Against all the odds we  were blessed with a decent dry day which was essential for the day that was  planned. Thanks to Denys Z we were able to welcome FC Polska to the Hood for a pre Cup Final friendly. They had made the long trek from North London. The game, reffed by our perennial favourite Dave Laughton, kicked off a little late and Merton took an early lead when Al G surged through and set up Denys for a really good goal. This was a little misleading as Polska were  obviously a good side. Despite the early set back  Polska quickly got into the game and were soon level and then scored a really good goal to go 2-1 up. They had some  good players dominating mid field and that soon became 4-1 and a great strike by Wilgo brought it back to 4- 2 . Some real end to end football where all the Merton players stayed at the one end saw some more scoring with FC Polska winning 6-4. Then it was down to the Pre Cup Final drinks and BBQ. Polska certainly knew how to play football but they were pretty good at Post Footy too and stuck to the task of drinking and eating all that was available. Many thanks to the Bar staff for manning the pumps and setting it all up and to Peter and Jasper Kemp for their all round support and provisioning and Sherbs who stepped into the role of head chef. So then it was the sweep on first goal scorer and time of first goal and watching Arsenal play Villa off the park, always entertaining for a Baggies Man. Still it was a good day and a nice preparation for next week’s Awards Day. Thanks to the Polish lads and all the helpers for such an important contribution.

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