Membership Fees

Before applying please read the following. 

Membership for men is £90 plus a £10 match fee per game. Fees must be paid by the end of August but should be paid as soon as possible and priority in friendly match selection will be given to paid up members and after August 31st non members will not be available for selection. For players joining part way through the season, November on wards, a reduced rate is negotiated
Additionally we have introduced an incentive for our existing members to introduce new members. If an existing member introduces an entirely new full member the two memberships will cost £100. (3 is £150 and so on)…. this has to be done by the end of August.

We are also encouraging younger members with an Under-21 membership of £30 and a match fee of £5 per game.

We also offer a social membership, fee for this is £20 for the season.

Only players who are paid members of the club will be available for selection for official league and cup games. The first official games start on 12th September for all teams.