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6s vs Civil service 7s – 28.10.17

Merton 6’s Match Report – MERTON FC 3 vs Civil Service 1

After back to back defeats and missing players for the past two weeks there was again a familiar look to the side that had made a strong start to the season. We had to get back to winning ways and get back on top of the table.

The morning could have made a better start……………Ty and Nick decided just a couple of drinks on a Friday night for a work colleague celebrating their 30th Birthday could do no harm. A couple of hours later and a leathered Nick was singing to random passengers on the underground got back to Ty’s and maintained his 100% sleepover record of being sick after to many JD and Cokes. With cries in the morning of I want to go home, I’m dying we could have been a man down. Nothing a trip to the local greasy spoon can’t sort out.

The team rocked up at the hood, Nick feeling recovered after his pre-work but surprise, surprise as the team were kitted up and ready to go George was no where to be seen. We were left just hoping he brings his shooting boots this week as last season’s hero had gone to zero in the scoring chats.

George finally arrived and the game got underway. The squad was close to being fully back together and straight away there was that intensity back in the team as we looked to blow Civil Service away early and we couldn’t of made a better start, yes George did bring those shooting boots. As the ball came over from the left it found George with space in the box and with plenty of time he sends the ball safely into the roof of the net, 1-0 Merton.

Merton was winning first balls and second balls all over the park, well and truly dominating the game. Grant and Kev were looking solid and learnt from a couple of last weeks mistakes. One challenging the ball whilst the other was sweeping up any mistakes or flick ons from Kev.

Merton were pressing the play well with Chaplin and a recovered Nick running the channels which brought us corners and throw-ins a plenty deep in Civil half. It was one of these throw ins that led to the second goal. Ty launched the throw in Stoke City style into Civils penalty area which Chaplin met first and flicked the ball into the back of the net, 2-0 Merton.

The pressing continued which led to the third and a Civil mistake. Confusion between the goalkeeper and centres backs left the ball at Chaplin’s feet in the penalty area completely alone, not sure where Civils goalkeeper disappeared to but he wasn’t anywhere to be seen in the area. Chaplin walked the ball home, 3-0 Merton. Could he ever score an easier goal? Although Chaplin’s feedback back was its all about positioning.

Half time came with no threat to Merton as the home side eased to a 3-0 lead. Then came the second half and in all honesty there’s not much to tell, the game flowed with a ridiculous amount of off sides to Merton’s strikers frustrations. Trey and Callum both had chances and did the hard part by taking players on but not finishing. Think Callum may have stolen Georges shooting boots the last couple of weeks.

The 6’s were on course to see out a game without making in mistakes or were they! Civil were awarded a free kick in a half decent positon. The wall was set and Swanny was ready to push his save out of the danger zone. Although Swanny had other ideas as he parried the ball nicely in front of him for the 2 following in Civil players to make it 3-1. Not sure where the defenders were tracking them back, in fairness they may have been sprinting back in but by the time they have done 1 yard a normal person has done 10 yards.

I have to mention that Swanny did make up for this with a cracking save from a long range effort and Merton went on the win the game 3-1. Back in the bar as we checked the other results coming in we were safely back on top of the table and with a couple of teams with games in hand we must keep winning to sustain a challenge.

Then the real tension started, who was going to get D.O.T.D! Forget the M.O.T.M award this was all about who would be wearing the newly purchased outfit decorated at the Chaplin household. It was never in doubt and except a couple of votes it went to Nick, alright for non footballing reasons but the lad was leathered on that underground.

M.O.T.M was a difficult one as there was no real stand out performances from a good all round first half and comfortable second. Step up Mr. Consistent Andy, what’s that 3 out of 4 weeks. Getting a little boring now, either do something amazing or really rubbish. Stop with the consistency.

Scorers; Chaplin 2, George B 1

Squad; Swanny, Andy, Grant, Kev, Fitz, Callum, Ty, Neal, George, Tony, Nick, Trey, Pete, Bobby.

D.O.T.D – Nick

M.O.T.M – Andy

6s vs Old Wilsonians 5s – 07.10.17

Match Report – 07/10/2017 vs Old Wilsonians 5 HOME

Talk during the week was to keep the sixes feet grounded after the resounding win against the fives the previous week.  We knew from previous games against Old Wilsonians that we expected a tough game against a good club, so formations and tactics were discussed in the days leading up to the game to try and get the best out of us.

