the oppo … But no … Up step the Man – The Myth – The legend – Reece Szreider who having stood like a titan in defensive midfield when he arrived as a 2nd half sub, blocking all that tried to pass, stepped up with the ball at his feet and played a majestic ball taking Civils defence out of play, leaving George the simple task of putting the ball home. Everyone at the Kings House Sports Ground stood and applauded, just thankful they were there to witness the ball of the season, nay, the ball of the century.

The 6s held on to the lead with some stoic defending from Grant and Kev – With Chappell doing his best Terry Butcher (Pat Butcher you mean?) Impression refusing to leave the field with blood pouring from his tiny twee nosey.

Mom – Unbelievable .. It wasn’t Reece … But with 2 goals and a strong all round performance it was given to George – Notable mentions to Grant and Swanny who both played well.

DOD – There were more than a few contenders this week as there was no stand out winner .. Unbelieveably Chappell got votes for bleeding (it seems) and Spence for failing to realise we play in yellow when passing the ball – But the winner was Kev for a mix of not having first aid kit and well, just for being Kev (Love you Gaffa)


6s vs Old Wilsonians – 06.01.18

Match Report – 06/01/2018 vs Old Wilsonians 6 AWAY

It was the first game back since he Xmas break and time would tell how we would perform after all the food and drink that had been consumed (well in my case anyway!). On we marched to OLD WILSONIANS and we was hoping to put the pressure on Actonians with a win.  Spirits were high as we had just witnessed the three’s beat their Wilsonians team 2-1.  Availability was again on the low side with Ty entertaining his Mrs, whilst the Sreizder twins seem to only play when the weather is nice :o)

Anyway onto the game and we gave another Merton debut to Ross and with Lewis returning we were still quite a strong side.  Fitz stepped into goal to aid the recovery of Swanny.

In regards to the game it was a fiercely competitive game, as it always against Wilsonians.  A few familiar faces from when we played the fives remained and this meant we had to be on our game.

As anticipated we was a bit rusty but the defence stood strong with some meaty tackles flying in from the back four.

As the game settled down we got into our stride and started to produce chances.  Although Spence thought he played for Wilsonians and gifted a back pass to their striker but this was saved by Fitz!  We should have had a couple of goals before George broke the deadlock and scored after racing through one on one.

Unfortunately we couldn’t hold onto the lead and the skipper made a mistake (which was harshly a reason for DOD)  and from a good switched pass, which was mis-judged let the right winger in and an inch perfect cross resulted in their striker volleying in from close range. Half time came and it was 1-1.

In the second half and Merton started the better team.  Pete should have scored within seconds of the restart but fluffed his lines.  Chances came and went, but Nick managed to slot home from close range to give us a 2-1 lead.  Wilsons heads dropped and almost immediately we scored again as Pete made amends with a cool finish.  As Wilsons tried to get back in the game, they started to put some flying tackles in which were a tad on the late side, but to be fair it got them going again.  Spence should have been penalised for bringing down their striker in the box, but the ref missed it (like a lot of things).

We managed to catch Wilsons on the break numerous time as they chased a way back and George finished off a nice move which rounded the keeper and slotted home from a tight angle.

The game finished 4-1, but not before one for the highlight reel when the skipper couldn’t continue due to cramp and tried to kick the ball out of play to come off but managed to find Callum with a great pass.

Man of the Match: The whole squad played really well and another battling performance!  Nominations were for Fitz, Chappell and George, but the winner was Ackers who controlled the game in the second half.

Dick of the Day:  This was a joint winner myself (skipper) for giving a goal away and for the cramp issue and Spence with his back pass and penalty incident!  We will have to work out a way to share the outfit this week!

6s vs Civil service 7s – 28.10.17

Merton 6’s Match Report – MERTON FC 3 vs Civil Service 1

After back to back defeats and missing players for the past two weeks there was again a familiar look to the side that had made a strong start to the season. We had to get back to winning ways and get back on top of the table.

The morning could have made a better start……………Ty and Nick decided just a couple of drinks on a Friday night for a work colleague celebrating their 30th Birthday could do no harm. A couple of hours later and a leathered Nick was singing to random passengers on the underground got back to Ty’s and maintained his 100% sleepover record of being sick after to many JD and Cokes. With cries in the morning of I want to go home, I’m dying we could have been a man down. Nothing a trip to the local greasy spoon can’t sort out.

The team rocked up at the hood, Nick feeling recovered after his pre-work but surprise, surprise as the team were kitted up and ready to go George was no where to be seen. We were left just hoping he brings his shooting boots this week as last season’s hero had gone to zero in the scoring chats.

George finally arrived and the game got underway. The squad was close to being fully back together and straight away there was that intensity back in the team as we looked to blow Civil Service away early and we couldn’t of made a better start, yes George did bring those shooting boots. As the ball came over from the left it found George with space in the box and with plenty of time he sends the ball safely into the roof of the net, 1-0 Merton.

