Match Report

 Merton 7s v HSBC 6s

Another Wednesday night, 10 minutes of rain and the fear the game won’t go ahead at the hood due to flooding…!

Clouds clear and the ref calls the players onto the pitch from the shelter of the club, once again team captain takes up roll as manager, due to on going knee injury, no Steve so Martin takes up the roll as captain, squad as follows…

Lenners between the sticks, Josh, Martin Dan A and Dan O as the back four, Andrew and Luke on each wing with Mario & Darren taking up the centre, Billy and Niall once again roam around up top. Ryan arriving late due to trains and we welcome back Jacob from a lengthy injury take up the seats the bench

We kick off and it looks like a cagy affair, the game has nil/nil written all over it for the first 2 minutes, Billy gets slotted in on goal and the keeper makes a great save, Billy, looking a bit jaded from a hard days work looks an early contender for sub… Ryan in the wings and chirping away to get on, but the gaffer keeps the faith

5 minutes and 1-0 to Merton, that boy Billy gets on to a through ball from Niall and slots pass the keeper and off the post, the ball barely crosses the line when the defender claims to clear the ball, but the ref being in a great position can clearly see its in…

6 minutes and HSBC draw level, no one picks up anyone and lets the oppo stroll through, cross and score, great response from going behind early on. 1-1

8 Minutes and the 7s retake the lead, Luke powering down the right and whips in a shot/cross from the bye line, which deceives the keeper and tucks in at the far post, 2-1

10 minutes and HSBC curl in a corner and once again everyone leaves the responsibility to someone else, a queue of HSBC’s players are waiting to hammer home the equaliser for 2-2

12 minutes and once again HSBC tear apart the 7s with great pass and move, working the ball across the area and finding the left winger in enough space to beat Lenners at the near post to take a surprising 2-3 lead

14 minutes and 37 seconds (approximately of course!)… long ball out sees HSBC keeper come to claim, but Niall nips in and steals the ball, bearing down on goal and with 3 HSBC players in pursuit, he rounds the first defender, from 20 yards Niall would normally hammer home the goal, however he draws in the defenders and flicks a through ball to Billy to calmly slot in an empty net from 8 yards. 3-3

Did I mention this had ‘goal fest’ written all over it?

With 15miutes gone, both teams slug it out for 30 minutes, the goalkeepers play their part in keeping the score level, although HSBC’s keeper is the busier of the 2, its lenners who is making the crucial saves to keep the 7s in it, to go behind now would be a travesty, what with having so much possession

Half time comes and a quick pep talk, just need to keep plugging away and tighten up the back door, with that, Ryan comes on for Martin at centre back and Jacob makes his entrance in centre mid for Darren, the change seems to be good move by the gaffer….

Second half, and its not long before the 7s take a grip on the game, having a bit of youth in defence plays dividend, matching HSBC man for man, and having the fresh legs in midfield soon pays off,

Billy once again is freed and beats the offside trap, still some 35 yards from goal, and with a defender closing down the space, Billy sees the keeper off his line and with the outside of the foot, half volleys a shot that takes a bounce before going in off the post for his third hattrick this season and to put the 7s up, 4-3

Confidence is clear to see, one touch passing from the back, sees Dan O one/two up the line with Niall, Luke comes across to make three, all one touch and over lapping movement, five passes on and Luke is put clean through on goal, only for the centre back to miss judge the tackle and clip the heels as his on goal, Penalty! Full of confidence after securing his hattrick, Billy steps up and makes it 5-3 from the spot.

HSBC fight back and take the majority of the spoils for the proceeding 5 to 10 minutes, Lenners is called in to action and with a point blank one on one, somehow manages to spread himself to block the shot, only to see the ball fall to a HSBC player to volley on goal, Lenners, still on the ground springs into life and tips the second shot over the bar, how did he manage to do that!!!!!!

7s now getting a second wind and with Lenners do his part to keep the score at 5-3, once again sees Billy chase down a lost cause out wide, holding up play and waiting for support, his forced into dropping the shoulder and shooting from range, this beats the keeper, but sees the defender head into his own net in vain to make a clearance 6-3 (5 to Billy!)