The Saturday arrived and with the usual players running late (George!), the returning gaffer was of course stressed out.  The late arrival of the ref also rose stress levels even higher.

With a starting 11 of Merton’s number 1 Swanny in goal, defence of Andy, Chappell Grant and Reece (yes the gaffer dropped himself!), midfield of Callum, George, Ty and Gresty with a strike force of Nick and Tony up top.  The bench consisted of Trey, LOCKE!!!!!! and Pete.

With the pre match talk dominated of how tall the oppo were over and done with it was time for the game.

Well all I can say is WHAT A PERFORMANCE from the sixes.  We got off to flier and were 4-0 up within 15 minutes or so – goals from Nick, Tony x 2 and Chappell (who nearly missed!).

I can honestly say that we were having a red letter day and everything we tried seem to work.  Further goal in the first half from Callum and Tony saw us with a 6-0 half time lead.

Half time team talk was that of not being to cocky and playing the Merton way and not to humiliate the opposition (in terms of arrogance!).

I can’t remember exactly how the second half went – but it was pretty much the same.  More goals from Tony, taking his tally to 6 in the game.  A goal from Pete and the goal of the game from Trey (lovely strike in the top corner!).  The final score was 11-0.  I’m not sure what was wrong with Old Wilsonians this week as they seem to be off the pace and hardly threatened.  I am also guessing that as the 7’s beat the lower team by the same score, they may have had a shortage of players (much like Merton this week).

It was nice to get a result whereby we were so dominant and take all of our chances for once.

Next week it is away to Actonians so let’s hope we can get another positive result!

Man of the Match:

The whole squad played really well and this was our best game this season! There were nominations for Mr Goal Machine Tony (obviously) but the overall majority voted for Andy at right back who had a solid game and is turning into a great find for the sixes!

Dick of the Day:  clear winner – Callum.  Missed from one yard and tried a scorpion kick as didn’t want to ruffle his hair and head the ball.

6s vs Merton 5s – 30.09.17

Merton 5th XI 1-4 Merton 6th XI
Scorers : Nick Englefield 2, Tony Caplin and OG
Team: Swanny, Chris, Mark, Grant, Andy, George, Ty, Matt, Callum, Tony, Nick Subs: Reece, Pete, Trey
MOM: Tony Caplin
DOD: Ty ‘some things are more important that Merton’ Fullar
The 6s made history by becoming the first Merton side to beat a higher Merton side in a competitive match, but it could easily have gone differently and scoreline does not reflect the match.
These games are rarely fun to play because its not easy to play your natural game and your opponents know you as well as you do! The 5s knew our strengths (and our weaknesses) and opted for a surprising 3/5/2 formation to counteract the kids and to ideally give their pace up to the best chance. They started faster than us for sure and got into their game plan well – big balls up to the Strikers and fast runs off the loose balls – however it was a gift from the 6s that gave them the lead. Grant “I always wanted to be Cryuff” tried to evade the advancing Gibbo who picked his pocket and rifled his shot passed the waved hand of Swanny. 1-0 and they deserved it.
This did wake up the 6s and we began to get into the game more and more. We were getting into dangerous spaces but the final balls were letting us down and good defending kept us at bay. But what we were doing well was hunting the loose balls and hassling the 5s in possession and it was this that caused the confusion in the 5s defence that gifted us the equaliser – a misplaced long free kick was headed into an empty net by the unfortunate Clive, Sam having clearly called for it. It was a gift but nothing we didn’t deserve.
This settled the 6s down and we had an element on control in the game, but it was far from comfortable. Dulanie and Aaron kept causing problems to the defence with their pace, and Gibbo strength was getting him plenty of joy. At the other end we had a few half chances, but nothing clean until a great move between George and Callum led to a perfect cross by George but Nick couldn’t convert at the far post. A let off for the 6s, but this didn’t dampen our spirits – we are getting used to Nick missing a few.
The 6s got the lead again from good work in winning back the loose ball after a corner and Callum found Tony on the edge of he box, he got free of his defender and smashed the ball into the net – SOME might say it was an OG off the defender off the cross bar – But Tony threatened to sulk and get all moody and we have enough of that from Kev and Ty usually so we let him off just this once.
Then the 5 minutes that ultimately changed the game .. The 5s broke well and despite the 6s having chances to clear the ball broke to Ackers who put over a peach of a cross but Dulanie (almost in a repeat of Nick’s chance earlier) couldn’t convert. At 2-2 the game would have been in the balance, but soon after a long free kick my Chappell was picked up by Nick who turned his defender and went through to finish well beyond Sam. 3-1 rather than 2-2 at half time made a huge difference to the two team talks and certainly put pressure on the 5s for the second half.
In all honestly the 2nd half lacked the end to end openness of the 1st. The 6s had an element of control in the game and a couple of crucial injuries to the 5s had left them unbalanced and the game did get a bit scrappy at times. The 6s had a few chances to finish it but didn’t take them, and bar a few long range efforts for the 5s Swanny was only Troubled by Grant, who was really trying to win DOD by scoring an OG but the Cat had it covered.
With time running out Nick scored from close range after some good work from Midfield (Sorry I don’t remember by whom!). A bad injury to Clive did put a dampener on the day and we wish him well, and hope he will get back for the return fixture which I’m sure we be as hard fought and close as this one.
MOM was a three way tie until the last vote – George was a constant threat all day – I was humbled to get the same number of votes for marshaling the defence -but Tony wins it again for an all round display both with and without the ball AND his Goal (or assist – whichever you want)
DOD was easy as Ty thought it a good idea to leave the game early to go and collect his GF from the airport. Has she not heard of coffee shops?!

