Match Report

 Merton 7s v HSBC 6s

Another Wednesday night, 10 minutes of rain and the fear the game won’t go ahead at the hood due to flooding…!

Clouds clear and the ref calls the players onto the pitch from the shelter of the club, once again team captain takes up roll as manager, due to on going knee injury, no Steve so Martin takes up the roll as captain, squad as follows…

Lenners between the sticks, Josh, Martin Dan A and Dan O as the back four, Andrew and Luke on each wing with Mario & Darren taking up the centre, Billy and Niall once again roam around up top. Ryan arriving late due to trains and we welcome back Jacob from a lengthy injury take up the seats the bench

We kick off and it looks like a cagy affair, the game has nil/nil written all over it for the first 2 minutes, Billy gets slotted in on goal and the keeper makes a great save, Billy, looking a bit jaded from a hard days work looks an early contender for sub… Ryan in the wings and chirping away to get on, but the gaffer keeps the faith

5 minutes and 1-0 to Merton, that boy Billy gets on to a through ball from Niall and slots pass the keeper and off the post, the ball barely crosses the line when the defender claims to clear the ball, but the ref being in a great position can clearly see its in…

6 minutes and HSBC draw level, no one picks up anyone and lets the oppo stroll through, cross and score, great response from going behind early on. 1-1

8 Minutes and the 7s retake the lead, Luke powering down the right and whips in a shot/cross from the bye line, which deceives the keeper and tucks in at the far post, 2-1

10 minutes and HSBC curl in a corner and once again everyone leaves the responsibility to someone else, a queue of HSBC’s players are waiting to hammer home the equaliser for 2-2

12 minutes and once again HSBC tear apart the 7s with great pass and move, working the ball across the area and finding the left winger in enough space to beat Lenners at the near post to take a surprising 2-3 lead

14 minutes and 37 seconds (approximately of course!)… long ball out sees HSBC keeper come to claim, but Niall nips in and steals the ball, bearing down on goal and with 3 HSBC players in pursuit, he rounds the first defender, from 20 yards Niall would normally hammer home the goal, however he draws in the defenders and flicks a through ball to Billy to calmly slot in an empty net from 8 yards. 3-3

Did I mention this had ‘goal fest’ written all over it?

With 15miutes gone, both teams slug it out for 30 minutes, the goalkeepers play their part in keeping the score level, although HSBC’s keeper is the busier of the 2, its lenners who is making the crucial saves to keep the 7s in it, to go behind now would be a travesty, what with having so much possession

Half time comes and a quick pep talk, just need to keep plugging away and tighten up the back door, with that, Ryan comes on for Martin at centre back and Jacob makes his entrance in centre mid for Darren, the change seems to be good move by the gaffer….

Second half, and its not long before the 7s take a grip on the game, having a bit of youth in defence plays dividend, matching HSBC man for man, and having the fresh legs in midfield soon pays off,

Billy once again is freed and beats the offside trap, still some 35 yards from goal, and with a defender closing down the space, Billy sees the keeper off his line and with the outside of the foot, half volleys a shot that takes a bounce before going in off the post for his third hattrick this season and to put the 7s up, 4-3

Confidence is clear to see, one touch passing from the back, sees Dan O one/two up the line with Niall, Luke comes across to make three, all one touch and over lapping movement, five passes on and Luke is put clean through on goal, only for the centre back to miss judge the tackle and clip the heels as his on goal, Penalty! Full of confidence after securing his hattrick, Billy steps up and makes it 5-3 from the spot.

HSBC fight back and take the majority of the spoils for the proceeding 5 to 10 minutes, Lenners is called in to action and with a point blank one on one, somehow manages to spread himself to block the shot, only to see the ball fall to a HSBC player to volley on goal, Lenners, still on the ground springs into life and tips the second shot over the bar, how did he manage to do that!!!!!!

7s now getting a second wind and with Lenners do his part to keep the score at 5-3, once again sees Billy chase down a lost cause out wide, holding up play and waiting for support, his forced into dropping the shoulder and shooting from range, this beats the keeper, but sees the defender head into his own net in vain to make a clearance 6-3 (5 to Billy!)

Its now very much one sided, the 6th took the wind out of the sails and its now one-way traffic, good football going forwarded with Billy staying out wide and becomes provided as the cross is sees Niall clinically pass in to the net for his first of the day and Merton’s 7th

Number 8 soon follows, offside trap sprung, Billy and Niall exchange passes first Niall to Billy, Billy passes it back, Keeper follows, Niall to Billy, Billy Back to Niall…. Its turning into the chuckles brothers just as Niall decides to pull the trigger… 8-3

Freekick to Merton is cleared as far as Niall, sees Billy at the far post and pings the cross over, Billy, still with ground to make up, gets to the by line and scissor volleys the ball back across to Luke who slides in, first shot is blocked, but manages to get the rebound in for 9-3

With minutes to go, its double figures, again Billy down is the provider with a cross from the left for Niall to head in to complete his hattrick and its 10 for the 7s…

What started off as a 15 minute slug fest, soon turned out as a 10-3 rout for the 7s, to be fair, HSBC wasn’t that bad, the 7s for once was just clinical with there finishing, Billy could have wrapped up a double hattrick if not more, but showed that it’s a team game and turned provider as opposed to trying to score all the goals, Lenners in goal was kept busy and done well to keep the score at only 3, Ryan although not a centre back, galvanised the back four in the second half and worked well along side Dan A, all in all, a good day out for the 7s

Saturday see the Old Sales 3s coming to the hood, depending on which team is sent to fulfil the fixture could mean that the 7s continue the 4-game unbeaten run for another week

MOTM: Billy … a 10/10 performance, 5 goals and 4 assists speaks for it self

DOTD: No one, but we vote for Luke for not completing his hattrick (he had the chances!)

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Match Report

 Merton 7s v Bank of England 5s


Wednesday at the hood, the evening kicks off in the sunshine as the squad rolls up from all parts of the world as we welcome Bank of England’s 5s.

El cappo dons the tracksuit to play manager due to knee injury sustained Saturday playing for the 4s, so up steps Steve as captain at left back, the remaining back four has Josh right back, Tom and Joe paired at centre back, the midfield welcomes back Adam B paired with Luke, flanked with Ryan on the left wing and Andrew on the right, Billy and Niall up front, and good old ‘Lenners’ graces the part between the sticks… and waiting in the wings , Martin, Dan and Adam E (the old 7s legend from last season!)

