This fixture, BOE away, is a game the 6s was looking forward to, nice facilities, nice pitches and local. It’s a shame that the football being played by them wasn’t nice.

Kick off we started well for about 5 minutes, Matt should of put them 1 nil up, unfortunately left his shooting boots at home. From then on we looked like we had never played as a team before. BOE started their scoring and 20 minutes in they were 4 up, scoring a free kick, Steve whose not normally a goalkeeper was planted as ball was curl round the not well arranged wall and in the goal. Spanner gave the next goal away by taking down their forward in the box and the ref awarding a penalty, which the BOE player put in the back of the net. The next 2 goals came from us not clearing the defence and BOE taking advantage, Steve tried to save one effort, but started is diving save 5 minutes before and read the flight of ball wrong, although he did get a big toe to the ball but not enough to stop it going into the back of the net.

We tried to get something back before half time but there wasn’t many chances created. Rob tried to help by swapping Baz for Arnold and putting Harry back to full back to see if we could attack a bit more, but wihout much joy. We had a nice flat pitch which should of seen a lot more of the ball instead we played it more in the air rather on the ground.

Half time came and we all knew that we had to play a lot better in the next half, Steve took off the gloves as he wanted to count on his hand how many he let in and for a change there was a few hands going up for a volunteer to go between the sticks. The gloves went to Adam. Rob having endured watching what must of been like what the Sunderland fans watched that same afternoon, gave a team talk and explained where we were going wrong; I think turning up was the main problem. He told us what we should try and do to get back into the game, but that went through the player’s ears and straight out the other side.

They scored their fifth when Adam tried to catch a cross and fumbled it, dropping straight to one of their players who slotted into the net. We managed to get one back, with Nuno lobbing their keeper, could this of been the goal they needed to start the come back? Not really when they went on to score a further two more goals making it 7. Our second goal was scored off of Jon’s after the ball was hit by Arnold against the crossbar, falling straight onto his belly and across the line. Man of the Match went to Ryan for running endlessly, getting stuck in and playing in more positions than the Karma Sutra book.

Not a good day for the 6s and should of taken advantage of the nice pitch and tried to play some good football.

Next week a hard game against top of table Old Wilsonians 8, who have not lost a league game yet, could the 6s be that team to end their good run??

Team: Steve, Harry, Adam, Spanner, Smithy, Baz, Matt, Jay, Ram, Ryan, Nuno (1). Subs: Arnold, Jon (1), Nikhil.

Manager on the line: Rob

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As Merton took the field of play

They needed goals galore

For this was not just any match

Today, was Score for Moore.

Yes, the build-up to this game was dominated by the absence of Merton liar Rich Moore. Keen to do their fallen comrade proud, the yellow army set about their mission of sealing three averagely valuable points.

Up against them was a tenacious Old Blues side keen to make amends after a defeat in the reverse fixture earlier in the season. But Merton were fired up after what turned out to be one of the warm-ups of the season. Fast, powerful, electric and assured by the cool, calm and curly centre back pairing of Eggleston and Hitchcock, the front 6 were unrelenting in closing down and hassling Old Blues off the ball, and quick to release the brutal Jason Thomas and the astonishingly good looking Will Taylor up front.

It wasn’t long before the high intensity paid dividends. At just the second corner of the game, Hitchcock showed a rare flash of offensive brilliance. Picking his spot on the inside of the defenders shin, he angled a deflected effort that flew over the line and some seconds later hit the back of the net. 1-0.

But, like the next few weeks of Rich Moore’s life, this was to be no walk in the park. Old Blues hit back – a corner of their own turned into the net by an unmarked number 10 who had quite nice hair.

Cue Jason Thomas. The one man army spent ten minutes showing that bullying is not just for the playground. Thomas was both an immovable object and an unstoppable force, tearing holes in the Blues’ defence with a relentless energy. The rewards came quickly, with two goals in quick succession, the second a true poacher’s effort, capitalising on great pressure by Arogundade on the right.

Seeking a hat-trick and the opportunity to leave the pitch littered with Old Blues corpses, Thomas instead found himself the victim, landing elbow first after falling from a 13ft leap in the air and ending his involvement in the game.

The Merton momentum persisted, however, and it swiftly turned into the Will Taylor show. Striding forward with legs that wouldn’t be out of place on a prize racehorse, Taylor made mouths water as a bead of sweat dripped invitingly from his stylish headband onto his powerful neck. Even clad in Merton yellow, his rippling washboard abs dazzled defenders even when, for a brief moment, they took their eyes off the considerable, muscular thighs, all the more distracting because of the Welshman’s bespoke size XXS shorts. But it wasn’t all about his seductive eyes and impressive frame.