6s vs City of London 3s – 23.09.17

Merton 6th XI 3-3 City of London 3rd
Scorers: Chaplin (2), Fisher
Team: Mark, Reece, Chris, Grant, Andy, George, Matt, Lee, Callum, Pete, Tony Subs: Luke, Dan and Trey
MOM: Tony Chaplin
DOD: Matt “Penguin Pants” Haswell
Only time will tell whether this is a good point won or 2 points lost. We were 2-1 down and a man down (Sin bin) at half time, so on the good second half display certainly was worthy of something, but for me we should have taken the win.
The day didn’t start well – confusion around the kick off time, our opposition not being aware it was early, they came close to kicking off with less than 11 men – but fortunately for all they managed to get a full squad for kick off. This effected the start of the game, City are a big side and put themselves about – Lee was doing his best to compete but Merton were getting bullied and City were getting the better of the early exchanges. Fortunately they lacked the quality of the final ball and Merton’s back 4 coped with what was being thrown at them.
At the other end it was clear we had the better players and we were getting a few openings, but sloppy last balls or over ambitious shots came to nothing. Then the first bit of real quality football brought the opening goal, perhaps slightly against the run of play. George and Callum work an opening on the right and Georges cross was superbly put in “Rooney overhead vs Man City Esk” by Tony.
This should have relaxed us but we kept giving possession away sloppily and being over ambitious with our final pass or shot. They opened us up a couple of times with a few long balls in the channels and we didn’t learn .. Chris went for a ball he didn’t need to go for and a hopeful through ball left Grant one on one against their Centre Mid of all people and he did well to fend of Grant and chip the advancing Old Man in goal, honours even.
Then the moment that could easily have changed the game against us .. From a corner the ball broke to the edge of the box, Matt charged out and advancing City player blasted the ball (and it was going sky high) right into his face leaving him flat of the floor. Penalty says the Ref … Now the learning curve for this season and the introduction of sin bins, We may have felt a sense of injustice (I mean even the ref seemed to suggest it hit Matts face first then his hand, so not sure if it could be a pen) BUT we must be careful what we say and how we say it – tempers can go especially when the adrenaline flows… Sadly Chris did not and to compound going 2-1 down we had to play either side of the half with 10 men.
I was impressed the way went we about our business, both at the end of the 1st and beginning of the 2nd half, We never let City settle and began to gain the dominance and control of the game. City were getting tired and picked up a couple of crucial injuries, and this allowed Merton to take the initiative and we were soon back on Terms, Tony picking up a lose ball and sliding in from close range. We hit the bar twice, once from Tony and one from Callum, and Trey was getting himself in some good positions but just couldn’t get a shot away. Callum then rifled in a fantastic 3rd and we were seemingly heading for 3 points.
Sadly however we didn’t play sensibly at this stage and pushed too hard for the killer 4th, pushing too many men forward and then not tracking back – it was clear many players had assumed City were beaten. But nothing of the sort .. A decent free kick was saved by the old Man, and they had a couple of quick breaks that came to nothing. Then with only 3 mins left on the clock they broke quickly, Lee got injured stopping the midfielder in his tracks, and he was able to wriggle around Lee’s lifeless body and rifle an unstoppable shot past the old man (I think to think this is the case, the reality is more likely I waved a hopeful hand in the general direction of a simple shot)  
A crushing blow and the disappointed faces in the changing room after likely showed it was 2 points dropped. But onto the big 6 pointer next week against some side called Merton.