Its now very much one sided, the 6th took the wind out of the sails and its now one-way traffic, good football going forwarded with Billy staying out wide and becomes provided as the cross is sees Niall clinically pass in to the net for his first of the day and Merton’s 7th

Number 8 soon follows, offside trap sprung, Billy and Niall exchange passes first Niall to Billy, Billy passes it back, Keeper follows, Niall to Billy, Billy Back to Niall…. Its turning into the chuckles brothers just as Niall decides to pull the trigger… 8-3

Freekick to Merton is cleared as far as Niall, sees Billy at the far post and pings the cross over, Billy, still with ground to make up, gets to the by line and scissor volleys the ball back across to Luke who slides in, first shot is blocked, but manages to get the rebound in for 9-3

With minutes to go, its double figures, again Billy down is the provider with a cross from the left for Niall to head in to complete his hattrick and its 10 for the 7s…

What started off as a 15 minute slug fest, soon turned out as a 10-3 rout for the 7s, to be fair, HSBC wasn’t that bad, the 7s for once was just clinical with there finishing, Billy could have wrapped up a double hattrick if not more, but showed that it’s a team game and turned provider as opposed to trying to score all the goals, Lenners in goal was kept busy and done well to keep the score at only 3, Ryan although not a centre back, galvanised the back four in the second half and worked well along side Dan A, all in all, a good day out for the 7s

Saturday see the Old Sales 3s coming to the hood, depending on which team is sent to fulfil the fixture could mean that the 7s continue the 4-game unbeaten run for another week

MOTM: Billy … a 10/10 performance, 5 goals and 4 assists speaks for it self

DOTD: No one, but we vote for Luke for not completing his hattrick (he had the chances!)

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21st April 2018

Merton 0 v Old Actonians 2

The day got off to a bad start as our ref didn’t turn up. Thankfully the 6s referee was happy to do a second game and even better news, or so we thought, was that he was the guy who’d refereed our midweek game and was very good.

We started the game very well and you wouldn’t have been able to guess which side was fighting off relegation, us, and which was going to win the league, them. Within the first 15 minutes they’d not had a shot on goal and we’d had two efforts cleared off the line. Then the day went to pot!

One of their players handled the ball in the box. The referee put his whistle to his mouth. Everyone waited for the inevitable penalty but the ref didn’t blow! Minutes later Actonians attacked, Harrison went to clear, had his heals clipped from behind, but again the ref didn’t blow. They chipped in a cross, I tried to head over the bar but sent the ball into the far corner. 1-0 to Actonians and to rub salt in Snooks was sent to the sin bin for shouting “You’re joking ref”. If that sort of appeal, in the heat of the moment, is a sin bin offence then football’s gone mad.

Minutes later it was 2-0. A corner was sent in right under Sherbs’ cross bar. He jumped, got two hands on the ball, and was barged into by the Actonian player. He dropped the ball and they scored from a yard. The referee explained he didn’t have two hands on the ball and that the Actonian player had got to it first. This didn’t make sense because if he had he’d have scored but also Graham Poll helpfully heaped on the misery for me on Sunday, whilst I was watching Chelsea v Southampton, by explaining that “if the keeper is off the ground in the six yard box and is touched by an opposition player it’s an immediate free kick”.

This injustice further galvanised the team and we continued to play out the rest of the game as the better side but couldn’t find the breakthrough.

I was sent to the sin bin for the last five minutes for being sarcastic to the ref. Justified based on the new rules and the warning he’d just given me but whilst I was off the pitch an Actonians’ player thought he was fouled, ran five yards, took out Pritch halfway up his shin, from behind, in retaliation and got a yellow card and stayed on the pitch.  Football has definitely gone mad!

A depressing day and now we’ve got a must win on Saturday to stay up.

Pritch was deservedly MOTM, imagine where we’d be if he’d played more than a quarter of the season, and I was deservedly DOTD.

Sherbs, Jimbo, Harrison, Clappers, Browner, Will Low (Gresty 70), Pritch, Snooks, Van (Wilgo 70), Ackers, DQ (Josh FS 15)

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Match Report – 21/04/2018 vs OLD ACTONIANS 8 HOME

Another huge match for the sixes, as we played the team that beat us comfortably at their ground earlier in the season.

It was nice to play football in glorious weather and at the HOOD!!

We had another strong squad and with a few people out injured, this was great for the club to get 14 players out when other teams are struggling!  Loverboy Tyron missed his THIRD game in a row for the end of season running and to be fair the weather at the hood felt like Brazil!

A squad of Merton’s number 1 Swanny in goal, back 4 of Chappell, Grant, Skipper, Spense.  Midfield four of Michael and Charlie, Reece and Callum. Up top was Pete (who is on fire!) and the Big DOG (special mention who played despite being in hospital for 3 days!!) A very strong bench of Matt, Dan P and Denys.