Moving into the second half, Taylor, having breezed past four defenders with consummate ease, paused just long enough before pulling his sizeable trigger to think “what would Richie Moore do?”. And just like that, without a defender in sight, he hurled himself to the ground in a manner of which the stricken Moore would have been proud. A timely reminder of why the team was so motivated.

The referee, quite rightly, reached for his pocket immediately, taking Taylor’s name, shirt and home number before showing him a deserved yellow. Taylor scored two goals.

Old Blues rallied, notching again from a corner after lazy marking from Eggleston, but it was at best a consolation as Merton saw the game out for a handsome 5-2 victory.

Mission accomplished. A hard-fought victory, but with the hilarious thought of a bedridden teammate engrained in Merton minds, the determination to score for Moore carried them through and secured what will almost certainly be an inconsequential victory.


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Once the players assembled in the changing room from the 3s, 4s, 5s & 6th teams, we had the bare 11 players, with plenty of experience and good spirits after some good results but a different line up.

The game itself was a very scrappy affair on a hard & uneven pitch with an opposition who liked appealing for everything and haven’t changed in all years I played against them. In addition the referee who gave some odd (being polite) decisions including a penalty against us. That woke us up abit Patrick score from 40 yards after a clearance following the referee stopping the game for an injury in there box, which was where the game finished at half time.

The second half was much the same scrappy because of the conditions plus. CEV scored first again before Dan equalised from a good cross by Ed, however late on we were hit by two quick goals as we started to suffer with a lack on subs having picked up a couple of minor injuries and a few tired legs. Patrick score another screamer as we kept on pushing to achieve a result, however this wasn’t help with Josh having to go off.

Arturs made some were good saves which kept as in with a chance but in the end it was all in vain.

Well done to the team on a fine effort after a long journey.

TEAM: Arturs, Ed, Chris, Martin, Clive, Josh, Ryan, Patrick, Dulaine, Peter, Dan

Martin Quinlan

Following the text messages with Kevin, it looks if I be back in the 6th in goal as they’re missing me.


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On paper the 4s looked like they had a good side. Unfortunately no one  really turned up for the game.After a 20 minute delay due to the opposition’s kit not arriving  the game finally got under way. The game started pretty even and Merton looked pretty dominant for the first 10 minutes. A simple ball over the top caught the centre back and the goalkeeper out and Darcy unfortunately stuck a screamer into his own net. Without a manager and clear sense of direction Merton were soon over powered by a forceful midfield. Before long we were two nil down with a simple ball from the left midfield and the centre backs getting caught out once again. From here Merton never really exerted any pressure on The opposition and never made any clear-cut chances on goal. Pretty poor performance all round and came away with the result that we deserved on the day. Special mention must go to Ryan he pulled off some fabulous saves in goal.
Mom – Ryan

Neal Davidson

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POSITION: Centre Midfield… or various others!
BIRTH DATE: 22/08/1984
BIRTH PLACE: Hillingdon
CLUBS: Too many to list!


Player of the season (so far): Eden Hazard
Childhood Team: Chelsea
Childhood Hero: David Beckham or Super Frankie Lampard
Favourite Food: Sushi
Favourite Drink: Whisky
Favourite Band: SClub7


1. Tell us who is Darcy outside of the club. What do you do, how would you describe yourself?
Work in the city for Watches of Switzerland, Mappin & Webb, Goldsmiths and the Watch Shop.
Good laugh, happy go lucky lad

2. How did you end up at Merton FC?
Tony dragged me down.

3. What was your best moment in your MFC career till now?

4. If you could play for a professional team, which would be it and why?
England. Great privilege to represent your country.

5. Do you have any pre-match rituals or superstitions?
Need a Boost chocolate bar and some Jelly babies

6. Lastly, share us your thoughts for the rest of the season.
Few games left, hopefully we can continue our better form…!
Will be good to see the 1st team win the cup.

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Players needed at all ages for 2015/16 season

Football Trials – Sunday 17th, 24th and 31st May.

Merton Youth Football Club will be running SIX youth teams for the season 2015/16. There will be teams of Under 9s, 10s, 11s, 12, 13s and 14s. Players of above average ability are needed for all ages.

The teams play in The Surrey Youth League, one of the best youth leagues in the country, and the home matches are played at Joseph Hood Recreation Ground, Martin Way, Raynes Park, SW20 9BU on Sunday mornings during the season which lasts from September to May. This is well organised competitive football.

Merton Youth Football Club is part of Merton Football Club, both are FA Charter Standard Clubs and run to the highest standards. Each youth team has a qualified FA coach and will have organised training.

Players are needed at all ages from 8yrs to 13yrs old. (School Year 4 to 9 for September 2015)

TRIALS will be held at Joseph Hood Recreation Ground, Martin Way, Raynes Park, SW20 9BU at the following times.

