It was a beautiful Spring afternoon in early March. The sun was beaming down on the ‘the Hood’.

Merton’s 3rd team were due to play Old Wilsonians 3rds.

Another Merton 3rd team game meant a lucky dip of players.

Thankfully the Merton boys all arrived in good spirt and on time, which is a rarity! This was more than could be said about the Ref.

3pm came and both teams are basking in the glorious sunshine, awaiting the arrival of the Ref. A few phone calls later, we were advised that there was no referee L (Not sure what happened there Chapel!). Thankful, Lee stepped up (or was rather per pressured into) and agreed to Ref the game.

Merton went 0-2 down after 2 identical goals from set pieces. 40min into the 1st half and Merton started to knock the ball around nicely and scored (1-2). 2minutes later, seconds before the first half whistle went, Merton scored again, making it 2-2 at half time.

After a strong team talk, the Merton boys were back out smelling blood… however, it was Old Wilsonians who made the first move and scored another identical goal, making it 2-3.

Not to be downhearted, Merton started passing the ball around with precision and pace, and soon found themselves 7-3 up. Immense goals from: Darcy Yates, Dan Kelly, Dave, Ricardo x2, 1 OG (which Kelly is trying to claim) and someone else (can’t remember).  Also there was a great strike by Jaime Scott who hit the bar…

Great all round performance by the Merton boys who stood up to the challenge.

Great effort from Lee to agree to Ref the match as well, and a surprisingly good referee!

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