The oppo only had 10 men to start the game which played massively into our hands.  We started the game well and was pressuring Actonians and picking our passes. After a few dangerous throw ins we finally managed to get the early goal before they could get upto 11.  The skipper pouncing on a loose ball to give us the deserved lead.  What happened next was outrageous! Grant from a fully 25 yards banging one into the bottom corner. 2-0!  Then a sour note.  After a tangle of legs, there was a scuffle between Spense and their best player at the time.  Both skippers tried to convince the ref to book each player and just carry on as we thought it would be best for the game, but we were both shocked when red cards were produced.  Both down to 10 and a change in the defence with Matt coming on for Pete.  Actonians did have spells in the game and were very dangerous and to be fair to them they never gave up.  Ultimately it would be our depth in strength from the bench that was the difference.  Also Charlie’s non-stop running and superb energy was immense! Goals from Dan P, Pete and Michael in the second half pushed our dominance home.  A consolation – just to piss Swanny off made the final score 5-1.  At the final whistle, we knew we had overcome a massive hurdle and was just waiting for the result of old wilsonians to see if were champions this week or having to win our last game next week.  After frantically checking teletext the result came through that WIlsonians had drew 2-2 with South Bank.  Although not mathematically MERTON 6’sWERE NEAR ENOUGH CHAMPIONS!! We need to lose 33-0 at home to South Bank. 


MOM – Charlie


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Match Report – 14/04/2018 vs OLD WILSONIANS 6 HOME (BUT AWAY)

Well what a massive two games ahead for the Mighty Merton sixes, first off was Old Wilsonians 6’s who kindly agreed to switch venues as the Hood was still unplayable.

This was a potentially tricky game on paper as a defeat here for us would had the league title pretty much to their 5’s. We arrived with a strong squad on paper. A squad of Merton’s number 1 Swanny in goal, back 4 of Chappell, Grant, Skipper, Spense.  Midfield Michael and Charlie (who is now firmly part of the 6’s squad), George and Callum. Up top was Pete (who is on fire!) and the Big DOG!! A very strong bench of Matt, Reece and Dan P.

When we arrived on the pitch it was quite clear this wasn’t the same sixes squad that turned up to a flooded WCE, when we unfortunately couldn’t play.  However they were not to be underestimated!

Again the game started and we were superb.  Knocking the ball around and finding some great passes to get in behind the high line of Wilsonians.  We were winning all the tackles and fighting for every second ball.  Chances came and went, but finally Tony banged one in!  Callum again was superb creating numerous chances and getting on the scoresheet himself.  George scored a great solo goal and with Tony grabbing another were soon 4-0 up.  A good finish from Wilsonians made it 4-1 at half time.  Again we were brilliant and really playing with confidence.  Second half we were again strong and Pete, who had a superb game nearly scored a worldy of a header.  Michael and Charlie were having great games and broke the midfield at will.  Loverboy Tyron will struggle to get back in the squad!  Anyway with a couple of goals from Pete, a superb strike from Callum and Dan P getting on the scoresheet.  A great own goal from Chappell and a superb finish by their striker made the final score 8-3.  We played great and comments from the oppo in their match report didn’t need to be said.  We are a very strong side – but a team has to be built and to play like that at our level is a great achievement for the sixes. Plus we can’t help out the oppo when they gift us four goals by passing across their back line and to players in yellow!!  I would also be fair to our fives and for any team that raises eyebrows at our position, both teams in the club have had a squad and they have stuck with them throughout the season!!  One game down – 2 to go to be champions!  MOM – Callum DOD – CHAPPELL

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Match Report – 07/04/2018 vs City of London AWAY 2-8

After the defeat in the cup final this was a chance to try and get on a winning run to bring home the title.  With 5 players out from either injuries and romantic breaks to Brazil, it was left to call on favours from the club to get a side out.  Luckily enough we had a good 14 players, with a couple of newbies in attendance.

We thought prior this would a potential banana skin as they snatched a draw in the reverse fixture.

Once the team was changed, it was down to the now infamous 5 minute quick stretch and warm up routine and await the start of the match.

Starting line-up was as follows: Merton’s number 1, Swanny in goal, centre half pairing of Grant and Chappell, full backs of Skipper and Spense.  Midfield 4 was Charlie, Reece, Callum and Ackers with Billy and Tony up top.  The bench was strong with Pete, Dan K and Dan Rist.

