7th January 2018

Merton Under 9s             1
Walton casuals

Goal Scorer                         Faris

On a cold January morning the team had an away fixture in Walton.  The Xcel Sports Hub was the venue, on one of their 3G pitches. The last game the boys played was on the 3rd December away near Heathrow, and that what the pitch felt like today. Playing across the full size 3G pitch it felt like it was runway one at Heathrow.

Before the game the coaches handed out their belated Christmas presents to the boys, yellow Merton beanies, which came at the right time as it was cold out there.  Parents were ready, hot beverages available, which were needed. Those who got new boots from Santa had them on, standing out were Max’s salmon and lime colour ones. 

The game got started; Full squad this week, line up this game was Max (GK), Dave and Ollie (defence), Joe, Louis and Lewis (Midfield) and Faris (Striker).  Subs were Archie, Percy and (allowed a lie in by his mum) Harry.  The boys started well, passing the ball about and trying to get up the long pitch to score.  Change made after 10 minutes, Ollie feeling ill or the cold for Harry. Walton used the length of pitch to their advantage, getting the ball over the top of the defenders, when we lost the ball, which created their chances.  Max pulling off some great saves throughout the match keeping the score line from being any higher. Two more subs made, Archie and Percy on for Joe and Louis.  The boys continued to link up well, but just couldn’t find the end product. Walton ended the half the better by 3 goals to nil.

Quick chat at half time from the coaches so the boys didn’t get cold. Faris off for Lewis, Dave off for Louis. The second half saw the boys have more chances at the opposition goalkeeper. A bit more space was made, Archie and Louis making some good passes from the wings.  Our only goal came from Faris, who managed to slot his shot beyond the keeper.  Change of formation, David and Lewis on for Archie and Percy.  Leaving Joe at the back on his own, pushing more players forward to try and get some goals back.  Unfortunately Walton again came back at us and got a few more goals including a fabulous strike from their number 3.  This was a team ranked 1st in our division, but I think on a grass pitch, slightly shorter in length, the score might have been different. 

The boys gave it a good go, despite the weather and having not played for a while due to cancelled matches and the Christmas break.  Next week’s game is against 2nd place in the league, hopefully an opportunity to show what we can do on our home pitch, that is if it’s dried out and playable!!!  Let’s hope to a dry January (and that is not aimed at Stuart).

Few moments between the parents chat were observed. Neal’s new fitness tracker gadget and the bra he places it in.  The goal Dan scored on Saturday for the 3s and the one he missed.  James’s description for Max’s new boots, they’re not pink but salmon. 

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