Adult Fixtures

31/10/2020 - 1st Team vs Old Garchonians, Home, League, 2pm K/O; 2nd Team vs South Bank Cuaco, Home, SAL Cup, 1.30pm K/O; 3rd Team vs Old Wilsonians 5s, Home, League,2pm K/O; 4th Team vs Carshalton, Away, League, 2pm K/O; 5th Team vs Bank of England, Home, League, 2pm K/O; 6th Team vs Carshalton 5s, Away, League, 2pm K/O; Vets vs Old Paulines, Home, Saturday Shield, 2pm K/O

Adult Results

24/10/2020 - 1st Team 2 - 3 Alexandra Park; Reserves 1 - 2 Broomfield; 3rd Team NO GAME; 4th Team 4 - 6 Old Wilsonians; 5th Team 0 - 1 Old Blues; 6th Team 2 - 4 South Bank Cuaco 8s; Vets 1 - 1 Motspur Park Vets (Friendly)

🐗🐗 *MFC results from 10/10/20* 🐗🐗 *Headlines:* 

*Goals bonanza at The Hood with 21 goals.* 

*The 1s get their first win of the season.* • *The 3s and 5s continue their winning runs.* • *The 4s return to winning ways.* • *First game of the season for the Vets*

*1s*: Won 3-1 in a league game away to Alexandra Park. *Jonny Graham (2)* and *Rhys George* scored the goals. Assists were provided by *Ivan*, *Jonny* and *Joe Grew*. *Sam Shady* picked up 1 golden glove point. MOTM was *Jonny* and DOTD was *Sam Harvey*. The 1s are 5th in the league.

*2s*: Lost 4-2 in a league game away to Polytechnic. The goals were scored by *Aaron Whyman*, and *Dan Peace.* with assists from *Scott McGowan* and *Jack Costello*. MOTM was *Aaron Whyman* and DOTD was *Haydn Dance*. The 2s are 4th in the league.

*3s*: Won 5-0 in a league game at home to Actonians. The goals were scored by *Denys*, *Nathen Harris (2)*, *Alex Riley* and *Minky*. Assists were provided by *Nathen*, *Vlad*, *Roman (2)* and *Minky*. *Kieran* collected his first three golden glove points. Birthday boy *Ryan Burchell* was both MOTM and DOTD. The 3s are 3rd in the league.

*4s*: Won 7-4 in a league game at home to Polytechnic. The goals were scored by *James Barnett*, *Aaron Byrne (2)*, *Giz Raca (2)*, *Jamie Archbold* and *Mario*. Assists were provided by *James*, *Giz*, *Mario (2)*, *Billy Lane*, *Connor Teuten* and *Mike Stone*. MOTM was *Connor* and inexplicably DOTD was *Mustard* for a slippery ball foul throw. The 4s are 4th in the league.

*5s*: Won 4-1 in the league at home to Civil Service. Goals were scored by *Luke Newman*, *Peter Obeng Adu*, *Dulanie Richards* and *Lewis Riches* Assists were provided by *Luke*, *Lewis* and *Aaron Ackerman*. *Andy Bitmead* and *Scott Brown* shared 1 golden glove point. MOTM was *Clive Corrigan* and DOTD was *Scott Brown*. The 5s are 2nd in the league.

*6s*: No fixture. The 6s are 2nd in the league.

*Vets*: Lost 2-1 away to Tooting Bec Legends in the Vets Saturday Shield. The goal was scored by *Darcy* and assisted by *Ricardo Iglesias* MOTM was *Justin Huxter* and DOTD was *Mark Chappell*

All stats for this season are available at

League tables and fixtures are available at 🐗⚽🐗⚽🐗⚽🐗⚽🐗⚽🐗⚽🐗

🐗🐗🐗 *MFC results from 3/10/20* 🐗🐗🐗
*Headline: We won more than we lost.*
*1s*: Lost 2-1 in a league game at home to NUFC Oilers. *Jonny Graham* scored the only goal. MOTM was *Joel Carter* and DOTD was *James Gray*.
*2s*: Won 3-0 in a league game at home against Old Owens. The goals were scored by *Glenn Pitman*, and *DQ*, with assists from *Dan Peace* and *Jack Colquhoun*. *Sherbs* was in goal and picked up 3 points in the golden gloves race. MOTM was *Robin Gray* and DOTD was *Ollie Bates*.
*3s*: Won 3-0 in a cup game at home to Civil Service. The goals were scored by *Denys (2)* and *Minky*, whom also provided 2 assists. *Clappers* notched three more golden glove points. *Minky* was MOTM and *Alex Riley* was DOTD.
*4s*: Lost 3-1 in a league game away against Ibis. The goal was scored by *Mario*. MOTM was *Anwar* and DOTD was *Aaron Byrne*.
*5s*: No fixture.
*6s*: Won 4-3 in the league away to South Bank 9s. The goals were scored by *Lewis Riches (3)* and *Romain Lewis*. The assists were provided by *Lewis* and *Romain*. MOTM was *Lewis* and DOTD was *Ricardo Iglesias*.
All stats for this season are available at

