25th March 2017

Merton 6s vs Civil Service 8s Double Header Joseph Hood

This was defiantly a game of two matches, both teams walking away with 3 points.

We had 15 players, so George H took one for the team first game and sat out, team lined up: Swanny, Kevin, Mark, Beans, Matt, Chris, Neil, George B, Callum, Pete, Dan P, Subs: Alan, Ram, Trey

Lining up with a 4-4-2 formation, the first game started well for the first 10 minutes. That was until Beans tripped over his own laces leaving Chappell to defend their on coming forward.  I little late challenge caused the forward to go down, disputes as to whether it was in the box or not between Chappell and Ref, but penalty was awarded, 1 – 0.  They had a couple of quick forward players, one of which Kevin took out on the side line in the first half, he was getting a bit hot headed.  Could be the reason he sat out the next game to have a cool down.  We had chances but just couldn’t find the net and majority of their 4 goals came from hitting us on the break. The game ended 4 – 0, we gathered our self on the side line for the next match and knew that this had to be a win otherwise Civil would go above us in the league and be 2nd.

Kevin, along with discussions with Manager for the day Ty, changed the formation. We needed to have bit more help in defence and so opted for two holding midfielders. Lined up 4-2-3-1, again we needed to have a drop out so Beans stepped forward and took one for the team in the second game. Team for second game was Swanny, Matt, Alan, Mark, Ram, Neil, Chris, George B, Trey, Callum, Pete. Subs: George H, Kevin, Dan P

This gave the 3 youngest freedom to roam up top with Pete helping to hold things up for hopefully them to get the goals. And this certainly worked as the goals starting to go in for us.  George B with the first with a peach of a through ball from Matt, well weighted for George to run on to and slot past their keeper, 1 – 0.  Callum got himself on the score sheet along with another goal from George.  They managed to claw one back, but with help from the two midfielders the defence stayed strong.  Another assist came from Matt, crossing deep toward the keeper, who fumbled it in the wind, for Pete to latch onto and put into the net.

The second game was a much better performance, and 6s deserving the win. There was a little bit of agro in the second half from a slightly bad tackle by George, which caused both teams to flare up (Kevin storming on to protect George) with each other, although to be honest it wasn’t that type of match.

Game ended 4 – 1, the win that the 6s needed to keep them 3 point clear of Civil, although they do have two games in hand. It is all to play for now for the 6s and their last 4 games.  Results need to go their way for them to still be within a chance of promotion.

MOM went to Matt for finding his new position at full back and having a solid game in both matches, plus setting up two goals which I may have mentioned.

Few other mentions go to Chris who finds himself in more positions on the pitch that the Karma Sutra, Chappell for giving away penalty, Beans for tripping over a divot or his laces and tumbling which lead to the penaltyl. Ram for thinking he had only 20 minutes for whole of both matches but pretty sure he got longer than that.  Kevin for losing head and taking out their winger whilst worrying whether the oppo had any ringers!!!

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