Smithy gave the team talk and outlined the well thought out pre-match plans to the troops and off we went.

So now to the game, basically we were superb with Callum causing nothing but trouble for their defence.  The long and short of it was goals from Billy, Tony, Callum and a absolute screamer from the skipper put the mighty Merton sixes up at half time!  City did have a consolation through a handball in the box by Grant.  In the second half we eased a bit and with changes interrupting the flow we managed lots of chances but could only grab the odd goal. The game finished 8-2 and was great way to shake off any doubts that the cup final could derail our season.

Mom – Charlie

Dod – Skipper

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The postponements had finally caught up with the 3s as we had to play our first midweek game of the season.

As we all turned up one by one from everyone rushing to make the game from work, we were out and warming up. HSBC definitely turned up one by one as they only had 9 for kick off with the other two players turning up later.

The game started and within a minute, Denys smashed one home to put the Boars ahead. From them it was one way traffic for the first half hour with the bar being hit twice from two consecutive corners. Casual passing round the back at times allowed HSBC to break in only for Sam to keep them out on both occasions. The two chances they mustered clearly wasn’t enough excitement for Sam, as a long ball was put through and he came storming out to be the sweeper keeper only to give it a Paul Robinson air kick and let them in Vin to clear up behind him.

After that scare, a long ball of our own put DK through to calmly place it beyond the keeper to make it a more comfortable 2-0 to the boars at half time.

Start of the second half, and I was more of the same from the Boars, as we pressed and pressed but we just didn’t want to score as we hit the woodwork…again! Missed chances were punished as the visitors got one back and made the game seem more interesting than it actually was.

With HSBC pressing ion it allowed gaps to appear for the boars to exploit, but not effectively as crosses from both Neal and Glenn either didn’t beat the first man, was way to over hit, or just went over the bar, all of which are not useful.

Full time blew and it was a rare win for the boars and an even rarer League double over our opponents which lifted us above them in the table.

The game could have been much better but we came away with the win, that’s what counts.


Line up: Sam (GK), Dan R, Vin, Mario, Glenn, Iain, Neal, Dan B, Darcy, Fitz & Denys. Subs: DK, Lofty, Walshy.


DOD: Glenn

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Match Report

 Merton 7s v Bank of England 5s


Wednesday at the hood, the evening kicks off in the sunshine as the squad rolls up from all parts of the world as we welcome Bank of England’s 5s.

El cappo dons the tracksuit to play manager due to knee injury sustained Saturday playing for the 4s, so up steps Steve as captain at left back, the remaining back four has Josh right back, Tom and Joe paired at centre back, the midfield welcomes back Adam B paired with Luke, flanked with Ryan on the left wing and Andrew on the right, Billy and Niall up front, and good old ‘Lenners’ graces the part between the sticks… and waiting in the wings , Martin, Dan and Adam E (the old 7s legend from last season!)

With a mild pep talk from the gaffer the game gets on the way with Merton taking early control, good pass and move opens early chances. Billy and Niall link up well to give the BOE defence a few things to think about, Niall with a def flick over the oncoming defender gets the crowd of 6 up on there feet with a chorus of “oooo’s” and the cross to the advancing Billy who gets a great connection in his stride, only to see the keeper equal to the great move, tips the ball round for a corner

As the game go’s on, Adam and Luke work tirelessly creating and breaking up play, Tom in defence is having an absolute stormer of a game, anything in the final third is being mopped up and sent back with interest, on the rare occasion BOE get a shot off, Toms there clearing house

More great play by the 7s sees Ryan, Billy and Niall all denied by the BOEs keeper, its now a very much one-sided game, which as the 7s know, can come back and bite them if some of the chances don’t start hitting the back of the net,

With half time looming, it’s clear the BOEs keeper is the busier of the 2, Billy clear on goal and 1v1, powers a great shoot towards the keepers right which he somehow manages to adjust and tip again around for another corner which comes to nothing

Whistle goes and the 7s are up beat but cautious, not wanting to let slip the good work but still having to make a break in the game, one change is made with Adam B coming off for a breather after running himself into the ground, Dan goes on at centre back with Joe now sitting in front of the back four

Pass and move see;s Billy slotted in on goal but with a lot to do has a 60/40 with the keeper but rightly pulls out of the challenge as the goalie had the advantage. Clearly the young lad has the measure of the defence, time after time beating the offside and pulling wide, getting good decent crosses in or holding up play long enough for the midfield to join in, Niall also unluckily with a few half chances but is again key in creating havoc anytime his on the ball. But Tom at the back is putting out fires anytime BOE venture forward, twice coming to Lenners rescue and clearing off the line, even the crowd, now of 8 are applauding his game from afar

Further attacks by the 7s are being swotted by the ever in form BOE keeper, this one-man wall is keeping the oppo in with a chance, like they know the Merton 7s have a tenancy to capitulate, keep hammering away with the score still 0-0. Further changes see’s Martin on for Steve and Adam E on for Andrew. 25 minutes to go.

