Memberships and Registration

To play official fixtures for Merton FC (which start on 12/9/20), you must be registered with the FA.  If you’ve yet to do this and intend to play, please contact Mustard on 078666 01010, to initiate the registration process.

Additionally, to play for Merton FC, an annual membership fee must be paid.  Paid members will be prioritised over those that have yet to play, therefore if you don’t want to risk not being selected, ensure that you pay your membership.  

In any event, membership must be paid by the end of September.  

So far, registration rates are encouragingly high with 122 registered players and 72 that have paid their membership, either in full or in part.

Membership rates – 

  • £90 (22 years and over)
  • £30 (21 years and under)
  • £50 (If you introduce a new member to the club, both you and he can have a discounted rate of £50)


Collecting payments for 20/21 season

Merton Football Club use Slate to collect match fees, membership, fines etc.  This is the default payment method.  

By using Slate it means that players don’t need to think about / bring cash to games and it also reduces the administrative burden on managers / those behind the scenes.

96% of players registered to play for Merton this season have active Slate accounts, we aim to increase this even further.  

To help your club, please do the following – 

  • Sign up to Slate (if you’ve not already done so)
  • Use Slate to pay any fees
  • Don’t seek to pay via bank transfer or using cash

Please contact Mustard on 078666 01010 to receive an invitation e-mail to set up Slate.