The postponements had finally caught up with the 3s as we had to play our first midweek game of the season.

As we all turned up one by one from everyone rushing to make the game from work, we were out and warming up. HSBC definitely turned up one by one as they only had 9 for kick off with the other two players turning up later.

The game started and within a minute, Denys smashed one home to put the Boars ahead. From them it was one way traffic for the first half hour with the bar being hit twice from two consecutive corners. Casual passing round the back at times allowed HSBC to break in only for Sam to keep them out on both occasions. The two chances they mustered clearly wasn’t enough excitement for Sam, as a long ball was put through and he came storming out to be the sweeper keeper only to give it a Paul Robinson air kick and let them in Vin to clear up behind him.

After that scare, a long ball of our own put DK through to calmly place it beyond the keeper to make it a more comfortable 2-0 to the boars at half time.

Start of the second half, and I was more of the same from the Boars, as we pressed and pressed but we just didn’t want to score as we hit the woodwork…again! Missed chances were punished as the visitors got one back and made the game seem more interesting than it actually was.

With HSBC pressing ion it allowed gaps to appear for the boars to exploit, but not effectively as crosses from both Neal and Glenn either didn’t beat the first man, was way to over hit, or just went over the bar, all of which are not useful.

Full time blew and it was a rare win for the boars and an even rarer League double over our opponents which lifted us above them in the table.

The game could have been much better but we came away with the win, that’s what counts.


Line up: Sam (GK), Dan R, Vin, Mario, Glenn, Iain, Neal, Dan B, Darcy, Fitz & Denys. Subs: DK, Lofty, Walshy.


DOD: Glenn

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