Sunday 17th, 24th and 31st May from 11.00 am to 12.30pm

If you need any further information or to register interest you contact

Steve Dewsbury

Phone 07875275663 or email [email protected]

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TEAM: 2XI, 3XI & 4XI
POSITION: Goalkeeper
BIRTH DATE: 23/08/1987
BIRTH PLACE: Liepaja, latvia
CLUBS: Old Sedcopians

Player of the season (so far): David de Gea
Childhood Team: SK Liepajas Metalurgs
Favourite team in the UK: West Ham Utd
Favourite team outside the UK: FK Liepaja

Childhood Hero: Batman
Favourite Food: Pizza
Favourite Drink: Tea
Favourite Band: Oasis, Prata Vetra (Brainstorm) & Rammstein


1. Tell us who is Arturs outside of the club. What do you do, how would you describe yourself?
I would consider myself as a nice and friendly person who`s quiet and has a relaxed and analytical approach to life.
I like to spend my time outdoors and have a good night out with friends. Football is my number one sport, but I like to get involved in almost any competitive sporting activities.
I currently work for an online contact lens retailer as a stock controller. Occasionally I enjoy reading a good book.

2. How did you end up at Merton FC?
One of my Thursday`s 5 a side teammates plays for the 1`s and he got me playing for Merton.

3. What was your best moment in your MFC career till now?
Several clean sheets in a row in my debut 2013/2014 season.

4. If you could play for a professional team, which would be it and why?
FK Liepaja, it would be always an honour to play as the No. 1 for your childhood team.

5. Do you have any pre-match rituals or superstitions?
Just a reminder to myself- If I screw up, they probably will lose the game.

6. Lastly, share us your thoughts for the rest of the season.
Win as much games as possible without cancelling other fixtures and recruit more players in off season.

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Todays Youth resuts. U12s no game but down at the Hood U11s beat Kew Assoc. 7-2 and U8s beating Esher 8-1. Really cracking performances. Well done lads.

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Todays Results . 1s lose in dying seconds In the Cup at Poly. 2s beat Old Blues 5-2, 3s lose 4 – 3 at Crouch End Vamps 4s lose 0-3 to Alleyns and 6s lost the Bank 7-2. 1s (pic) very disappointing as we were so close and could have won it. Thanks to the supporters and the lads for such a good show.

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AFA Surrey Surrey/Kent  Senior Cup Final  at Polytechnic Sports Ground 14th March 2015.

Honorable Artillery Company (HAC) 2  Merton 1 (HT 1-0)

This was a very good event as all Cup Finals are. The team arrived good and early for the match under a 3 line whip from Clappers to wear a club tie and jeans were forbidden. And the team responded to Clappers relief and Terry’s approval. The collection of ties in Friday afternoon had been a good displacement activity and dispelled any pre match anxiety. Team photos and introductions. The AFA were well represented by a past President stalwart John Wilson who has always been such a supporter of ours. Pat Ryan and his assistants were there early and Pat gave each of the sides a bottle of Champagne which was a great sporting touch. Poly had the pitch marked out and in great condition.  The only problem was the wind and we kicked into it in the First half.

With the aid of the wind HAC had the better of the first half having their first and possibly one of their best chances in the first minute. We took our time to get into any sort of rhythm as we seemed to rush our passing in their half and gave the ball away a little too easily. We had one good shout for a penalty when Woody was tripped  but a defensive lapse on 25 mins enabled HAC to take acrucial advantage into the second half.

With the wind now helping us we dominated the second half territorially. We equalised after about 15 minutes when Snooks played Ackers in who finished decisively. There seemed plenty of time to get the winner and Ackers again finished with a brilliant header but was offside. With extra time looming and us pressing a second defensive blunder gave HAC the lead and with only a few minutes left we ran out of time. We had one last good shout for a pen but it was ruled outside the area. And so the whistle went and HAC from the Amateur Football Combination had won the Cup. It was a close game and they were a good side. They had a lot of movement and 3 or 4 exceptional players. Two of their midfielders and the centre backs did very well for them. Congratulations to them and thanks to Polytechnic for staging this final so well.  I always enjoy Pat Ryan’s reffing and it is obvious that he enjoys reffing matches. The other officials supported him well and were very friendly in the bar after.

I was proud of our team for their performance before, during and after the game and apparently they carried on well into the night Putney’s Star and Garter and beyond. They represented our club with great credit.  We came very close to winning this cup and even closer to getting the trophy as Clappers nearly walked off with it at the presentation. The disappointment of our team is clear from the photos but they now will put that behind them and get to grips with our remaining league fixtures.

Thanks also to those who were able to come and support the boys; A good smattering of Merton Vets and youth managers and the 2s whose game finished early.

Team.   Angus (GK)   Rat,  Browner,  Clappers (Capt),  Jonesy, Woody, Snooks, Tills, Will Low,(Dan W) Ackers, Vanny (Bosh) Sub not used Will Taylor

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