Some disappointing results from the Hood where we observed a respectful minutes silence for those who gave their lives. The 1s lost a hard fought cup tie 2-1 to Wandsworth Boro. We lead 2-1 through Aaron Loftus on his debut but a strong second half saw the visitors through to the next round. The 2s bowed out of their cup 3-0 to Old Finchleans on a day where little went their way home. The 3s lost 4-2 at Kew. (Denys and Darcy scored) The 4s had no game for one of tghe better outcomes but the 5s beat Norsemen 4-1 in the cup with some really good goals in a good performance.(Aaron Byrne MOM with a hat trick) Darren Avey DOD and thinks he was stitched up.) The 6s lost 3-2 to old Parks and the 7s lost 8-2 to old Alleyns where they cleared the casual water off the pitch.. Shame!