With a mild pep talk from the gaffer the game gets on the way with Merton taking early control, good pass and move opens early chances. Billy and Niall link up well to give the BOE defence a few things to think about, Niall with a def flick over the oncoming defender gets the crowd of 6 up on there feet with a chorus of “oooo’s” and the cross to the advancing Billy who gets a great connection in his stride, only to see the keeper equal to the great move, tips the ball round for a corner

As the game go’s on, Adam and Luke work tirelessly creating and breaking up play, Tom in defence is having an absolute stormer of a game, anything in the final third is being mopped up and sent back with interest, on the rare occasion BOE get a shot off, Toms there clearing house

More great play by the 7s sees Ryan, Billy and Niall all denied by the BOEs keeper, its now a very much one-sided game, which as the 7s know, can come back and bite them if some of the chances don’t start hitting the back of the net,

With half time looming, it’s clear the BOEs keeper is the busier of the 2, Billy clear on goal and 1v1, powers a great shoot towards the keepers right which he somehow manages to adjust and tip again around for another corner which comes to nothing

Whistle goes and the 7s are up beat but cautious, not wanting to let slip the good work but still having to make a break in the game, one change is made with Adam B coming off for a breather after running himself into the ground, Dan goes on at centre back with Joe now sitting in front of the back four

Pass and move see;s Billy slotted in on goal but with a lot to do has a 60/40 with the keeper but rightly pulls out of the challenge as the goalie had the advantage. Clearly the young lad has the measure of the defence, time after time beating the offside and pulling wide, getting good decent crosses in or holding up play long enough for the midfield to join in, Niall also unluckily with a few half chances but is again key in creating havoc anytime his on the ball. But Tom at the back is putting out fires anytime BOE venture forward, twice coming to Lenners rescue and clearing off the line, even the crowd, now of 8 are applauding his game from afar

Further attacks by the 7s are being swotted by the ever in form BOE keeper, this one-man wall is keeping the oppo in with a chance, like they know the Merton 7s have a tenancy to capitulate, keep hammering away with the score still 0-0. Further changes see’s Martin on for Steve and Adam E on for Andrew. 25 minutes to go.

Finally, a stroke of good luck, with Billy released down the left, instead of bursting forward with his pace, he decided to check the run and wait for support, this attracts 3 players from the BOE, who seem to think his about to drop the shoulder and take a run towards the by-line, instead he cuts in and provides another great cross which finds Niall who takes the shot, but again the keeper is equal, and spills, Niall still advancing forward gets the rebound that bounces between himself and the keeper resulting in the ball being walked into the net, scruffy but the 7s will take it… finally a bit of luck to take the game 1-0

Adam B re-joins the team with a very tired looking Joe coming off, tails up and determined not to let slip the 7s chase down directly from the kick off, still pressing for a 2nd, the 7s are weary of the counter, and at the back, any rouge attacks are being closed down by Tom and the crew, Steve back on for the injured Josh, marshals from the right back position, determined not to let slip

With less than a minute to go, the midfield and forwards take control and run the ball into the corners, finally, the whistle goes and it’s the first win 8, but undefeated in 2, have the 7s turned a corner? Great night out, and with top of the table AOB coming to the hood this coming Saturday, a much-needed win to get the confidence up.



MOTM: With out doubt the best game his played all season, Tom J

DOTD: Somehow, without even playing, the gaffer takes one for the team and gets the DOTD, for naming a team with 10 players, which even had the same player twice and them correcting it to 12 players! Had to revert to notes within phone to get it right … but brought a smile to these simple people!


Team: Lee, Steve ©, Joe, Tom, Josh, Ryan, Adam B, Luke, Andrew, Billy, Niall

Martin, Dan, Adam E

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 Merton 7s v South Bank 7s

Off to the Extensions on a reasonable Saturday morning, the squad is a little light but with 3 of the 7 Merton fixtures called off at late notice, its with welcome arms we get PQ, Sam F & Frankie along to help out. Changed up and on the pitch, both teams warm up waiting for the ref to turn up… after much deliberation, its decide that we will have to do a half each, just like the previous fixture between these two teams, so up steps Steve B with whistle in hand!

Staring with the old fashion 4-4-2, Lee takes up the roll between the sticks, Ryan at right back, along side PQ and Joe in the centre, Martin making a start at left back. Midfield 4 of Andrew on the right, Sam & David © in the centre with Luke out left, leaving Billy & Niall to run around up front… waiting in the wings, Tom, Frankie (and Steve!)

As the game gets under way, its Merton who take the game to SB7s, with good possession and using the flanks well, its not to long before SB7s keeper is brought into action. Luke Billy & Niall working well to test the keeper early are unlucky only to get a corner for there hard work.

The first 25 minutes is manly the 7s probing and working the ball well from back to front, Joe & PQ calmly dealing with any attack, and with Lee mopping up any over hit balls for the overlap, however he comes off worse in a clash after a freak 1v1 with the SB7s forward, hobbling around, but keen to continue, play resumes

Composed, Ryan works the ball with Andrew down the right, some good passing and moving sees Niall collects a through ball and threads Billy in with only the keeper to beat, he waits and slots low and right to break the deal lock 1-0

Confidence is up, and Merton now take control, 3 or 4 attempts go begging, Billy sees a volley on the run from 16 yards go the wrong side of the post, Luke unlucky not to make contact after a great cross from Niall.

2 free kicks in space of 5 minutes after Niall, twice is kicked in the chest, brings no joy. Firstly, Niall whips a shot over the wall but directly at the keeper, the second sees Billy also beat the wall but again, not the keeper. As the half comes to an end, the 7s should be out of sight and looking at a resounding victory

Second half, SB7s turn to Ref and elect 3 players to roll on/off as no one player wanting to do the whole half. This played dividends to the game as it went from free flowing and well refed to indecision and late or no calls, which in turned frustrated some players.

Now, the 7s are losing their composure, SB7s become more of a threat, winning corners and testing the Keeper more often, with the added pressure and loss of the first have fluidity, it comes as no surprise when a lucky shot takes a wicked bounce over the out stretch, diving arm of the 7s keeper to bring the game to 1-1.

After controlling so much of the game, the 7s find themselves level pegging, undeterred, they try to get back on track, only for the SB7s to stall with ref changes and subs.. either way, the game is now becoming unbearable, after committing everyone but PQ and the keeper forward, the ball is punted forward for the SB7s unorthodox winger to latch onto… released and bearing down on the injured Lee, the dispatch shot takes the SB7s into the lead, 1-2. 

