For the last game of the season the 2s entertained the team that finished second in their division but were regarded by our side as easily the best team in the division and against whom they had enjoyed a really good game earlier in the season even though they had lost 3-1. The Oilers are a new club that are born out of Nottingham Uni and their three teams have gone through the divisions to reach the top in a very short space of time. The only irritation is that they settled on an all yellow strip for their club colours and so for this game and because the 3s were wearing the 2s normal blue change strip the 2s wore our clubs ceremonial dress of white shirts and black shorts, appropriate as this was to be Will Ts last game before he goes to oz and possiibly Crusher’s too (for a season anyway??).

We started in lively fashion and had a very good shout for a pen when we capitalised on a rare defensive mix up but a defensive block denied us. Jase was winning the ball in the air and Will’s pace was always threatening but the Oilers were solid in defence and took control of the game through the midfield. The first goal came from a well delivered curling free kick awarded for a perfectly good Ben Cook tackle. It seemed the only way to defend this was to head it decisively into our goal by one of our own who shall remain nameless. This happened towards the end of the first half and it was 2-0 early in the second when we lost possession and fannied about till their man took charge and smacked it into our goal. Dave Hitchcock and Connor had been very solid in defence and Liam was having one of his best games getting very involved in midfield and supporting the MMH Crusher who wa again outstanding. That was the point when I left. I wasn’t doing a Terry because this was a good entertaining game of footy but DQ rather than head our first goal had gone down in a writhing heap and had to go to hospital. I am reliably informed that the final score was 3-0 and we continued to create and miss ‘sitters’ and their 3rd goal was unstoppable. Crusher was ‘Man Most Handsome’ again.

Whilst at St Georges DQ had his dislocated shoulder x-rayd put back in and it disobediently popped out again put back in again and x-rayd again. But by 7.30 he was in the recovery position (ie having copious quantities of alcohol in The Swan and working up an appetite for the obligatory end of season curry. I sloped off to bed unaware of the dramas at the hospital where the doctor had wanted to cut DQs white shirt off his back to save him the pain. Can you imagine that … what are they thinking about. Do they train these doctors??

Well that is the end of a slightly disappointing season. Having come down from the 1st Division it is disappointing to finish in the bottom half particularly when at half way we were well placed. Thanks to Wilgo, CHJ, Marc and Sherbs who helped run the side and the team generally had a lot of fun.

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