Second match away for the boars against an unbeaten Nottsborough 4th, top of the league after 2 matches.

Positive start already with the home team not getting 11 men on the pitch but matches must be won during the 90 minutes and not on statistics or on paper.
This is what Merton attitude was put on the pitch from the first second on the match with a great solid 11’s, top concentration and the intention to play every single ball on the floor.
First 10 minutes great possession with defenders and midfielders, with the last to set great balls for the wings (DK and Tom) both being a real pain for the opponent defence.
At the third attempt just before 15’ Tom scored the first, Lofty assist with a lovely ball over the top after we worked the ball nicely from a throw in deep in our half. Tom with a nice lobbed finish that went over the keeper and in off the far post.
This didn’t stop the boar plying nice football with completely supremacy over the home team and after few minutes superb second goal, Gresty assist with a superb defence splitting ball through the heart of their defence following some great pressing. DK curved his run to stay onside and hit it early as the keeper tried to rush out, passed into the bottom corner.
To be noticed that till the 30’ we didn’t conceded a single opportunity showing a very solid permanence.
Shame for Dennis who got injured during a sprint (probably up hamstring due the old age..!!! Just joking) great effort till then. Mustard in without warm up but straight into the match with few successful runs putting the opponent team in serious danger like in the early years of the millennium..!! This is 17’ season for him..!!
Home team back on 11 on the pitch with a sub as well.
Carrying out our solid performance, Gresty to stop every single attempt of the opponent in the midfield just in front of the defence, holding really well and having Mike marking number 10 throughout the match basically shadowing him all over the pitch (that was brilliant tactical call from Darren). Making the right foul to stop them Iain first and Neal after spent their booking in the cleverest way.
To highlight, only opportunity the home team had, showed Darren’s super skill in goal with a top save at down left corner. Great chance to be in goal for next few matches.!!!
Just before half time, really unlikely, after few bouncing their score. 1-2 and straight into half time.
Same 11’s on the pitch with Mario on the side  who couldn’t wait to get involved in the battle in the middle of the pitch.
First 15’ the home team tried to squeeze the boars into their half but a very tight and solid Merton didn’t allowed them to get into the box and create no danger at all.
Half an hour to go and last sub for Merton, Mario in for Lofty.
Pretty much same story, home team trying to get closer to box with decent football taking nearly 8-9 men into Merton half but excellent communication and effort all over the place, boars could get the ball back and trying few counter attacks where we nearly scored the thirds goal with DK.
Top experience from Mustard who showed Neal and Iain how to tackle with controlled force, stopping the opposition in their tracks, by winning the ball fairly and leaving the demolished Nottsborough player in a pulverised heap on the floor.
Solid performance across 90 minutes brought first 3 points for Merton hopefully starting a long strip of result.
MOTM Gresty

DOTD Mario (arriving late and leaving straight after the match)

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