After being informed there’s 23minutes left, them correct to 18 minutes, the 7s step the game up, questions are being asked as once again there’s subs and ref changes to be taken,  gilt edge chances are missed, Billy with a header that is to well-placed beyond the keeper and the far post, Frankie, Niall, David are wasteful with half chances, SB7s keeper is now rolling around after each save in an effort to run the time down

Chance free kick inside the SB7s half see PQ launch a missile into the box, Merton swarm the area and its David who goes 1v1 with the SB7s keeper, like a bulldozer, David uses his strength to hold of several players to head the ball over the line and bring the game level at 2-2.

Now with 5 minutes to go, Merton 7s are back on top and looking for the win, however, a clear throw in is deemed to be the ‘other’ way as well as a stone walled corner in the dying minutes waved away as a goal kick, this sees South Bank hold on for a draw.

A point gained for SB7s, 2 points once again dropped by Merton 7s, regardless, the fact of the matter, South Bank dug in first half and was lucky to go in 1-0 down, second half they adjusted and got the ‘rub of the green’… as one player said, ‘now we go onto next week and continue the good work’

MOTM: Billy G – didn’t stop running and played some great football, unlucky not to have bagged ate least a hattrick

DOTD: Frankie… Running all the way across the pitch, screaming ‘my corner, my corner, my corner…’ (Corner ends up in the side netting!! LOL. )


Team: Lee, Ryan, PQ, Joe, Martin, Andrew, Sam F, David, Luke, Niall, Bill

Tom, Frankie, Steve

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Match Report

South Bank 7s v Merton 7s


Glorious day, but cold… as in ‘bloody cold’. Off we go to south bank, trying to keep our 1 game unbeaten run going, the stats don’t look good, 2 wins in the last 10 and sitting 2nd from bottom.

The 7s are once again missing Kieran, who’s reportedly been kidnapped by the ‘Bar’ fairies at the local tavern, so in good old 7s fashion, we wing it with a few 4s and 6s!

Starting well with a 4-4-2, the 7s take the game to south bank, 2 early misses by Billy are soon forgotten when his third shot on target is parred into the path of Luke who calmly slots home from 20 yards for a well-deserved 0-1 lead

Still on top, and some good probing runs from the 7s ‘wing backs’, these producing further chances which go begging. Any SB7s attack is being well defended by the back 4, which in turn is being marshalled by the in-form Steve B, so it was to no surprise that the lead is doubled after some good work from Niall on the left wing, who picks Billy out with a great cross that see him volley in at the far post. 0-2

Half time and some minor reshuffles see the 7s start slow, not long into the half, a static team watch as Martin, who had a good game, is beaten by an unchallenged shot inside the area 1-2

1 becomes 2 when once again, South Bank work a good goal and Martin is left exposed, the old jitters are creeping in and an uncharacteristic mistake by Luke sees him back pass to a South Bank player to make 3-2

Trying to steady the ship, the 7s press and create a few chances that go begging, notably a free kick is floated in the danger area, which is skied over the bar from 8 yards, unchallenged!

South Banks are now playing with confidence and further good work from a counter attack see number 4 roll pass the stranded Martin, who was at no fault.

Still pressing, the 7s break away, Billy gets free and using his pace steals a yard on the defender, but before he can get the shot off, he has his heels clipped and at full pace, takes a serious tumble in the area, this results in a penalty. Billy however, must go off due to the injury and the reasonability goes to Niall to bring the 7s back in the game. Unfortunately, the keeper guesses correct and manages to get a good hand on the ball to keep the scores at 4-2

In the final 15 minutes, South bank break, and from a good 20 yards, pings a dipping shot into the top corner that not even 2 keepers could keep out..

So, in a nut shell, a game of 2 half’s, and they were much better in the second half than the Merton 7s.


MOTM: Steve Burchell, never stopped trying.

DOTD: Luke Pellet, was having a great game till his dodgy back pass or 2! 


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After last week’s debacle of the oppo turning up at the wrong ‘home’ ground (apparently), we travel out to contest the 1st v 2nd (from bottom) game of the day,…. verse the mighty HSBC 6s (or 5s or 4s or whoever they can get to play on the day… !)

As per norm this time of year, it’s grey, wet, muddy… really muddy… no really, really muddy!… and blowing a gale. So, perfect conditions for 2 of the supposedly worse teams in the division to get it on.

The 7s welcome back ‘El cappo’ from his overextended snowboarding trip, along with top scorer, Billy, unfortunately, this also brings about the loss of, Steve (being abused by the SAS again), Dan (Getting his hair done then on to afternoon tea, (we have photos Dan!!!)) Ram (Got lucky and went to the NLD) Tom (something about speed dating and farms!) Joe (deported back to Thailand) Daban (forgotten who he is?!) Adam (tailing Dan and keeping us posted with sordid pictures!) Chris (Must be with Daban) Noor (Is this Daban in disguise!) Luke (Got lost somewhere north on Friday, sounded like ‘Mudchester’, under the ruffled call from what only can be presumed was the back of a police car!)

This, leaving us with no choice but to put the call out to the 5s & 6s for help, and they come to the rescue to bolster the squad to bring the numbers up to 14. This turns out to be a shrewd move, as apparently, HSBC had the same problem and also field similar amount of ‘new recruits’

After Ryan dispatches 2 decent balls into the stream behind the goal while warming up, he takes the early lead in the DOTD nominations as Kieran runs off to wade in a good 500 yards or so further down the fast flowing mini-river… thus delaying the squad announcements till just before kick off

Starting with Kieran between the old chop sticks, Josh at right back, Darren and Kev as the centre pair and Delman on the left, David as the single holding midfielder, pushing a 3 of Ryan, Josh FS, Andrew, finally Billy and Niall up top…. 4-1-3-2 (Just made it up as we went along really!). On the bench Martin, Dwayne, Nikko 

First 10 minutes, see the 7s5s&one6s get there feet together, with such a mass of different personnel, the communication is limited. This helps HSBC who play down the flanks and test Kieran early on. As ever, old safe hands keeps the score at zip all with 2 good, if not cracking saves. However, a soft throw in sees HSBC split the defence and volley low and hard beyond the 7s keepers glove. 1-0, only 10 minutes gone  

Coming to terms with the state of the pitch and being ankle deep in mud, the Merton Hybrid team rally and create a few chances of their own, Billy using his pace to get between the HSBC centre backs, notices the keeper off his line and tries an audacious lob from 40 yards which just goes wide, further good work from the front 5 and the very impressive Josh FS who is trying his best to boss the central area, is interchanging with neat passing, sets up Andrew, who’s goal bound shot from 6 yards is deflected over the bar by the HSBC defenders HAND and out for a CORNER!