6s vs HSBC – 09.09.17

Starting line-up was as follows: Merton’s number 1, Swanny in goal, back 4 of Kev, Chappell, Beans and new boy Reece. The three midfielders were Ty, Lee and Tony and the three strikers were Nick, George B and Callum. Impact subs were George H and Andy.
At last – the new 2017-18 SAL season had begun for the mighty Merton 6’s. After integrating 5 new players to the match day squad, it was going to be a challenge to see how the team bonded after a successful last season!
Usual pre-match antics resumed with players running late (George B) and another going to the wrong ground (Andy – who claims he was not hungover!!). Anyway to the game, let’s just say Merton forgot their shooting boots and created enough chances to have won the game inside the first 20 minutes. Nick got us off to a flier by racing through one on one after a great through ball (hoof) by Chappell and scoring. 1-0 to Merton.
As mentioned previously Merton missed some great chances to extend their lead, however with HSBC’s first attack, their striker got in behind and seemingly going nowhere was brought down by Tony. Ref gave a penalty and it was dispatched. 1 – 1.
Merton were then asking questions about themselves after such a bright start, but kept attacking and finally scored again with Callum nicking the ball off their right back, cutting in and dispatching a shot passed the keeper. 2-1 to Merton and surely we would go on now, how wrong we were! Beans was having a good game at right back but his ankle finally gave way after making two or three lunging tackles and on came Andy. After a long hopeful ball held up in the pitch it dropped nicely for their striker who nicked the ball round Swanny and was brought down by Andy – another penalty and again was dispatched. 2 – 2. It was unfortunate for Andy, as I don’t think the ref would have given it, but Andy’s guilty expression probably swayed him!
Half time came and the lads were disappointed to be drawing considering we had numerous good chances, including two open goal misses (sorry George and Nick!).
Second half started and with HSBC beginning to tire, Merton began to make the pressure count. First Nick got on the scoresheet again with another one on one finish and then Tyron netted after good work from George. The shot was via a deflection and should have been an own goal in my eyes! Then Tony, also on debut netted with a cool finish!
Things were looking good in the Merton garden until a late flurry from HSBC got them back in the game! 2 quick fire goals gave the scoreline a rather flattering 5-4 outcome and with a late chance spurned by HSBC things could have been worse. The game finished with a victory for Merton and although the scoreline suggested it was a close match we should have won by more. The positives were that we were creating chances at will and the new lads all provided good performances.
Special mention to the HSBC lads who played the game in a good, but competitive sprit and it was great to see them not give in and keep going until the end, even with 12 players and no regular goalkeeper.
Unfortunately there is no game next week for the sixes and as the gaffer will be away for the next two games the organising will fall to others to deal!
Man of the Match: To be fair this was a difficult decision as everyone had a good game. After counting the votes Tony, Lee, Ty and Callum got nominations but this week it goes to George B, who despite missing a sitter created chances and never stopped running!
Dick of the Day: Again a difficult decision – votes were received for Gaffer (who’s half time team talk didn’t go down well with Beans), George B (for missing an open goal and attempting a diving header which came off his back), Ty (for smacking his head on the tap in the showers and Andy (for turning up at the wrong ground and giving away a penalty in first touch as a Merton player!). Unanimous decision this week though was for a player on competitive debut – step up Nick! (this was for missing enough chances to have won the golden boot in his first appearance)
Written by the Gaffer

6s vs South Bank Cuaco – 01.04.17

1st April 2017
Merton 6s vs South Bank Cuaco 6s

Merton 6s travelled to Dulwich for an away fixture against South Bank Cuaco 6s.  With Civil Service playing a double header against Old Blues this was a game which we needed to win to keep within sight of promotion.  The kit was laid out ready and the players turned up with plenty of time to spare, all apart for the skipper of the day, who decided to take the long route to the ground.  We lined up with the same formation in the second game last week against Civil, 4-2- 3- 1.

