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As a member of Merton football club you are required to read, understand & adhere to the player’s charter of Merton football club. When you have done so please sign and print your name on the tear off strip and return it to a committee member or any MFC official.

This is to agree that you have read, understood and agree to abide by the clubs ethos. IT’S THE MERTON WAY”

As the oldest football club in the London borough of Merton, the club was founded in 1910 and from humble beginnings, has steadily grown to become firmly established today, with six men’s teams competing in the southern amateur league (SAL) we also have an ever growing & well run youth section. Our aims are to be:-

Successful on the pitch in terms of winning matches, trophies and promotions, achieving a good level of discipline, respect, being good hosts to our guests and match officials at all times. Providing a good standard of football in the local area.

Successful off the pitch in terms of creating a welcoming atmosphere, good club spirit within the clubhouse and amongst both our players and non-playing membership, operating positively in financial terms and striving to improve our facilities.

As we are an amateur club run by committed volunteers, for us to achieve our aims we are dependent on everyone playing their part. The player’s charter explains what you can expect of Merton football club and what Merton football club expects of you. If we all adhere to the standards within the players charter, it will ensure that you have done your part to help Merton football club be successful.

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM MERTON FOOTBALL CLUB (Its officials, managers & officers)


  • Good communication/clear information, to inform you which team you are selected for and explain any decisions & give you feed back in relation to not selecting you or selecting you in a different team from normal. Provide details of where and when the match is to be played and the meeting place/time you must attend .
  • Promotion of respect, encouraging you to conduct yourself in the correct manner and deal with incidences where conduct falls below expectations.
  • Good timekeeping, to enable the team to have the best match day preparation, the managers will lead by example and arrive no later than the agreed meeting time. (late kick offs result in heavy fines by the AFA)
  • Encouragement to develop, the club will encourage player development and give them every chance to play as high within the club as their ability and fitness allows.
  • Fairness, if you are playing well you will be given the chance to show that you can keep the shirt and stay in the team. Where ever possible managers will recommend promotion to a higher team.




  • Good conduct, Treat the opposition, match officials, your team mates & your manager with respect, both off and on the field. We all play football to enjoy ourselves, please play your part to ensure that Merton’s reputation of being a sporting, welcoming & sociable club is maintained and enhanced. This covers going back to Merton’s club house after matches (or the opposition’s clubhouse if playing away) socialising with the opposition is a requirement of our league and our club so you are requested to be hospitable at all times. Treating the equipment provided by the club with respect.
  • Pay your match fees/fines, all players are required to pay match fees that are due on time and in full. Match fees are payable every week and you must ensure that you arrive with sufficient funds to pay your dues. All fines must be paid when they are due. Failing to do so will mean that you will not be selected if outstanding fines are not paid ON TIME. Players are reminded that even if you have served a suspension until your fines are paid you will be deemed unavailable.
  • Players are reminded that if you are serving a suspension by either or both the AFA or club, you will not be able to play in any Merton football club team. Managers & captains must not at any time for any reason select a suspended player or a player with outstanding fines under any circumstances. If you are not sure of your availability you must check with the disciplinary chairman.
  • Support the aims of the club, Merton football club is a club and not a collection of individual teams, therefore all players must make themselves available to play for any team that you are selected to play for. By understanding that you are a member of a club and not a team and being willing to play for all our teams. That way you will insure the club develops further.
  • Regular availability, it is a requirement that you make yourself available for selection throughout the season. If for any reason you are not able to play, you must inform your team manager as soon as possible, late cry off have a knock on effect and the lower teams always suffer. It is very important that you are a full time player and not a bit part player.
  • Prompt communication, it is essential that when you are contacted regarding your availability for a forthcoming game, you respond promptly. Without your reply, the manager cannot select his team and this effects the selection of all the teams within the club.
  • Good timekeeping, in order to prepare properly for the match, your manager needs you to be there at the stated time. This time is the latest time you should arrive, not the earliest you should start arriving from.
  • Support your manager, anything you can do to help your manager will assist in the smooth running of the team. Again its common sense how you can contribute such as taking out the water, corner flags and collecting money. All the little important jobs that need doing.
  • Unable to play, if you are unable to play for any reason the onus is on you to inform your manager in plenty of time, so a suitable replacement can be made. If you are not selected please keep yourself available to play at short notice as you may well be needed.
  • If you have a medical condition or allergy e.g. : asthma, diabetes, epilepsy or a similar condition it is your responsibility to communicate this to your team manager before any match.
  • Gentlemen, at all times you are required to conduct yourselves in a sporting and gentlemanly manner, you are the face of Merton football club and as such you and the club will be judged by your actions. This football club has survived for over 100 years and we intend to go on for another hundred. It’s only you that can make this club what is it and will become through your good attitude. We want you to enjoy being a member of our football club and to contribute to our ongoing success.


We the members of Merton football club have made this club what it is and you with your contribution will continue to make history for our fine football club, after all “IT’S THE MERTON WAY”