Billy whips in a fierce ball to the near post, with Niall losing his marker and guiding the ball with a deft touch with his chest, the ball nestles for 1-1

In true 7s fashion, straight from kick off, the 7s entertain a FIFA glitch and watch as HSBC take 3 touches and slots pass the advancing 7s keeper, without even being challenged… that didn’t last long! 2-1

A lot of cursing and moaning, the game draws to half time, it seems the pitch, weather and conditions are getting the better of the Merton squad. Aggrieved to be 2-1 down, the ‘mish-mash’ team rally and get back into the trenches for the second half. 2 changes see Delman make way for Nikko and Andrew for Dwayne, Ryan drops as a sweeper to cut out the through ball. Nikko and Dwayne on each of the wings. Now with a bit of grass below the 7s boots, its HSBC turn to be stuck in the treacle end.

Start of the half, Its HSBC who are the more composed and start well, creating the early chances which are dealt with by the rearranged formation. Good strong tackles from Darren, Kev & the art of the slide tackle by Ryan, 7s seem to be copping with the early stages of the 2nd half. HSBC break down the left, sees the ball passed square, before the shot is off, Darren times a perfect interception/sliding tackle that’s see the ball spin off for a throw in, however the ref seems to think that the players was impeded first and awards a penalty! Protest aside, and luckily no cards, up steps HSBC for a 3-1 lead, but justices is served as the kick is wide and off the post, score remains 2-1

Opposite end, the 7s are now getting the better of the game, being more composed and working the ball down the flanks, win another corner, Billy whips this near post, a melee of players throw themselves at the cross, the ball rebounds and sits up, David first to react, lofts the ball over the keeper and towards the far post, clearly over the line, the defender has to scissor kick clear the ball out and on to the cross bar, Ref waves play on! Not much protest from the 7s as it was all over in a flash and now HSBC are on the counter.

As the game ticks over, it’s a slug fest, attack and counter attack, poor finishing, great keeping… it has it all.

7s on the push down the right flank, ball worked towards the corner, cross comes over, defender tries to clear but falls about 20 yards out to David, who dispatches a curling, top corner shot, Ryan watching from behind and has the best view is already celebrating, arms are being held aloft by the 7s team, hands on heads from the HSBC team as the ball arrows into the angle of the goal…

Somehow though…..  The keeper has found momentum to cover the ground and get a full hand to tip the ball onto the post, AMAZING SAVE!!!! Everyone was slow to react, that had goal written all over it… only Niall anticipated the rebound and slotted in from 6 yards as the keeper looks on, crushed that his effort came to nothing. 2-2 

Determined not to let the lead slip again and with only 18 minutes left to play, 7s dig in, a few exchanges and near misses to wrap the game up, a lack of concertation see Kev give the ball up cheaply, HSBC on the attack slots in the only gap Kieran left available and if asked, the striker couldn’t hit that spot if given a further 99 tries… (We call it 7s luck… just bad!) 

12 minutes left, Josh at right back goes off for Martin, David makes way for Delman, Ryan pushes forward to make a 3 up for the last throw of the dice

The change plays dividend, Nikko pulling the strings out wide and having a strong finish to the second half, torments HSBC, likewise on the opposite flank, Dwayne seems to be having more of the ball and the leggy winger looks to be getting the better of his counterpart, Josh in the centre is now bossing the game. The last 10 is all Merton.

The pressure pays off, once again good work down the wing from Nikko and Billy, sees HSBC panic as the ball is once again arrowed to the back stick, not dealing with the cross sees, Ryan at the far post and a good 10 yards out, strikes the ball back across the goal, just beyond the keepers reach for a fantastic 3-3

From HSBC kick off, the Merton rag tags are all over them, Josh winning the ball, straight on the offensive, HSBC do their best to clear the lines, but Merton aren’t going to make the same mistake four times (says the manger under his breath… from the side lines… with one eye shut and the other looking away!) Ref indicates the games is almost up, Merton 13s on the attack… ball played into Billy 8 yards out and has both centre backs as company, instead of trying to shot, gives the eyes and rolls in Ryan, only the keeper to beat…..  TO BE CONTINUED

Next week we have a home game, ‘away’ at Wimbledon common extension! Be sure to turn up, not like last week’s oppositions!!

As the 7s walk off, a 3-3 draw stops the rot. First point earned this year. The 4 game losing run comes to an end, although possible hard done by that it wasn’t all 3 points. Not because the savage miss at the end to wrap the game up, but the continued bad luck and decisions going against the 7s. A blatant handball first half, a decent tackle second half being deemed a penalty against (although missed) and a perfectly legit goal ruled out because HSBC can’t afford VAR yet! Never mind, there’s always next week’s goal fest to look forward to!!


MOTM: Josh FS (5s) done the job of 2 in the midfield and was unstoppable. Can’t see the 5s keeping hold of this youngster for long, especially if Madrid come calling (Or Ed if he gets hold of his number!!)

DOTD: … to continue the above… slots the ball just wide of the keeper… and the post by a yard or 2… clearly had too much time to think about it. However, Ryan wins the DOTD for kicking, not 1 but 2 balls into the bloody ‘river’ in the warm up! The miss at the end was just… well, unlucky!



7s – Kieran, Josh, David, Andrew, Billy, Ryan, Niall… and a cameo from Martin!

6s – Kev

5s – Darren and his band of merry men! (Josh, Nikko, Delman, Dwayne)

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This week the 7s were looking to bounce back from a disappointing cup exit last week up and were up against South Bank 6s, who had been having a bit of a mixed season. The 7s came into this game with the usual efficient and well thought out preparation that had been on display many times throughout this season. In the days leading up to the game the news was sounding grim, with the squad being sent out and we were already on the back foot with the bare eleven. This was worrying news especially with the 7s tendencies to have at least one drop out within 24 hours of the game being played. With the gaffer away snowboarding, along with the 7s top goal scorer, it was left to the dream team of Grant and Phil Mitchell aka Martin and Steve (I’ll allow you to decide who’s who). However disaster struck, the fears proved warranted as with less than 24 hours to go we had our first drop out, and it was one of the bald brigade Steve! Steve dropping out with a mysterious injury, which his youngest Alex later revealed to be he was battered and bruised and barely able to walk, how he received these injuries is purely speculation at this time but early reports indicate that a quote from Terry Crews ‘White Chicks’ character may be appropriate – “Once you go black, you’re gonna need a wheelchair!”