Merton was winning first balls and second balls all over the park, well and truly dominating the game. Grant and Kev were looking solid and learnt from a couple of last weeks mistakes. One challenging the ball whilst the other was sweeping up any mistakes or flick ons from Kev.

Merton were pressing the play well with Chaplin and a recovered Nick running the channels which brought us corners and throw-ins a plenty deep in Civil half. It was one of these throw ins that led to the second goal. Ty launched the throw in Stoke City style into Civils penalty area which Chaplin met first and flicked the ball into the back of the net, 2-0 Merton.

The pressing continued which led to the third and a Civil mistake. Confusion between the goalkeeper and centres backs left the ball at Chaplin’s feet in the penalty area completely alone, not sure where Civils goalkeeper disappeared to but he wasn’t anywhere to be seen in the area. Chaplin walked the ball home, 3-0 Merton. Could he ever score an easier goal? Although Chaplin’s feedback back was its all about positioning.

Half time came with no threat to Merton as the home side eased to a 3-0 lead. Then came the second half and in all honesty there’s not much to tell, the game flowed with a ridiculous amount of off sides to Merton’s strikers frustrations. Trey and Callum both had chances and did the hard part by taking players on but not finishing. Think Callum may have stolen Georges shooting boots the last couple of weeks.

The 6’s were on course to see out a game without making in mistakes or were they! Civil were awarded a free kick in a half decent positon. The wall was set and Swanny was ready to push his save out of the danger zone. Although Swanny had other ideas as he parried the ball nicely in front of him for the 2 following in Civil players to make it 3-1. Not sure where the defenders were tracking them back, in fairness they may have been sprinting back in but by the time they have done 1 yard a normal person has done 10 yards.

I have to mention that Swanny did make up for this with a cracking save from a long range effort and Merton went on the win the game 3-1. Back in the bar as we checked the other results coming in we were safely back on top of the table and with a couple of teams with games in hand we must keep winning to sustain a challenge.

Then the real tension started, who was going to get D.O.T.D! Forget the M.O.T.M award this was all about who would be wearing the newly purchased outfit decorated at the Chaplin household. It was never in doubt and except a couple of votes it went to Nick, alright for non footballing reasons but the lad was leathered on that underground.

M.O.T.M was a difficult one as there was no real stand out performances from a good all round first half and comfortable second. Step up Mr. Consistent Andy, what’s that 3 out of 4 weeks. Getting a little boring now, either do something amazing or really rubbish. Stop with the consistency.

Scorers; Chaplin 2, George B 1

Squad; Swanny, Andy, Grant, Kev, Fitz, Callum, Ty, Neal, George, Tony, Nick, Trey, Pete, Bobby.

D.O.T.D – Nick

M.O.T.M – Andy

6s vs Old Wilsonians 5s – 07.10.17

Match Report – 07/10/2017 vs Old Wilsonians 5 HOME

Talk during the week was to keep the sixes feet grounded after the resounding win against the fives the previous week.  We knew from previous games against Old Wilsonians that we expected a tough game against a good club, so formations and tactics were discussed in the days leading up to the game to try and get the best out of us.

The Saturday arrived and with the usual players running late (George!), the returning gaffer was of course stressed out.  The late arrival of the ref also rose stress levels even higher.

With a starting 11 of Merton’s number 1 Swanny in goal, defence of Andy, Chappell Grant and Reece (yes the gaffer dropped himself!), midfield of Callum, George, Ty and Gresty with a strike force of Nick and Tony up top.  The bench consisted of Trey, LOCKE!!!!!! and Pete.

With the pre match talk dominated of how tall the oppo were over and done with it was time for the game.

Well all I can say is WHAT A PERFORMANCE from the sixes.  We got off to flier and were 4-0 up within 15 minutes or so – goals from Nick, Tony x 2 and Chappell (who nearly missed!).

I can honestly say that we were having a red letter day and everything we tried seem to work.  Further goal in the first half from Callum and Tony saw us with a 6-0 half time lead.

Half time team talk was that of not being to cocky and playing the Merton way and not to humiliate the opposition (in terms of arrogance!).

I can’t remember exactly how the second half went – but it was pretty much the same.  More goals from Tony, taking his tally to 6 in the game.  A goal from Pete and the goal of the game from Trey (lovely strike in the top corner!).  The final score was 11-0.  I’m not sure what was wrong with Old Wilsonians this week as they seem to be off the pace and hardly threatened.  I am also guessing that as the 7’s beat the lower team by the same score, they may have had a shortage of players (much like Merton this week).

It was nice to get a result whereby we were so dominant and take all of our chances for once.

Next week it is away to Actonians so let’s hope we can get another positive result!

Man of the Match:

The whole squad played really well and this was our best game this season! There were nominations for Mr Goal Machine Tony (obviously) but the overall majority voted for Andy at right back who had a solid game and is turning into a great find for the sixes!

Dick of the Day:  clear winner – Callum.  Missed from one yard and tried a scorpion kick as didn’t want to ruffle his hair and head the ball.