The score of 4-2 doesn’t quite give the boars justice. Following a fanatic 2-1 win last weekend at Old Wilsonian’s, this weekend’s result is a tough one to write about.


Coming back from injury – Walshy makes his first appearance this year. Along with Merton’s star striker Glenn coming back to help out his old team mates. And most surprisingly Milo makes an appearance from the bench following his niggling blister troubles (is that even a thing.)


The day didn’t go Merton’s way from the off. A kit mix up meant that the Boars were standing around waiting in a cold changing room, but on came the music and the mood lifted.


First time in a while that The Hood had been played on due to frozen pitches and waterlogs proved that the pitches were in good nick – if a bit grassless around the goalmouth.


From kick off Merton didn’t see much of the ball. HSBC, who are fighting for promotion, keep the pressure up, with the Boar defence doing well to show them wide and keep shots to a minimum. Soon the HSBC pressure paid off, with a simple cross into the box not being dealt with by Walshy and Sam, it fell kindly to the HSBC striker who calmly passed the ball into an open net.


20 minutes in and HSBC were still bombarding the Merton goal. Still the Boars keeping their head up with the defence and keeper doing well, as well as midfield and wingers doing well to track back to hold off HSBC. However a mistake from the Boars keeper (myself) resulted in an indirect free kick from the 10 yard mark. All the Boars lined up on the line, but it was again calmly laid off to one of the HSBC midfielders who slotted it into the far corner above Neil’s head. 2-0 down and 10 minutes to play of the first half


The only rememberable attack of the first half from the Boars came from the right wing. Glenn playing lovely football, beat at least 2 HSBC players, Merton played it around close to their corner flag, finally the ball was played into the middle to Zhurbily who put the ball out of the reach of the keeper. Going into half time 2-1 down, elucidating the impression that a comeback by the Boars could be on.


Second half and Merton looked like a different team. We played higher up the pitch, Neal and Iain doing and excellent job keeping the line and knowing when to drop back. Sam (myself) doing a job of the sweeper keeper, getting to any balls played over the top. The Boars were on the front foot, but a quick counter attack and a lapse of concentration as Merton lost the ball in their own half led to the first goal of the second half. 3-1 HSBC.


Heads dropped and Merton retracted into their own half. Sam (myself) pulled off a couple of worldies to keep the score respectable. One being on the 6 yard box, certainly to be put away by a lurking HSBC player smashed into the net however the cat like goalkeeper FLEW through the air and got a nice palm to get it over the bar. Applause from everyone on the pitch followed.


It looked like the crucial saves may of kept Merton in the running as Merton got a penalty at the 75th minute. With Glenn again at the heart of the attack running and cutting into the box only to be brought down. Up stepped Fitz to make it 3-2. Unbelievably it was saved, however calmly placed into the top corner as the rebound fell kindly to the kick taker.


Further domination by the yellows, surely it would’ve been one of those days where everything finally came together. However the pressure got to the new merton goalkeeper who fumbled a freekick which again fell kindly to the HSBC attacker who once again passed the ball into the back of the net.  4-2 final score.


Ultimately it’s a day to forget for the DOTD Merton goalkeeper, But on the other hand it was a very good performance second half. Another day, any other day, Merton would’ve been wheeling away with an easy win. But a performance that can be transferred into next week, where the mistakes visibly and easily rectified – 3 points are coming. Watch this space. Up the Boars.


Team: Sam (GK), Ricky, Neal, Walshy, Iain, Glenn, Mustard, Dan, Barry, Fitz, Denys.

Subs: Milo, Lofty.


MOTM: Neal     DOTD: Sam

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