Onto the matchday and there was still an air of uncertainty over who would actually be turning up! George from the 6s was drafted in to help out our depleted defence and Niall’s mate Ewan eventually joined us at half time, Niall clearly sending Ewan the same text Dave sends to Daban with the wrong meet time! We then arrived to learn that there had been another Friday dropout, not one of the 7s players but the referee! A trade deal was struck with the 5s and Kieran was sent to them to play in goal and we received Lenners who would be our ref, apparently the efficiency of this deal has put Martin in prime position to take over the Brexit negotiations. So with a referee secured we had to inform the other team that Lenners would ref if they were okay with it, the initial response was that the oppo didn’t want to play without a proper ref, if only we had accepted that decision and called it a day there… Martin the negotiator Quinlan stepped up to the plate once again and assured them that Lenners had reffed before and if anything it would be more of a detriment to the 7s! With this accepted the 7s changing room was full of the usual lively banter and noisy excitement, which must’ve been creeping through the walls because the 7s were deathly quiet. Apart from Ryan of course who was doing his usual round of insulting everyone in the changing room, the big difference being this week that somebody enjoyed it, with Steve Harvey’s laughter echoing through the changing room! I would like to take this time to apologise to the 7s on Steve’s behalf, his laughter clearly interrupted the necessary silence for us to prepare for the game and impacted the performance on the pitch.

Anyone onto the match! Or so we thought, however as was the theme of the weekend more confusion and poor organisation! The 7s walked over to what they believed to be their pitch, only to discover that the 5s had set up camp, after a short while it was discovered that the 5s were actually playing on a pitch further up so the 7s sent them on their way and claimed the pitch. With such little time remaining nothing else could go wrong before kick-off surely?! It appeared not and the 7s prepared and had an inspiring team talk from Ryan, which only contained 16 swear words this week! We lined up in a bog standard 4-4-2 with Martin lining up between the sticks, a back four who’s pace rivalled that of the Jamaican 4x100m relay team with George on the right, Dan and Joe in the middle and Steve Harvey at left back. Into the midfield we had Dobbo on the right, Adam and Tom in the centre and Noor on the left, up top continuing the theme of pace we had the speedsters Niall and Ryan up top. The game got underway with Lenners setting a new fashion trend for referees by sporting a hi-vis hoodie. The 7s never really started and South Bank were having all the possession early on and eventually made this count, a poor kick from Martin straight to one of their players who had a weak shot from 30 yards, it looked as though Martin had it covered until he decided to do his best impression of a Salmon and dived, palming the ball into the path of their attacker who scored to make it 1-0 South Bank. South Bank built on the momentum they’d built up and won a freekick on the left hand side, the ball was whipped towards the near post and proved too strong for Martin and we were 2-0. The third, fourth and fifth goals epitomised the phrase ‘Déjà vu’ with one straight ball played past the defence and despite the pace of Dan and Joe in the middle and Martin’s quickness off his line every time the attacker got there first and made us pay. The star of the first half for the opposition was the young 17 year old winger who was having a field day against Noor and Steve, with neither of them able to get near him. The winger, who made Ryan look old, then ended the career of Steve Harvey who we regret to inform you will probably never recover. The ball was played to the winger and Steve decided he was going to get in front and stop him getting the ball, the winger saw this and with a smirk on his face dummied the ball through his legs. Steve with a look of shock and shame on his face, and the turning circle of the Titanic, did his best Forest Gump impression and ran straight past the youngster. Our thoughts are with Steve’s family at this difficult time. Ryan and Niall saw the danger the winger posed and changed the formation, Noor went into the middle, with Ryan going on the left as well as Joe going into midfield and Tom going to centre back to help give us some pace at the back. Not long before half time we nicked a goal back with Niall picking the pocket of their defender and unleashing pace he didn’t know he had, and to be honest the rest of us didn’t know as well, before burying the ball in the corner.

Half time came and we were 5-1 down. Heads were down and the boys spirits needed lifting, Ryan attempted to inspire the team as he’d done the last time we were 4 goals down at half time, with Niall giving a more tactical talk we were ready for the second half! Ewan replaced the injured Joe and we had some extra legs in the middle. However it seems in us focusing on keeping our shape and cutting passes, the entire team had forgotten how to put in a tackle with South Bank walking through our defence on multiple occasions and eventually made us pay 6-1. The rest of the game is more of a training match of attack vs defence with us just trying to get over the half way line, South Bank score another 5 goals and the game is long over. Niall scores a second goal off the back of their kick off with a stunning volley lobbing the keeper from 20 yards out. To the relief of the 7s the full time whistle eventually goes and it finishes 11-2 an unfortunate day of football and we were up against it from the off, we pick up next week away to HSBC looking for a much needed win.

It seems hard to choose a MOTM after such a dismal performance however one moment of the game made it an easy decision. One of their players controls the ball and keeps it up in the air doing a number of keepy uppys and then doing a seal impression bouncing the ball on his head, the 4 supporters of South Bank are loving it and up steps Dobbo! With a look of rage in his face Dobbo hit their player like a train and sent him flying to the ground, much to the delight of the rest of the 7s!

Special mention to Niall as well who with very little service kept the pressure up on their defence and never stopped running, as well as grabbing 2 goals.

Dick of the Day was determined by the first minute, Joe who had neglected to warm up had pulled his hamstring after his first attempt to run! Fair play to him he battled on and saw out the half.

Line up: Martin, George, Dan, Joe (Ewan), Steve, Dobbo, Adam, Tom, Noor, Ryan, Niall


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Merton 7XI v Old Wilsonians 7XI AFA Cup


After the long Christmas break we finally had a home game, only to be sent to Wimbledon Common’s extension on a cold overcast lunchtime; as being a cup game the kick-off was 1:30. 


The pitch looked in reasonable condition but did look as if it was going to cut up.


Team on paper appeared strong, although the captain was off snowboarding.  We were rather quiet in the dressing room – it was still early, recovering from Christmas/New Year.  In David’s absence Steve took the team talk trying to enliven the team and reminding how we performed against this team in December, recovering from 4-0 down at half time to win 6-4, and not wanting the same sort of start.