Finally, a stroke of good luck, with Billy released down the left, instead of bursting forward with his pace, he decided to check the run and wait for support, this attracts 3 players from the BOE, who seem to think his about to drop the shoulder and take a run towards the by-line, instead he cuts in and provides another great cross which finds Niall who takes the shot, but again the keeper is equal, and spills, Niall still advancing forward gets the rebound that bounces between himself and the keeper resulting in the ball being walked into the net, scruffy but the 7s will take it… finally a bit of luck to take the game 1-0

Adam B re-joins the team with a very tired looking Joe coming off, tails up and determined not to let slip the 7s chase down directly from the kick off, still pressing for a 2nd, the 7s are weary of the counter, and at the back, any rouge attacks are being closed down by Tom and the crew, Steve back on for the injured Josh, marshals from the right back position, determined not to let slip

With less than a minute to go, the midfield and forwards take control and run the ball into the corners, finally, the whistle goes and it’s the first win 8, but undefeated in 2, have the 7s turned a corner? Great night out, and with top of the table AOB coming to the hood this coming Saturday, a much-needed win to get the confidence up.



MOTM: With out doubt the best game his played all season, Tom J

DOTD: Somehow, without even playing, the gaffer takes one for the team and gets the DOTD, for naming a team with 10 players, which even had the same player twice and them correcting it to 12 players! Had to revert to notes within phone to get it right … but brought a smile to these simple people!


Team: Lee, Steve ©, Joe, Tom, Josh, Ryan, Adam B, Luke, Andrew, Billy, Niall

Martin, Dan, Adam E

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Ibis Eagles 4 Merton FC 0


Saturday 14/04/18


The final away game of the season for Merton, would see them travel towards the M4 and meet IBIS Eagles.


With only 3 games left in the season it’s a critical stage to get some points on the board, especially considering Merton have only managed to gain 4 points in 2018 and find themselves in a potential scrap to avoid relegation.


With the sun shining and a positive 4-4-2 formation, perhaps the away side could put on a performance and claim a crucial win.


The first half overall was an even affair, with Merton looking dangerous going forward and creating plenty of chances. However, there was a serious of quality on the ball with passes going astray and no real control in possession. This led to openings for the home side who were far more clinical.


A quick break from a loose pass lead to their opener and again before half time they took advantage with an almost carbon copy goal. 2-0.


The travelling team could certainly feel aggrieved that they were two goals behind, despite creating chances and having much of the play in the opposition half.


So with 45 minutes to play and certainly plenty of time to get back into the game, Merton needed a change of luck. But unfortunately non would be forthcoming.


Good running from Ackers and DQ up top, closely supported with Barry & Van on the wings, seemed a threat throughout the second half. But as the boars pressed the Eagles back four and created multiple chances to get back into the game, no goal was to be found.


On the other hand, IBIS were decisive, taking advantage of the away side loading players forward, they would stretch their lead to four with two breakaway goals. Although, the fourth and ultimately the final goal of the game easily two yards offside.


In all a very disappointing trip to West London; placing huge pressure on Tuesday night’s game against old foes HSBC. 


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Merton 3s 0-3  Polytechnic 4th

After all the rain we have had in south west London over the last 2 months, the game was unlikely to be played, but with a very late pitch inspection on Saturday morning, we were all pleasantly surprised that it was GAME ON.

Most of us turned up on time, but it was a little odd not having our captain around (get fit soon Reedy). Nevertheless, we took to the field with a couple of new faces in the squad – namely Sam SR , EJ, Robert and the fat middle age guy going by the name of Darcy AKA (Shit DJ).

To be fair to him, the fat middle aged guy could play a bit. I would have liked to have seen him play a decade ago, when three stone lighter!

