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 Old Wilson 9s v Merton 6s

You can’t help but be optimistic when you’re coming up against a team with a similar start to the season as yourselves, Merton 6s have a single point from the opening 3 fixtures, OW9s have none. After shipping 7 goals last week, 6 being in the 2nd half alone, the feeling was more hope that the tide would turn sooner rather than later. With decent numbers throughout the club, the 6s welcome Phil T on loan deal worth a packet of posh biscuits and a milky tea, and Lewes R, who fortunately lived nearby and was allowed out to play by the missy!

A great day for a game of football, apart from the low blinding sun behind the goal and the pitch being situated on such a slope, that someone’s ‘fitbit ‘registered the cross pitch warm up as a flight of stairs, and also to mention the divots, we almost lost MQ in the warm up when he disappeared into a crater shouting ‘fix bayonets’…!    

The oppo seem up for it, openly discussing their chances of a win… this just galvanised the 6s and with the OW9s kicking off, it did not take long before the midfield of Phil and Ricky, imposed themselves on their opposite numbers, harassing every move or attack.

The opening third of the game yielded many chances, the young Lewis being the folly from the old captain up front, testing the keeper early. Lewis feeding a square ball to David, whose first-time firm low shot in to the bottom left corner was somehow kept out by the agile keeper, from the resulting corner, Ricky finds the captain who lost his marker only to see his first-time volley skim the crossbar.

M6s bossing the game have further chances, instrumental play from Phil, who seems to be having all the time in the world to ghost pass the oppo at will and pick out damaging passes, OW9s keeper is by far the busiest and does well with the heavy attack imposed by the 6s

A rare attack is contained by the 6s back four, Steve H picks out David G with a curling cross which drops in behind the left back, controlling the ball with a single touch, DG releases Lewis with a cutting reverse pass to send the speedy forward 1v1 with the keeper and in his stride slots the ball past the advancing number one for a well-deserved 0-1

With all the play, it’s hard to believe the games only 0-1, not deterred, OW9s spark in to life and start to have some luck going forward, 6s back four hold firm and when needed, MQ is there to follow up, still on top, the 6s go into the break with the lead, and finally look like playing like a team.

Preying the second half doesn’t present the normal capitulation of previous weeks, the half time pep talk is short and sweet… don’t f*** up!

With the second half on the way, it’s the 6s that start as they finished the previous half… well on top. Once again, Phil and Ricky, now with a great understanding, toy with the oppo and even take it turns attacking and defending. The opportunities come thick and fast

From another corner, Steve B curls a ball into the danger area, the resulting shot is palmed away from the OW9s keeper.

Great work from Daban once again results in the OW9s keeper tipping the resulting shot around the post

Good work down the right from Andrew and the ball is worked into the centre, once again David is on hand to power a solid shot across the keeper in the bottom right corner, only to see the wrong-footed keeper somehow get back across the goal and flick the ball round the post!

From the corner, the ball drops into a melee of players, Phil comes out on top and places his shot, this takes a deflection off Lewis (who knows nothing about this) and somehow wrong foots the keeper and bonces between knee and glove to extend the lead to 0-2

Relentless, the 6s keep pressing, with still 20 minutes on the clock, more goals are needed… no, wanted. Lewis once again is set free with a 1v1, but with all the time in the world, fluffed his lines and tamely passes the ball away instead of shooting.

Another corner from Steve B finds David with his back to goal, drops the shoulder, swivels and this time sends a powerful shot top corner, but once again…. The OW9s keeper is equal to the shot and somehow manages to tip the ball round for yet another corner. Steve B, now almost camping at the corner flag, cheekily tries a shot that almost deceives the keeper who fumbles before gathering.

Final 10 minutes and Phil picks the ball up and goes on another merry little run, the ball seems stuck to the laces as he skips tackle after tackle, spots Lewis and with a cumming through ball, Lewis makes no mistake as he powers his shot past the keeper for the match ball and worthy 0-3 win for the 6s.

In fairness, the 6s today was far too good for the host, if they can keep this sort of form up, over the coming weeks, point will be gained, and the impossible top four target could be a reality, next week the 6s are back and being hosted by the OW8s, hopefully and similar score line can be achieved



Mentions go out to MQ for his first clean sheet since the last one!

Kevin had an outstanding game at left back and even got lost at one point, finding himself in the oppo 6-yard box after collecting the ball well in his own half!

Ricky, done the hard work well,

Lewis who bagged a hattrick, but could have had so much more,

But the outstanding player was Phil, who just looked like he was having a world of fun every time he had the ball

DOTD: First win of the season was a great team effort, and none could be selected, however, the oppos goalkeeper turned out to be a ‘of a higher standard’ than the squad he was playing in… so he gets my vote!!


Team: Martin Q, Kevin L, Tom J, Steve B, Steve H, Daban B, Phill T, Rick I, Andrew D, David G © Lewis

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