Before the game started we had a minute’s silence for the passing of Merton legend Phil Quinlan.


We did start reasonably well on a muddy pitch, although it did take some time to truly find our feet and as usual we created chances without finishing them.


In attack OW didn’t initially cause our defensive unit too many problems.  After about 20 minutes we finally got the break through with a goal by Ryan.  We started to play with some confidence, knocking the ball around but not finishing.  The 2nd goal came after about 30 minutes with Luke slotting home from 15 yards into the bottom corner.


This seemed to bring OW to life and they started to create chances with balls down the flanks being crossed in, initially being repelled by a combination of Kieran, Dan and Martin but OW did finally score about 10 minutes before half time.  We managed to steady the ship and Niall scored a third goal just before half time, only for OW to score a second almost on the half time whistle.


The half time team talk was given by Ryan to see if he could work the magic from our previous encounter with OW 7XI this season.


At the start of the second half both sides made changes: Dan being replaced by Noor which required a re-shuffle of the team, whilst OW 7XI made changes up front.  Kieran’s first comment when getting into the new penalty area was that it was worse than the other end.


The changes made a difference, our defence became more stretched on the heavy pitch and tired legs, because of the Christmas break.  We had a few scares with Kieran playing well and made several one-on-one saves which kept us in the game, however they finally broke us down with a long-range effort following an unchallenged run from the midfield.  We continued to battle hard and played some good football on a poor pitch.  However our wastefulness in front of goal cost us again, although at times OW were as bad.


OW 7XI won the game from a refereeing mistake; a free kick when their player stepped on the ball.  We should have dealt with the free kick but it when straight through to hit the bar and post and bouncing in the 6 yard box before their players reacted first and had a tap in.


The final 10 minutes we tried hard but could not create any clear openings.  In the defence the team was running on empty which didn’t help and by the end OW had control of the game and were able to run the clock down.


It was a tough afternoon but an enjoyable game of football.


MOTM: Martin Quinlan

DOTD: Noor Emad – A throw by their penalty box with less than 5 minutes to go and ball ends up at their player’s feet.


Team: Kieran, Josh, Martin, Dan, Steve, Andrew, Adam, Joe, Ryan, Luke, Niall


sub Noor.


Thank you to Aaron for turning up but due to a misunderstanding couldn’t play because he was cup tired and Lee being the loan support.

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Match Report

Old Wilsons 8s v Merton 7s


“Footballs a funny old game”… and today personifies it on so many levels. Freezing cold day, ice in the shade, groundsman turns up late leaving all the teams outside for half hour waiting to get in. on an ironic level, we get to share our changing room with Civ 8s, which the 7s wasted no time digging out there manager for his video match report from a few weeks back!!

Out on the pitch, OW8s can be seen drafting players from the higher teams, making sure that between there 7s and 8s, there well balanced and ready to give the oppositions a good game. So facing up to very much different team than the last outing, it was a call for calm amongst the 7s

Starting with the elusive Kieran in goal, who was frogged marched to the ground by the old stalwart Martin, who in turn takes up the centre of defence with Tom, flanked by Josh & Steve to make up the back 4, across the middle is last week’s hero, Andrew on the right, Luke and David in the middle and Ryan on the left, with Niall and Billy coming back up top to complete the 4 4 2 formation that did so well last week (be it in the second half only!), and we also welcome back Noor, as the twelfth man

From the start, OWs had the intent to press and move the ball around quick, the players drafted in from the higher team’s stand out like a saw thumb, passing and moving at pace, it wasn’t long before Kieran was in action.

Once the 7s settled, David and Luke began to impose themselves on the game, getting tight to the opposite numbers and making sure that they got the tackles in early. The back 4 now seem more composed and pick up the forwards moves quite easily, this snuffing out any threats. Now having some joy, Both Niall and Billy work themselves into good shooting positions only to see them off target

However, unfortunate as it seems, it would be the good closing down that would backfire on the 7s, seeing a shoot from the edge of the box come through a melee of players, Andrew sticking a boot out to guide the ball past Kieran from close range to give the OWs the lead. 1-0 after no more than 15 minutes gone

Straight from kick off, the 7s compose themselves and pass the ball around fluently, working it down the right flank, great play from Niall and Billy to the ball round to Ryan who slots in at the far post to bring the scores level. 1-1

Although out paced, the marshalling of the back four and defence mid 2 of David & Luke contain the attacking threat and are well on top. Now resorting to a counter attack game, it’s becoming frequent that both the forwards are getting the best share of the spoils, only not to make good on the chances for the 7s to take the lead.  In all of the hustle, Andrew has taken a knock to the knee and is having trouble, so Noor makes his long awaited re-debut for the 7s on the right wing

Late in the half and still on top, a free kick is award to the OWs for a heavy challenge. The ball floated in to the far post sees Steve back pedal and beat the striker to the ball, only for Kieran to be advancing with a fist to punch the ball away. The ball now loops over Kieran and into the net for 2-1.

Again, from kick off, its one way traffic, 5 or 6 clear cut chances go begging and it seems a good team talk at half time is called for to regain that composure

Second half starts with a flurry of shots, the old saying “if it was a boxing match, the ref would have stopped it” springs to mind, it’s all one way traffic. Niall heads the list for ‘misses’ of the day, these are just the ones off target. Billy also seems to have lost his shooting boots with just as many chances going astray. Even David can’t seem to find the target with 3 clear headers from corners not even being on target, which is not like him. The 7s even had 3 chances cleared off the line, onto the post and by the backside of a defender… Ryan joins in on the act with only missing 3 guilt edge chances.

Even with all the play, there was still time for some real ‘carry on defending’ moments, notably a game of head tennis between Martin, David and Steve which included the cross bar in a half arsed attempt to clear a tame shot under sheer panic

Still pressing, gaps are begging to open up and tired legs are setting in, the 7s are running themselves into the ground, its only with some last ditch challenges (some a bit late!) that the score stays at 2-1, but with a clash of players after another ‘late’ish tackle’ it’s a full on 11v11 standoff, the ref does well not to book anyone but demands that everyone leaves there handbags on the side line. With only minutes to play and silly little niggling tackles creeping in, the ref blows up to stop any further ‘toys out of the pram moments’ and its handshakes all round

Now, not taking anything away from OWs, they picked a loaded team to contain the 7s with 3 very quick players in and around the middle to keep the ball moving, but on any other day, the score line would have been in the double figures. It was more of the 7s not taking ANY of their 30+ chances that lost the game as opposed to the opposition winning it through better football… It’s not often the oppo don’t score, you score 3 and lose 2-1… that’s because “Footballs a funny old game”


MOTM: Tom, played well at the back in a 4 that really didn’t put a foot wrong in open play

DOTD: Niall. Out of the 103 chances he had, the chest & volley from 8 yards over the club house won the day, as it took the keeper ages to retrieve the ball!!