This week’s match report is going to be a little different to the normal format. With age not on my side, and with a shocking memory, it will have precious little detail of the game.  This is unlike Reedy, Lofty and DK that have the powers of superman to recall photographic detail when it comes down to remembering stuff about games. You should put them to the test.

About the game.

After a little debate with the Ref about which of the pitches was best to play on, he decided that the only pitch which would permit the game to go ahead was the 1’s pitch. Once we got the goals out, warmed up and had the team talk (we went with a 4 – 5 – 1 formation), it was time to get things started.

First half Merton 0 – 3 Poly – Poly played better than us and deserved to be 3 up. Yes, one of the goals was offside, but we could have few complaints. 

Second half Merton 0 – 0 Poly – Merton played much better. We didn’t create too much, but we stopped Poly from playing, and battled hard right to the end.

Final score for those who can’t work it out yet: Merton lost 3 -0

If we can get the balance right between youth & experience, Legs & legs have gone a little, Fit & not so fit, I think that, based on the hard work, skill and desire shown in the second half, next season will be interesting.

MOTM: Vin, and rightly so. Solid, and I’m talking about this performance here. Also I would like to single out Mario, who played very well.

DOTD: Welchy. The person who can’t tell the difference between me, “a six feet plus black guy”, and Sam – a five feet 9ish slim white guy with a full beard…please book yourself an eye test. SpecSavers has great offers, and most companies will pay for you to get one.

For the record, I did not do a foul throw. I agree that  I did not have the best of games and rightly got two votes for DOTD,  But Sam should have got DOTD …………….

”You should have gone to SpecSavers”

Anyway, this brings me to my final point. As most of you are fully aware I’ll be 49 this year and have played for Merton for 18 years, but it’s time for me to hang my boots up. (I have 2 pairs of adidas world cup boots, size 10 ½ for sale. POA.)

Merton FC has and will always play a massive part of my life. I’ve meet so many great people and have had lots of great memories, but it’s time that I spend a little more time with my family. My kids are of the age that I should be with them on a Saturday afternoon and not trying to play football. For those of you who I’ve played with over the years… THIS TIME I MEAN IT! Big love and thanks Merton FC for giving me so much.  



Welchy Haydon Vin Iain

Ricky Dan Neil Darcy EJ



Robert Mario Robert

Kind regards

Paul Welch

Picture of Welchy 

“Nick the rebel – the only one not in a polo shirt! He should have been fined”)
3s in the bar after agood game and a good season. Well done boys.
Golden Girls of Merton
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15th April 2018

Merton                                                1
Barnes Eagles                                    3

Goal scorer                                         Joe
MOM                                                    Ollie

This week saw the boys, minus Faris, who was still on his holiday play Barnes Eagle Colts at their ground.  The facilities set up and pitch conditions were ideal, considering the rain in the week. Neal took the boys for the warm up concentrating on their passing and moving.  Referee called the boys to the pitch for kick off.  The pitch was defiantly larger than the boys normally play on.  Line this week was Max (GK), Ollie and Harry defence, Lewis, Louis and David midfield with Joe up top.  Archie and Percy subs. Another week of 4 quarters, which I believe takes the momentum out of the game and the boys.  Too many stop starts in my mind.  This showed in the game as in the first two quarters, the boys had the upper hand with Joe getting us one nil up.  This goal came from a great cross by David, which found  Joe, with a cheeky flick of the foot, spinning the ball pass the keeper and in to the goal.  Apparently he meant it?!! As the game went on and changes made each quarter you could see that this had an effect on the game.   We gave away the 3 goals by not clearing the ball out of our half properly.  Max again making some great saves and clearing ball well on the back pass. Their number 5 was a very good player and main threat. He was hard to get pass and very quick.  We did create some good chances but couldn’t finish.  Archie could have got on the score sheet had he kept his shot down.  Lewis hit the post and David and one of their players hit heads during the last quarter, little dazed but ok.  Ollie and Harry were very good as a partnership in defence.  Ollie being very vocal, shouting instructions throughout the game and worked hard, deservingly getting the man of match award this week.   The referee, who liked to blow the whistle on an attacking play, blew for full time.  Final score 3 – 1 to Barnes.

The boys walked off and Neal gave them his honest opinion of the game.  He explained that there were some good parts and some bad.  Considering they had most of the possession and should have come away with a result, told the boys to have a think during the week where they could improve. 

Couple of home games left before season ends; let’s hope we can end on a high before we go into summer break. 

Archie enlightened us about his weekend BBQ and guest with a very interesting job!!!

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