Old Wilsonians 3s vs Merton 3s

Its game day and the team is looking solid with some new faces. The theme of this week
was songs by dead artists picked by Aaron Byrne.
The team is getting ready and warmed up and with Iain managing the team this week he
starts to tell everyone there positions and while doing so he realises that we have 15 men
instead of 14 and with some of the boys worrying they might not play because of Iain’s poor
maths skills the ref decides its fine as long as everyone gets game time.
Its kick off with the team looking confident and ready to kick arse. With nathan, britney, neil
and new kid travis on the bench. The game starts off strong for merton especially with glenn
constantly nutmegging the opposition which brings smiles for us on the bench it’s about 35
minutes and iain brings on neil for glenn and britney for sam kapadia. its half time and with
merton believing we should have a goal with the constant chances puts us with high hopes
of us winning the game.
Second half starts with subs made which are nathan for denys up front and travis for blonde
sam on the wing. The second half starts strong with merton constantly in the opposition’s
half and merton winning a corner which Aaron steps up to take, Aaron crossing it in with no
headers on it the ball bounces around in the box and britney being on the end of it goes for a
chip of the defender and goalkeeper the defender jumps up and hand balls it to block the
chip that was most certainly going in the ref does not see this which brings outrage for
merton especially adam with him running over to the ref in absolut outrage brings merton
having to calm him down.The game carries on with merton still attacking strong wins merton
another corner and with nathan who sees Aaron on the floor from the unlucky attempt on
goal which gave merton the corner, nathan decides to step up and take it. Nathan places the
ball down for a corner noticing that there’s a bit of a ditch which he knew could be a issue
which ended up him being right with nathan kicking the ball on the opposite side and straight
into a tree which brings everyone laughter and nathan knowing that he is most certainly
getting dotd. The game carries on with merton still being a strong side bringing us to wonder
why we haven’t scored yet. And merton gets a break with neil running with the ball towards
goal with him not seeing any other options other than taking a shot he does so which was a
terrible shot but still on target and the ball rolling extremely slow the goalkeeper managers to
let it in with his team in outrage not knowing why the goalkeeper could make such a big
mistake also bringing merton to 1-0 and in to laughter. Its kick off for old wilsonians with
them still in non-belief with the goalkeeper mistakes merton uses that to there advantage
and attacks straight away which brings the ball to travis on the right wing and him swinging it
into the box and denys heading it in with him recently being subbed back on for Aaron and
bringing merton to 2-0. And once again old wilsonians have kick off merton attack strong
bringing some unlucky chances with nathan putting a through ball to Denys and Denys
having no choice but to shoot with him still being outside the box the ball goes straight over
and merton still feeling driven to winning the game. It’s about 70 minutes in and merton still
being 2-0 up old wilsonians are pushing strong and merton and merton feeling nervous that
they might score. It’s about 75 minutes in and old wilsonians still pushing they managed to
get a goal bringing the score to 2-1 and merton feeling frustrated and worrying that they
might come back which isn’t the first for merton and will probably not be the last. Its kick off
for merton and merton not letting that get to them we push strong giving us another chance
with travis getting the ball and passing it to nathan and nathan running forward with only one
defender to stop him and denys running with britney just behind him it was a 3 on 1 chance
and it looking like it could be another goal for merton so with that being said let’s get back to
nathan running with the ball. Nathan ends up passing it straight across to denys and it being
a one on one with the goalkeeper the keeper decides to run out and slindes straight into
denys completely injuring him and the ref not giving any foul and ending the chance on goal.
So with that dneys is being subbed off for Aaron. It’s about 80 odd minutes in and old
wilsonians attacking strong forcing Iain to making a sub for ryan to come off for gabi which
was definitely a strong decision to make with gabi holding them off for the most part. The
game comes to an end leaving the score 2-1 to merton and everyone feeling joyces to the
fact we won which by the way isn’t often.
We head back to the changing rooms with smiling faces and preparing to play the winners
song which most of the boys have not experienced yet bringing absolut joy to the older lads
who have been with merton for while.

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