Team: Kieran, Josh, Tom, Martin, Steve, Andrew, David, Luke, Ryan, Billy Niall


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Match Report

Old Wilsons 7s v Merton 7s


Bleak Saturday afternoon, winters kicking in. on the back of 3 loses, we now head over to OW7s who are in a similar situation of being on a dire run of form, so this game could be a moral maker or breaker, but made even harder that the squad are missing Tom as a late drop out, Ram and Billy to illness, Daban to work and the usual suspects who can’t make an away game or confirm, only to no show.

With plenty of room in the changing room due to only having 11, were discuss going back to basics with a 4-4-2, it’s decided that Martin will once again come to the rescue of the 7s and start between the sticks, Josh at right back, Steve left back, Dan and Joe at centre backs, Andrew to take up the right wing, with Ryan on the left, David and Adam, who’s finally been able to come back into the fold, make up the centre pairing, leaving Luke and Niall up front

First half starts of quite confidently with good passing, the early exchanges sees the 7s take command of the game, good work down either side brings little reward, but at least its more positive. Adam commanding the centre of the pitch is winning every aerial challenge and Andrew on the right is instrumental in every attack going forward, as well as defending anything in the opposite direction.

So in normal 7s fashion, concede a soft goal on the OW’s first attack! Bad luck, unlucky, unfortunate…  nope… just the 7s being 7s…. have all the play, create a good 3 or 4 chances and then watch as the opposition just about string a few half arsed passes together to take the lead. 1-0

From the kick off, once again the 7s attack, more chances are created but the nerves are they as every shot is being taken from 18/20 yards and with such force, it’s like there trying to take the leather off the ball!! A further 3-4 great chances go begging (and way off target) before you can guess what happens next…. 2-0 down

Once again, kick off, start an attack, find all the space in the world between the OWs midfield and defence, take a shot, off target, goalkeeper kicks the ball out, start an attack, find space… you get the idea…

So we are now 3-0 down, the stunned silence is deafening amongst the 7s, with the exception of a few, heads are down and at this point, it feels like rock bottom… OW’s are now playing the football the 7s started and with less than 10 minutes to go, 4-0….

And now it begins

Half time and the OWs 4th goal seem to spark a bit of life into the squad, either to the open ‘mocking’ they are facing or the fact they are fast becoming the whipping boys in the league, it seems the 7s have finally got there ‘backs up’

For a change, the captain wasn’t the only one who was to voice an opinion, Ryan started with a few colourful words which we didn’t know he knew! Steve used similar words which we knew he knew, and Martin use the word ‘Bugga’ a lot!!

Fired up for the second half, the 7s kick off, most of the good play was now going down the right wing through Andrew. A good stem of play sees Niall pass to Adam, Adam to David, David to Andrew, Andrew crosses and a corner is awarded. Ryan, drives a low cross over, which takes a deflection, Adam slams a shot which comes off OW’s hand and a penalty is awarded. Ups steps Niall in Billy’s absences, he scuffs a shot at the keeper which he does alarmingly well to not even get a hand to….! 4-1.

NOW the 7s are up for it… every one of the back 4 are rallying the guys in front of them to get into the oppositions, Adam not needing to much encouragement shows the way with some heavy but fair tackles, Steve (with a broken toes from the first half) also has a good few skirmishes with the opposition, 7s are on top, a great cross into the OWs box see the keeper fumble, Niall is on hand from 4 yards to make 4-2.

This just adds weight to the 7s cause, every ball is now being challenged for, the back 4 marshalled by Steve is working as a unit and Martin has yet to concede with 15 minutes gone.

Once again, the ball is played out from the back, a neat 1-2 sees David’s first time ball over the OW’s back 4, Ryan latches on and cuts inside and crosses to Niall who somehow manages to back heel, flick forward and confuse the keeper into going the wrong way and knock in for his hatrick and the bring the score to 4-3

Openly arguing, the OW’s are fast becoming a deflated team, from kick off, the 7s win the ball back and start another attack, confidence hasn’t been this good for a while, the midfield is now supporting the attack, Josh is exchanging passes with Andrew and getting forwarded in more of an attacking roll, the ball worked from centre finds Niall out wide with a OW’s defender for company, holding up play just long enough for David to get into the box, Niall releases a stunning cross which finds the captains run perfectly and in his stride leaps to chests down the ball to Josh who is running in un-marked to half volleys the ball passed the OW’s keeper, 4-4 and still time to go.

Now it’s the OW’s to be stunned into silence, 7s on a high, contest every ball. Back on the attack, Luke takes up the challenge, receiving the ball well over 30years out and hounded by 2 players, he quickly skips pass and creates enough room to get a fierce shot off, which curls in off the bottom right post, what a comeback 4-5!!!

With the 7s well on top, and seemingly in control, the OWs remind the 7s that there still in the game, with 10 or so minutes remaining, pride must have kicked in, as now, not only are the tackles flying in, but even the ref is having to step in between players mouthing off to each other.

Caught short at the back, and with a possibly 3v2 situation, Ryan is forced into taking one for the team by scything down a player to stop the game and take a possible booking. Leaving the field of play due to a ‘knock’, the 7s are now down to 10 and the ref announces 4 minutes to play

The Alamo, OW’s are now swinging with everything they got to gain a point, corners, free-kicks, throw ins… but the 7s are  not finished yet. OW’s fully committed to attack leave themselves open for the counter attack, although down to 10 men and under the cosh, Niall is a lone figure up front with every one of the 7s defending to keep the points, the ball is cleared and the break out is on, Niall holding up play, times his through ball to perfection as David passes, OW’s young defender tries to keep pace but even in the 90th plus minute, the old boy opens up the legs and out paces the defender.