🐗🐗*MFC results from 12/9/20* 🐗🐗

*1s*: Drew 1-1 in a league game against HSBC at home. *George Brobbey* scored the only goal, with *Sam Shady* picking up 1 point in the Golden Gloves race. MOTM was *Jimbo* and DOTD was *Josh the elder*, I hear it was for an abysmal penalty.
*2s*: Won 2-0 in a league game against Old Blues at home. The goals were scored by *Bah* and *Dan Peace*, with an assist from *Master Ollie Bates*. Clean sheet for *Clappers. MOTM was *Aaron Whyman* and DOTD was *middle Josh*.
*3s*: Won 6-2 in a league game against Bank of England at home. The goals were scored by *Tom Benham (2)*, *Denys (2)* and *Sam Harris* and *Minky*. Assists were provided by *Tom Benham*, *Niall Kelly*, *Mario (2)* and *Roman*. *Sam Harris* was MOTM and *Denys Zhurbiy* was DOTD.
*4s*: Drew 3-3 in a league game against Old Salesians away from home. The goals were scored by *James Barnett*, *Giz* and *Darcy* with assists from *Giz* and *Iain Evans*. MOTM was *James Barnett* and DOTD was *Joe Vaughan*.
*5s*: Lost 10-3 in a cup game against Broomfield 4s at home. *Andy Bitmead* scored a hat-trick, with an assist provided by *Scott Brown*. MOTM was *Dwayne Bedford* and DOTD was *Chris Outred*.
*6s*: No official match, although some cobwebs were blown away ahead of their season starting soon. 


Wednesday 5th August after training (approx 8.30pm) in the clubhouse area there will be the clubs AGM.  Please come along to find out what the plans are for the new season ahead given the current situation.   

With the AGM coming up this week, we’d like to formally announce that Max Herbert is standing down as chairman of the club after more than two decades of dedicated service. Please see note below from Max.

I’m sure I speak for everyone at the club when I say a profound thank you to Max for all he has done for Merton over the years. His contribution has been colossal; not least the things that quietly happen behind the scenes so that we can enjoy our footballing experience all the more – epitomising the selfless manner in which he has given his time and effort.

The club remains in very capable hands, with Clappers having taken the reins. But, needless to say, Max’s legendary status in Merton FC folklore has long been secured. We now wish him everything of the best in his recovery, and hope to see him down at the Hood again soon.

All the best,

Note from chairman Max Herbert

It is Merton’s AGM on Wednesday and I am standing down as chairman and not standing for the committee and this is after more than twenty years of involvement. Unfortunately I haven’t been at the club much this last season. In September 2019 I was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus and I handed my duties over to Simon (Clappers). He has done a terrific job of managing the club and I am very grateful to him and the members that have helped him in what has been such a difficult time.

Since my diagnosis I have had two series of weapons grade chemo, one before and one after the major surgery to remove the tumour on my oesophagus. The treatment has necessarily been brutal but has all gone to plan. The surgery is life changing and recovery has been frustratingly slow and it may be another 12 months before I will achieve anything like normality. I need to devote all my energies to my recovery.

So after more than 21 years I am handing over to the very competent management team that will be taking the club forward, led by Clappers. Merton is a terrific football club because of its members and that is one of the main reasons I have enjoyed my involvement and am grateful for the support, help and friendship I have received from Clappers, Len, Toddy, Mustard, Lofty, Sherbs and too many others to mention. I hope to come down to the Hood and support the boys in the future but that probably won’t be until next year. I wish you all the best of fortune for a successful season and with its strong membership and leadership I am confident that Merton will continue to flourish on and off the field.


As we are hopeful of starting pre-season sometime in the next month, it means recruitment starts now. Please SHARE

Zone All Sports are proud to run their very first COVID safe soccer school in SW20- To Mark this occasion we are giving away one FREE key worker place each week – Tag a key worker who deserves a break and six lucky winners will get one free place for their child this summer.
Website below for more details.

Following the successful survey that the SAL ran back in 2017/18, they have now decided to run another one and they want to hear from players and match officials.

There are only a couple of questions and the surveys can be found using the following link:

Please could members take few moments to complete the 

Todays Results – 1s drew 1-1 at home with Old Finchleans.

2s lost at home to Oilers in the Intermediate cup (Akram with our goals)

3s won 4 – 3 at West Wickham and celebrated and why not. (Goals from Minky 3 and Denys Minkey was MOTM and Fitz DOTD.

The 4s lost 7-2 at home to Bank of E (we were 2-1 up at one point) Matt Haswell getting the two goals. Very wet at the Hood but not in the bar!!!!.

5s lost 5-0 to Civil Service away James MOTM and Pete DOTD !

Todays results – 1s won away at South Bank 4-3 coming from 3-0 down Goals from Jonny (2) Glenn and Hugo with the winner!! Glenn was MOTM for winning the crossbar challenge 3 times and good old Vanny was DOTD for missing a sitter (All other contestants missing sitters scored) Great entertainment and well done to Rat who could have easily been MOTM for rallying the troops and getting the result!!.But great place to go and good hospitality Thank you!

2s lost to Civil Service at home lost 4-3 to Civil Service 3s Gresty (2) and Akram our scorers

5s lost 3-0 to Poly 8s Andy DOTD and George MOTM.

4s lost 3-1 away to Ibis Mustard MOTM and Iain DOTD Dom P the scorer.

3s drew 2-2 but lost in SAL cup 5-3 on pens Stoney MOTM and Denys DOTD Goals from Dan P and Roman with our goals.

Todays results – In front of some illustrious visitors on a very wet afternoon our 1s beat Ally Pally 5-3 with goals from Jamie 3 (1 pen), Jonny and the other Max. Jamie MOTM with Vanny DOTD despite strong competition from Sam Pritch.

2s lost 5-1 to a very strong Old Finchleans side.

The 4s and 5s battled and I mean battled to a 3-3 draw.

Carlo (2s C/F off to hospital with a nasty shoulder injury and all the best to him for a speedy recovery.)

3s game off and pics from the Hood!!

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