The starting line up was: GK Swanny, CB Mark, CB Beans, RB Matt, LB Ram, CM Ty, CM Chris, LWF Trey, AM George B, RWF Callum, CF Richard.  Subs: Darren, Emmanuel, George H.

The game began, and we started well, the front 4 were getting forward and making chances.  Chris was staying in the position he was given and Richard was holding up the ball. South Bank also started well, they made the first break through and scored first when a ball was crossed in to their quick forward. Only for Matt to put the ball into his own net. He jumped for the ball and headed back to where he thought Swanny would be standing in the goal. This was not to be as Swanny was standing in other position getting ready to gather the incoming ball, like most of the first half lack of communication between players cost the first goal.  It only takes a week to go from hero to zero. I have now joined some of the own goal greats; Chappell, John K, Todt, and Kevin We levelled not long after their goal from a penalty when George B was taken down/pushed in the box.  With George being a contender for top goal scorer for the club, it was only right for him to take it, placing the ball in the bottom right corner, 1 – 1. Our second was scored by Callum, bit of a 6 yard box scramble between players, lead to Callum finding the ball and putting it beyond their keeper.  The first half we could have played slightly better, Chappell getting the ball caught under his feet a couple of time caused a few edgy moments, including a fall on his hip, thankfully he doesn’t need a hip replacement just yet. South Bank had chances as well, including their second goal which came from their midfielder, who gathered the ball just outside the box and hit the ball, Swanny attempting the save was just off his line and the ball off his palm went into the top of the net.  2- 2 the first half ended, a fair result.

Half time team talk which was to continue to press their defence and the goals will come and to also open mouths and talk more on the pitch.  One change, straight swap, Emmanuel on for Trey.

The second half was a lot better, the team, playing with a bit more confidence, started playing the ball around to feet. With this, we managed to score 3 more goals.  Callum getting his second, latching onto a great cross from George and Emmanuel grabbing a goal, slotting it into the top corner, 4 – 2. With the goals going in, it made changes easier as the match wasn’t so tight.  With about 20 minutes left to go Beans came off for Darren and Trey back on for Richard. The game was put to bed with Trey getting in on the act putting the ball in, to make it 5 – 2.  South Bank continued to try and get back, but defence stayed strong.  With just under 10 minutes to go we had a corner and Matt decided to make another change and bring himself on for Ram.  Little did Matt know that Ram had asked if he could go up for this corner, his face was a picture as if he had just been giving some sweets and then to have them taken away.  Matt wasn’t that cruel and cancelled the substitution to allowed Ram to venture into the opposition box for a chance to get on the score sheet. The corner came in and was knocked out for a goal kick.  Now the change could be made.  Merton saw out the last remaining minutes, the ref who had a good game blew the whistle for the end of the match.  Game finished 5 – 2, 3 big points for the 6s, as later, when the civil results came through after beating Old Blues twice, put both teams on 34 points. 3 big games left, can 9 points be enough to see the 6s gain promotion?

MOM went to Callum for his two goals and continual great play.

DOD: was it Matt for his own goal or was it Swanny for being very quiet and not shouting for the ball?  As Swanny says he’s never writing a match report I’ll take it this week.


6s vs Old Salesians 3 – 18.03.17

After a solid 5-1 win against Old Salesians the week before, the 6s had no reason to think the rematch would derail their bid for promotion at all. Kev, in a slightly negative headspace given Arsenal’s appalling result in the buildup, muttered something about expecting to lose our game as well. It was generally laughed off. Who knew that his words would be so prophetic.

The main excitement in the minutes leading up to kickoff was whether Fitzy, parachuted in as cover for Swanny, would make it on time. Swanny had actually come along to watch, but, at 2:25, was told to get changed. But as he reached for Matt’s extra small shirt and well-travelled gloves, Fitzy appeared on the horizon, bounding in on his bike like the Messiah. Back to the stands for Swanny, then.