Keeper in two minds to either come or go, gets stranded in no man’s land as El’capo meets the ball around 30 yards out and nonchalantly chips the keeper and calmly peels away as the ball dips under the bar to seal a epic come back and 4-6 victory

‘A game of two half’s’… 7s at their worse, and best.. Now, if only they can take that second half belief, fighting spirit and confidence into the next few fixtures, maybe they can finish the year on a high, what with next week’s fixture being the return game against OW 8s, which was a resounding 11-0 last time out, these are the fixtures to build on.

MOTM: No contests, Andrew ‘DOBBY’ Dobson got everyone’s vote, didn’t put a foot wrong and was instrumental in the comeback

DOTD: If you confirm and don’t turn up…  giving the team no chance to get anyone in as a replacement, after it was made clear that the squad was threadbare and struggling for players… then you’re a DICK!


Team: Martin, Josh, Dan, Joe, Steve, Andrew, Adam, David, Ryan, Niall, Luke

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Match Report

 Bank of England v Merton 7s


Away day v Bank of England, on a pitch that’s like a carpet and not to effected by the weeks grey, rainy weather. Last season, the 7s achieved the double over BOE5s, with a 3-1 & 1-0 victory, so maybe today was the day the 7s got there season back on track

Everyone arriving more or less on time, the chat was to be solid at the back and to get tight, we see Martin take on the gloves to allow Kieran to play Left back, Josh comes back in at right back, Steve and Tom make up the centre pairing

The 7s are trying a 4-2-3-1, and the holding pair are the captain David, and trialist Joe Diss, with a forward 3 of Ryan, Niall ‘Neil’ Kelly and Luke, and Billy back up top after a week off ill.

Game starts in even fashion, with the 7s containing the BOE5s and slowly getting to grips with the new formation, the opening exchanges sees BANK get the best of the spoils, winning early corners and throw ins in the 7s third.

The new pairing of David & Joe seems comfortable with a lot of talk between the two when exchanging players or tracking runners in round the back. In all, Joe slots in pretty well after being out of action for several months with an injury

Its not to long though before the 7s are back in their old ways of letting good possession slip away, with BANK attacking down the left wing, the ball is crossed an unmarked player, still 20 yards out and still lots to do, controls and takes a chance shot, Martin, barely a yard of his line gets caught flat footed and can’t see to jump as the ball dips just under the bar. 1-0

Aggrieved at such a soft goal, the 7s up the tempo, good passing sees serval attacks come to nothing, but it’s a good response to a soft goal.

Tackles are going in hard from the 7s, with not much reply from BANK, yet the Ref seems to be awarding freekicks for any minor contact made, the 7s captain twice comes a cropper, one out wide which sees the BANKs player cartwheel from a slide tackle (but was at no point in danger of hurting himself!) and another, 30 yards out which was just strength to ease the player off the ball.

The resulting freekick is lofted over the wall and off the cross bar, not one 7s player reacted as BANK has a selection of players waiting to roll the ball in. 2-0

Frustration is creeping in, everyone is urged to dig in now and get something out of this. Good work between Ryan, Niall & Billy. Joe is getting a fair bit of joy and mopping up the attacks, Luke now dropping slightly deeper to help out.

The resulting pressure sees Billy get released, using his pace, sees him leave the defence and bear down on goal, releases a shot that just passes the far post…. Close.

The 7s, now getting more of the game, look to be taking control, another attack from BANK down the left, is broken up and won back by the defence, still trying to play football, Tom collects the ball in the area, taking a touch to much, BANK close him down, now back tracking, the ball finds its way to Kieran, who is also being closed down, tries to cross the ball out of the corner, Martin who had left the comfort of his goal mouth to help in the melee is now stranded as the ball is meet by another BANK player who ghosts past the captain 18 yards out and heads into an empty net. 3-0

Frustration now turns to arguments, 10 minutes left of the half, the 7s still having a fair share of possession, yet, once again find themselves 3-0 down.

Some good work from Luke to retain the ball, sets Niall off, but still in his own half by a good 10 yards, the turn and flick and round the player was delightful, but with still half the pitch to go, Niall shows strength to hold off the defending player, bearing down on goal and able to shrug off the challenge, it’s a well composed shot into the far corner. A great finish for 3-1, and just before the break

Half time, the manager/captain, using some moderate language to get some sort of reaction from the team, makes 3 changes, Joe who had a good half makes way for Andrew, Kieran dons the gloves and Martin makes way for Ram at left back, and Steve for Dan in the centre

Straight from the off, the 7s pass the ball around, composed and buoyed on by the goal, look threating. Ryan is now having a bit of joy down the right, Niall is outstanding in the middle of the 3 and holding the ball up well and showing so fantastic touches, however, Billy coming back from illness is slightly off the pace, missing 2 good chances, his visibly angry with himself. A further blow sees Tom signals that he can’t continue, which allows Steve back on the pitch

With the play going the 7s way and pushing higher up to get back in the game, the inevitable happens. A good counter attack sees a slide rule pass cut the defence open and the ball dispatched beyond Kieran for 4-1

Heads drop, the fight has been taken out of the 7s after fighting to get back in the game, with another attack from BANK resulting in Kieran having to come off his line to clear the ball, only to fall to a BANK player out wide, controls and hits a hoping shot that evades Kieran as he back peddles

5-1. Billy makes way for Martin to drop back to make a 5

It’s now getting tough to rally the team, not catching a break or getting any reward for any of the attacking play, the score would suggest the 7s just rolled over. Still time on the board, another foray down the right with Ryan leading the charge, a quick interchange of play sees Luke with the ball 18yards out, looks up and dispatches a shot beyond the keeper and for a 5-2 end results

Turned out another disappointing day at the office, suicidal defending coupled with bad luck and miss chances in front of goal, see the 7s slump to there 3rd defeat in a row and conceding 17!!!

With no game next week, this break couldn’t have come soon enough

MOTM: Contra to the score line, some good hold up plays and individual skill, the opposition could not contain this week’s MOTM… Niall, who won most of the votes ahead of Neil….!

DOTD: There’s a particular art to a slide tackle, it takes momentum, guts, a good soggy pitch (for the excuse to clatter the oppo) and the ability to time all this to perfection, which was all in abundance on Saturday… except for Dan… who’s attempt was not only 2 yards short of a static ball with no opposition player nearby, but also manged to “go down in ‘comical’ stages”… on a dreary day, this was a welcome highlight… thanks Dan


Team: Martin, Kieran, Josh, Tom, Steve, Joe, David, Ryan, Niall, Billy, Luke

Dan, Ram, Andrew

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