This fixture, BOE away, is a game the 6s was looking forward to, nice facilities, nice pitches and local. It’s a shame that the football being played by them wasn’t nice.

Kick off we started well for about 5 minutes, Matt should of put them 1 nil up, unfortunately left his shooting boots at home. From then on we looked like we had never played as a team before. BOE started their scoring and 20 minutes in they were 4 up, scoring a free kick, Steve whose not normally a goalkeeper was planted as ball was curl round the not well arranged wall and in the goal. Spanner gave the next goal away by taking down their forward in the box and the ref awarding a penalty, which the BOE player put in the back of the net. The next 2 goals came from us not clearing the defence and BOE taking advantage, Steve tried to save one effort, but started is diving save 5 minutes before and read the flight of ball wrong, although he did get a big toe to the ball but not enough to stop it going into the back of the net.

We tried to get something back before half time but there wasn’t many chances created. Rob tried to help by swapping Baz for Arnold and putting Harry back to full back to see if we could attack a bit more, but wihout much joy. We had a nice flat pitch which should of seen a lot more of the ball instead we played it more in the air rather on the ground.

Half time came and we all knew that we had to play a lot better in the next half, Steve took off the gloves as he wanted to count on his hand how many he let in and for a change there was a few hands going up for a volunteer to go between the sticks. The gloves went to Adam. Rob having endured watching what must of been like what the Sunderland fans watched that same afternoon, gave a team talk and explained where we were going wrong; I think turning up was the main problem. He told us what we should try and do to get back into the game, but that went through the player’s ears and straight out the other side.

They scored their fifth when Adam tried to catch a cross and fumbled it, dropping straight to one of their players who slotted into the net. We managed to get one back, with Nuno lobbing their keeper, could this of been the goal they needed to start the come back? Not really when they went on to score a further two more goals making it 7. Our second goal was scored off of Jon’s after the ball was hit by Arnold against the crossbar, falling straight onto his belly and across the line. Man of the Match went to Ryan for running endlessly, getting stuck in and playing in more positions than the Karma Sutra book.

Not a good day for the 6s and should of taken advantage of the nice pitch and tried to play some good football.

Next week a hard game against top of table Old Wilsonians 8, who have not lost a league game yet, could the 6s be that team to end their good run??

Team: Steve, Harry, Adam, Spanner, Smithy, Baz, Matt, Jay, Ram, Ryan, Nuno (1). Subs: Arnold, Jon (1), Nikhil.

Manager on the line: Rob

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