Onto the game, and Merton faced the kickoff, and were playing against a stiff breeze first half. It felt as though it would be a tall order to keep the oppo out against such elements, but Merton were actually the better team. George and Callum were the architects of most things good, and the chances began to come thick and fast.

However, despite a number of goalmouth scrambles, Merton just couldn’t find a way through, and were guilty of profligacy in front of goal. Credit must also go to their keeper though, who pulled off some superb saves, one of them an absolute blinder from point blank from the boot of Callum.

At the other end, there were a few shanked clearances, misjudged headers and hairy moments, but generally the Yellows had the oppo under control. Fitzy was coming off his line with aplomb, and spreading confidence through the back four. Matt was also a rock at right back, and provided a good link down the channels on that side of the pitch too.

The half time whistle eventually went. In truth, Merton should have been at least one or two goals up, given the chances they had. And even though Salesians had looked threatening at times, it was hard to recall them having any clear-cut chances. Anyway, with the wind now at their backs, Merton had every reason to feel expectant that the goal would now come.

But when the game kicked off, it was actually Salesians who seized the initiative. Merton were struggling to string together two passes, some awful long shots ensued when they did, and the nadir of it all came as an argument raged about the formation after a substitution. 4-4-2!!!! 4-3-3!!!! What the hell were we playing? It was quite incredible – the bitching continued for a good three or four minutes, all while play continued.

But things eventually settled down, and once it did, Merton showed their dominance once again. They were beginning to carve out genuine chances, the most straightforward of which fell to Pete, who was unfortunate to see his free header go just wide.

A moment of controversy followed soon after, as Ty lined up a free kick in a good position. His strike was pure, and the keeper appeared wrong footed. But one of the men in the wall stuck out a blatant arm to block what would have been a sure-fire goal, and the ref, who was watching the line rather than the game, somehow kept his whistle in his pocket when a stonewall penalty was merited.

Nevertheless, Merton shrugged it off. They were in control of this game, weren’t they? Salesians still hadn’t even managed to create a genuine chance.

Cue the calamity.

Perhaps a little over ambitious in attack, Merton got caught on the counter, and faced a 3 on 2 overlap at the back. Beans did pretty well to shepherd their striker to the byline, but he managed to get a menacing cross in nonetheless. But, even with a man behind him ready to pounce, there can be no excuse for the “clearance” Mike put it in. A semi shank was enough to send the onion bag bulging, and with just 5 or so minutes remaining, an unforced error now meant Merton were 1-0 down. It was hard to comprehend.

They pored forward in their droves in the final few minutes, adopting what appeared to be a 2-5-3 formation. And in the dying seconds, George found himself one on one with the keeper (albeit with a defender closing him down from the side). But alas, the keeper once again thwarted him brilliantly, and, much to the immense frustration of the Yellows, the final whistle followed soon after.

Disappointing to drop points in such a fashion in the race for promotion. Especially against a team which had barely managed a shot on target. Missed chances were costly, not to mention a stonewall penalty not given, but ultimately it was the own goal which decided it. A double header next week to get things back on track. Here’s to six points on Saturday lads. Beers on me at the Hood next time!

Team: Darren Fitzgerald (GK), Kevin Locke (c), Adam Prior, Mike Todt, Matt Haswell, Ty Fuller, Lee, Callum Fisher, George Brobbey, Trey Mambeko, Pete Obeng-Adu
Subs: Dan Plaistow, Paul Onomor, George Hall
MOTM: George Brobbey
DOTD: A slam dunk – Mike wins it at a canter

