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MFC Vets vs OWC Vets – 21.10.17

In today’s early kick off at the Hood our vets went under 6-2 to OWCs Vets. After going 3-0 down fairly early on we pulled it back to 3-2 but superior something (perhaps everything) told in the end. Return game on the Annual Long Good Friday. But great spirit and enjoyment in the bar aswell!!!!

Adult Result – 21.101.7

The later kick off were not much better.  No games for the 1s, 2s and 7s this week.

3s lost 6-3 to Old Parks, (Tom Benham 2, Dan Bumstead 1) But OPs looked avery strong outfit in this cup match, 4s lost 2-1 in a closeley fought league game with table topping rivals IBIS Eagles. 5s had a bad day losing 4-0 and 6s lost 3-2 (Nick Englefield 2) Pics from the Hood.

MFC Quiz Night 2017

Ok you’ve seen the videos now for the results. Team Handsome won the Quiz. They turned up mob handed almost more than we use to get on a regular Saturday afternoon klast season and cantered in chased by Europe Who? ((the 1s) and Starship Fozzy, the Legends etc. Despite Cocktail hour it was a relatively abstemious affair with people concentrating hard on the quiz in hand (Ed – Shurely shum Mishtake). Things livened up a little with the music round. Big Thanks to Sherbs the quiz master, the Gals behind the bar, the Dodge, Lenners for helping out, all those who turned up and made a premature effort to drink the bar dry, Whistle stop for the food etc etc etc Well done a great night down at the Hood.

Labourers required

Your club needs you! The committee has signed off on improving the patio area outside our beloved clubhouse. This initiative has been very generously subsidised by the Papanastasiou family, in memory of Nick, who we sadly lost last year.

In order to do this, we need your help. Our man Peter Kemp is the brains behind the operation, has it all worked out, and will be directing us on the day. But we could use another specialist or two, and definitely need willing labourers to help with things like shifting dirt in wheelbarrows, laying slabs, digging etc etc. We will be doing this project (weather permitting) on the following 2 days, starting at about 10am:

Sunday 8 October
Sunday 15 October

Are you available to help on both/either date?

Merton FC Fantasy Premier League

As we near the start of the new Premier League Season, why not pick your fantasy team and join our Fantasy Football League using code 677482-169904

Good luck