Respect in Football
Beautiful Game

Merton FC promotes itself on producing quality football and displaying ethos ‘Fair Play’ 2019/20 Season will continue with the same goals and aspirations. All players will be subject to ‘points system’ for ensuring Code of Conduct is maintained.

We will therefore be introducing the following points scale and sanctions

Points Reached Sanction Additional Sanction
5 Points 1 Match ban None
7 Points 1 Match ban if points accrued or 2 match ban if reached with one incident Hearing with disciplinary panel
9 Points 1 Match ban Hearing with disciplinary panel
11 Points 2 Match ban Hearing with disciplinary panel
13 Points 3 Match ban Hearing with disciplinary panel

Where a player is asked to attend a hearing with the MFC disciplinary panel additional sanctions could be considered and enforced.The above sanctions are in addition to, not instead of, any punishment laid out by any of the Surrey FA, the AFA or the SAL.

A Manager or Captain may make representations to the MFC disciplinary panel at any time if they feel there are mitigating circumstances around a particular offence and this will be considered.

All suspensions will start 14 days from the last incident and after any AFA suspension.

Players will gain points for the following offences

Offence Points Gained
Booking 2 Points
Booking for dissent 3 Points
Booking for kicking the ball away 3 Points
Red Card for violent conduct 5 Points
Red card for dissent 5 Points
Booking for spitting at opponent 5 Points
Misconduct charge 7 points
Striking a referee Automatic life ban from the club
Failure to pay a fine could ultimately result in the Club reporting a player to the Surrey FA the AFA and the SAL meaning a player would be banned from all football for any team until the debt is settled. We have a number of players with outstanding debts where this action has already been taken.Therefore this season we will be strictly enforcing our existing policy of allowing players two weeks from the date of the offence to pay their fine. If a fine is not paid in this time then the player will be unavailable for selection until that fine is paid.
2019/20 Fines Table.
Offence 1st Offence 2nd Offence 3rd Offence
Booking (C1) AFA fine + club fine of £2 AFA fine + club fine of £2 AFA Fine + club fine of £7
Booking for dissent (C2) AFA fine + club fine of £2 AFA fine + club fine of £7 AFA fine + club fine of £12
Red card (S1) AFA fine + club fine of £2 AFA fine + club fine of £7 AFA fine + club fine of £12

AFA points system for Yellow/Red cards