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Old Salesians 3rd v Merton 7s

Away, and against a very good Old Sale’s side who’s reserves had no game, you just knew the team will be bolstered with a few senior players. With a 3oc kickoff, most of the team arrived in good time and high spirits after the opening day victory, although Daban managed to get lost and turn up 15 minutes before kick-off and the ever-illusive Kieran doing his best to never turn up, we need a quick reshuffle of the starting line-up that was originally planed.

Martin dons the gloves and a back 4 of Josh, Tom, Dan & Steve, with Jacob on the right, Andrew, David making up the centre with Luke on the left, this left Billy and Scott up front.

From the start, OS3 took the front foot, passing around freely and creating problems with their slick 1 touch triangles, not long into the game, OS3 was in behind the back four which, lucky for the 7s, came to nothing, but this was going to be the start of things to come.

No more than 15 minutes gone and from around 25 yards, a hopefully cross/shot from OS3 midfield seemed to have caught Martin flat footed and dipped just under the bar for 1-0. A further few minutes later, and another break into the box, Dan tracking his man sticks out a foot and clearly trips the attacking player which results in a well taken penalty for 2-0. Dan, having a stiff talking to by the Ref, subbed himself for Daban which creates a reshuffle, and sees David drop back in to the back 4 and Daban going centre

Although down but not out, the 7s keep probing, with Billy being some nuisances to the OS3 back four, snatches a good chance to make it 2-1, followed up by a decent 1v1 which the keeper done well to save. Finally, Billy gets released down the left, skips past the right back and gives the keepers the eyes before curling a left footed, outside of the boot, low into the far corner. 2-1.

This made OS3 step up there game and with 2 pacey forwards, it was not long before the offside trap was (debatably) sprung again, with Steve still appealing, the forward bearing down on Martin dispatched a neat curling shot from 18 yards that curled into the top corner for 3-1

Half time, a few words and reshuffle of the players, Luke comes centre and Dabs going wide left, the 7s start with intent. Billy still having a good battle with the oppositions defence was always a threat and now Luke playing centre started to pull the strings and slot some neat through balls for Billy to run on to.

Still, with all the possession at the start of the half coming to nothing, OS3 being a threat on every attack, it was only a matter of time before it become 4-1, still not giving up, a further change sees Denzel come on for Andrew and slotting on the left and Dabs coming centre with Luke,

With chances being made, Billy once again showed skill with a neat back heel to Scott, with only the goalie to beat, sees his shot go high and wide. Soon after, Billy himself found space just inside the box, only for his tame shot to be straight at the keeper. Now tiring, the 7s being pulled apart by the forward line of OS3, shipped a further 3 goals before the end of the half.

Full time and frankly p***** off, the score does not reflect the effort the guys put in, although never looking likely to win, if the 7s took their chances and possibly had their first-choice keeper, it may have been more respectable. With a home game next week v Corinthian Casuals Under21 who beat todays opposition 4-3 and took OW8s for a 10-0 stroll, it looks like this motley lot will have another busy day to look forward to.

MOTM: Special mention to Daban, who came on and was full of energy but just couldn’t find that final ball, Billy again, always looking like a threat and now with 3 in 2 was out voted by 1 in favour of Luke, who was outstanding in centre midfield pulling the strings and frankly, never gave up.

DOTD: Made easy for not turning up, this week goes to Kieran ‘Lord Lucan’ Lee. Thanks to Scott who voted for himself after another blank day, where he squandered be far the easiest goal chance this season (will have nightmares about that one!)


Team: Martin, Josh, Dan, Tom, Steve, Jacob, Andrew, David ©, Luke, Billy, Scott

Denzel, Daban

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