Actonians 3-1 Merton

It was a rather cloudy dreary day for Merton as they travelled to Acton for a cup game against a side a league below with a solitary win all season. Merton started the game with a 5-3-2 system utilising two wing backs and three central defenders in a more attacking system than normal. As the game kicked off Merton came under immediate pressure and had conceded within a few minutes of kick off after a long ball from the centre of midfield out to the right wing by Actonians where a low ball was fizzed into the centre and converted into the Merton net. The first half continued in the same way with a lot of pressure being withstood by Merton until an unfortunate miskick by Neal who had been solid at centre back sliced into the top corner of the net leaving Dan scrambling. Despite a few efforts Merton were unable to make any headway with Glenn testing the keeper and Frankie scooping a couple of chances wide of the goal. After half time Merton came out with a revised 4-4-2 formation reverting to a standard left and right back, the change assisted in allowing Merton to consolidate in the middle of the park and begin to create more chances at the right end of the field. Against the run of play Actonians scored again leaving Merton trailing 3-0 with around 25 minutes of the game left to play, despite a number of chances it was only with 10 minutes of the game left where after a good ball across the box Merton converted leaving the boys looking to recover 2 goals with time against us. Unfortunately despite an active last 10 minutes Merton were unable to recover and get back into the game meaning an exit in the cup after a stalwart performance in the preceding rounds and what could be described as a harsh result on the day.

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