6s vs Old Salesians 3s – 11.03.17

Saturday saw us push for promotion against our near neighbours. With some bruised and battered from the previous weekend and unavailabilities, the 6s managed to remain strong with the aid of DQ, Ackers and Mustard coming in, the latter arriving pitch side 10 minutes before the start as he found it difficult leaving his beloved East London, resulting in a 3 hour journey.
Back to the game, with a 4-3-3 formation the opening exchanges showed this will be a good, fair and difficult match. Kevin thought he would try and take out their pacey right winger as soon as the game had kicked off, suppose that was the closest he was gonna get to him all game!
Callum was turning out to be a good out ball and had their left back and the rest of the defence on the back foot and linked up well with Pete and Trey. Between the three of them and the help of some intelligent passing from the midfield, we were slowly turning the screw and eventually got a deserved lead. A cross from the right lead to the ball dropping to the feet of Trey, who gladly tapped into an empty night.
With chances coming more often but not being taken, Old Salesians managed to win the ball in midfield and with their forward holding the ball up and shielding it just inside the area, Beans decided he would follow Kevin’s lead and swipe at the forward’s leg with the ball 2 yards away from him leaving the ref no option but to point to the spot. Most penalty takers have a bit of nerves before taking it, but if you have to take a pen against Swanny, there’s nothing to worry about. There’s reading the penalty and there’s Swanny’s idea of reading a penalty… before the oppo player had started to run up to the ball, Swanny decided to run off to the left post, leaving the rest of the goal to the roll the ball into to make it all square.
The rest of the half looked like it was going to see the teams go in on terms, but Pete had other ideas and knocked in from close range for Merton to regain the lead.
Mustard came on for Paul midway through and was in the action straight away by giving a free-kick away, calling for him to subbed by the Ram 🙂
Merton carried on creating more chances and possibly the miss of the season, from a corner from Ty, Chappell managed to get his head to the ball from below his waist from a yard out to somehow head over the bar! Thankfully, a few minutes later Trey showed off his skill by finding the bottom left corner from the angle by managing to score from a dropping ball which rolled down his thigh, knee, shin to bobble past their step-in goalie (lucky he was the shortest player on the pitch).
The second half saw DQ replace Trey and Ram with George H. Old Salesians started the half on the front foot and kept Merton honest and ensuring that the game was far from over. Merton were now struggling to keep hold of the ball and the back line were working harder to ensure that shots on goal were kept to distance, with Swanny making a good save diving to his right to tip the ball around the post.
Chappell was now taking corners as Ty’s calves, hamstrings and other body parts gave in and was replaced by Paul and thought he would test the oppo’s sub keeper and found his attempt coming off the far post but no one to tuck the ball home. Ackers and DQ were now linking up well, and the latter increased our lead after Paul decided scoring easy goals was not for him again. This brought a sense of relief and calmness to proceedings and was most important goal to put the game to bed despite Old Salesians spirited second half display.
Ackers put the final nail in the coffin with a shot from the edge of the area and added the extra coat of gloss on the score that was fully deserved from an all round good team performance.
With five games to go, promotion is in our own hands and to play a double header against our closest rivals Civil Service in a couple of weeks, we can go a step closer this weekend with 3 points!

Team: Swann, George H, Beans, Chappell, Kevin, Paul, Ty, Ackers, Callum, Pete, Trey
Subs: DQ, Ram, Mustard

Man of the Match: this goes to Callum as he constantly tormented their defenders.

Dick of the Day: A majority vote sees Chappell win it (is it a victory?) for his glaring miss from a yard.

Report by: Ram

6s vs Old Wilsonians 9s – 18.02.17

Today was going to be a good day, I could feel it.

Maybe my aura was the good colour or because Kev’s face had that beautiful ‘day after kebab’ glow it often does, but the sun was shining and we were ready to bounce back after our dressing down at Carshalton.

Kitted up, stretched and raring to go, we lined up to gain a valuable 3 points against bottom of the league, which I have only noticed since the game have yet to register any points in the table, and averaging 0.5 goals per game, ouch. First outing of the season lining up in a 4-3-3 formation (courtesy of yours truly) as we showed intent to press from the top and play free-flowing attacking football.

Understandably it wasn’t long before we took the lead, Matt whipping in a cross to absolutely nobody as their centre back – unfortunately for him – pocketed the ball in his own net in an attempted clearance. Things carried on in similar fashion as our front three of Trey, Paul and Callum ran rings around their defence, linking up well with pace and confidence to bag our second goal of the game, and third, and so on…

I couldn’t write this report without a mention of two world class goals, Paul from the p-spot smashing home a waist-high volley cross from the right, and myself with a belter from outside the box even Frank Lampard couldn’t muster, I’m pretty sure the bar is still shaking. 6-0 up at half time we had well and truly put the game to bed, which was fortunate considering I couldn’t stop my legs from cramping (admittedly a long cycle before the game wasn’t my best idea).

