21st January 2018

Merton Under 9s             0
Westside                             3

MOM                                    Max

I will keep this report short as I try to get the feelings back in my fingers from the cold. The question on all the parents minds was whether the game was on or off, given the wet weather during the week.  Could the pitch possibly be playable, was Roy waiting till the last minute for a call to say it was off.  No the game was on, meet time was still 12.30 at the pitches on Grand Drive.  Sal thinking it was a half nine meet, missed out on a lie in and Stu thinking it was at home and needed to help with the goals.  Note to parents read the What’s App message for meet place and time.

We turned up on time; Neal making sure the boys didn’t get cold took them for a warm up.  Paul again making sure the parents didn’t get cold by getting the teas in.  Westside informed the coaches that they were short of players and if any of our players wanted to play for them.  Decision was made to play 7 – 6, at the last minute they managed to get a player and allow the game to play with even sides.  

We lined up this week with Max who has played every game so far in goal, defence of Harry and Joe (maned up and braved the weather by refusing to base layer leggings), Midfield of Ollie, Percy and David with Louis up top.  Archie and Faris were on the bench. News came in the week that Lewis had fractured his fingers whilst playing in goal with his mates.  The whole team wish him a speedy recovery. Westside were a strong side who started strongly.  They attacked well and put pressure on our defence and goalie.  For some reason we had trouble clearing our lines. This could have been due to the mud bath being created in the goal area or the lack of sensation in the boys frozen feet.  When we did clear the ball, it went straight down the middle rather than out wide.  This led to the ball going  to a Westside player which led to their two goals before the half time whistle.  Two changes made during the first half Archie and Faris on for Joe and Louis. Ollie’s face of disappointment said it all as he looked over hoping it was him being subbed only to see it wasn’t him.  The pile of coats and jumpers were calling him. The team tried to get back into the game, Faris having a couple of chances and Archie hitting a shot to be pushed wide by their keeper.  Half time came and a quick team talk by both coaches so the kids didn’t get too cold. 

Two changes made Ollie and Harry off for Joe and Louis.  The boys dug in deep, one to keep warm and two to get the goals back. Faris, Archie, David and Max were all having a good game. The man of match award could have been shared by all of them but Max edged it with his triple save in the second half and freezing his nuts off between the sticks.  As the game wore on, you could see that the boys, coaches, parents and ref were all feeling the cold.  Stuart pointing out that he may need to wear warmer shoes next time.  Their third goal came from not closing down their player who had space and time to shoot and score.  Last change of the game Ollie and Harry on for David and Percy.  David’s mum taking advantage that it was his last kick of the game, gathered his stuff and headed of home to the warm.  We continued on trying to at least get a goal. Coming close with a ball through by Archie, which had it fallen to Louis may have gone in, only for Faris to hit it first and place it wide.  Parents hoping the ref wasn’t going to play too much added time heard the final whistle blow.  The boys lined up on the half way line to shake hands, those that could still feel them.  The coaches didn’t keep them long for the end of match team talk.  Quick man of match presentation, awarded to Max for his numerous saves including one that he tipped over the bar and his triple shot save.

Max’s sister feeling the cold on the side line, James had the right idea of sitting in the car with the heaters on full blast and watching from there.

Fair play to Bobby and his dad for coming along to watch and cheer on the boys.

No pictures or videos this week as all the parents hands where numb and non functional or holding an umbrella.  

Next week’s game, hopefully in warmer and drier conditions is at home to Walton Casual. 


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