Chappell, as he often does, played with confidence and was willing to assert his authority, although attempting yet another injury on our own team with Matt this time the victim does present the case for a more channelled approach to his aggression. Ty had his most lazy-Fabregas performance to date, pinging 40 yard passes for fun, which unfortunately Matt would often clear out for a goal-kick their end for good measure.

Considering our outstanding link-up play in the first half, man of the match could have gone to a number of people; Callum and Ty for great link up play, myself for naughty tekkers and that wondergoal, or Paul for putting yet another good shift in up top and a Zlatan-worthy strike, but Trey had a game to remember, causing all sorts of problems up top with his movement in behind and netting a brace to top it off.

There are a few contenders for dick of the day; Chappel’s self-destructive aggression, Ty’s booking for not winding his f*cking neck in, or even Matt forgetting he isn’t Steven Gerrard and doesn’t ‘score for fun’ from 40 yards… however this week has got to go to our very cocky keeper Swanny, who for some reason thought he would try and take on their centre forward and losing the ball in front of goal, which really should have been punished if their striker had more composure.

But, of course as he will remind me “the sun was in my eyes”, which I would argue is less the reason to take a chance!

MOM: Trey

DOD: Swanny

6s vs Carshalton 6s – 11.02.17

I will keep this short and sweet as not to prompt further complaints from the Carshalton hierarchy as per usual when we mention the fact they shouldn’t be in our league etc…. so here goes!
Merton 6’s went into this top of the table clash a bit undercooked due to postponements and lack of game time. So when everybody arrived on time, the management was full of hope of a positive result. The squad was pretty much the same that has got us into the good league position we currently occupy, so there was no need to change this on a weekly basis and pick players from other Merton squads to strengthen.
The game started and Merton were very good off the mark, with challenges being won and some good passing in midfield. Unfortunately, Carshalton’s direct game with balls over the top were catching us out and was no surprise when they cut in from our right and a shot squirmed through Swanny’s hands to make it 1-0.
From this point on, Merton really upped their game and gave a really great display and caused Carshalton no end of problems and bar some great saves from their keeper we should have been at least level. Again though we were caught on the break, and a powerful long range effort lobbed Swanny (the ball was about 3 feet off the floor, sorry Swanny!) and Carshalton went 2-0 ahead.
Merton immediately hit back with a great move that George B finished off. Then after it was attack after attack from Merton and we really should have been level. Unfortunately, we didn’t take our chances where as Carshalton did and again they scored just before half time making it 3-1.
We were very unlucky and should not have 3-1 down with the chances we created and the half time team talk was one of a positive note. A few changes were made to freshen things up and we started again! The second half started with Merton on the back foot and maybe our heads were still in the first half when we felt hard done by. Chances still came our way with George missing a really good chance to get us back in the game, but to be fair Carshalton were the team in charge.
Then came the sour note of the game whereby Spence who was having a great game, was knocked off balance whilst shielding the ball out of play, and took a nasty fall on his wrist. It did not look good and was now pointing in the wrong direction and with him is great deal of pain, was forced off and straight to hospital. A while later we got the results of a double fracture and dislocation!! Very nasty, but thanks to Rat for taking him to the local A and E.
After this our heads didn’t really seem to be in the game and it was no surprise to see Swanny being lobbed again from a really well placed free kick to make it 4-1! Sorry mate!!
Being 4-1 down didn’t stop Carshalton trying to kick us off the park, and some of their players were lucky not to see red. But as the game was edging towards the end they got a 5th after a dubious penalty was given and the skipper booked for his protest. The penalty was awful and Swanny made a good save, but unfortunately was beaten by the re-bound. 5-1 final score.
On a positive not, we have had our two spankings from them and both our nearest rivals are still to play them so let’s focus on promotion!!

Now for Man of the Match, and as no votes were cast, I will give it to the following:
MoM: Special mentions to the skipper (thought he had one of his better games!), Pete who worked hard up top, Chris and Ty for non stop running and Spense! BUT I am going to give it Chappell, battled hard and never gave up even when backs were up against the wall!
DoD: The skipper is not getting it this week!! Could give it to Spence for a broken hand (your supposed to break legs in football), could give it to the whole squad for not backing the skipper up when there was some argy bargy! But I’m afraid it has to go to Swanny this week, two lobs ;o) , a very slight error for the first and should have saved the penalty!!! (Please don’t leave us though!!!!!!)