Merton 6’s Match Report – MERTON FC 3 vs Civil Service 1

After back to back defeats and missing players for the past two weeks there was again a familiar look to the side that had made a strong start to the season. We had to get back to winning ways and get back on top of the table.

The morning could have made a better start……………Ty and Nick decided just a couple of drinks on a Friday night for a work colleague celebrating their 30th Birthday could do no harm. A couple of hours later and a leathered Nick was singing to random passengers on the underground got back to Ty’s and maintained his 100% sleepover record of being sick after to many JD and Cokes. With cries in the morning of I want to go home, I’m dying we could have been a man down. Nothing a trip to the local greasy spoon can’t sort out.

The team rocked up at the hood, Nick feeling recovered after his pre-work but surprise, surprise as the team were kitted up and ready to go George was no where to be seen. We were left just hoping he brings his shooting boots this week as last season’s hero had gone to zero in the scoring chats.

George finally arrived and the game got underway. The squad was close to being fully back together and straight away there was that intensity back in the team as we looked to blow Civil Service away early and we couldn’t of made a better start, yes George did bring those shooting boots. As the ball came over from the left it found George with space in the box and with plenty of time he sends the ball safely into the roof of the net, 1-0 Merton.

Merton was winning first balls and second balls all over the park, well and truly dominating the game. Grant and Kev were looking solid and learnt from a couple of last weeks mistakes. One challenging the ball whilst the other was sweeping up any mistakes or flick ons from Kev.

Merton were pressing the play well with Chaplin and a recovered Nick running the channels which brought us corners and throw-ins a plenty deep in Civil half. It was one of these throw ins that led to the second goal. Ty launched the throw in Stoke City style into Civils penalty area which Chaplin met first and flicked the ball into the back of the net, 2-0 Merton.

The pressing continued which led to the third and a Civil mistake. Confusion between the goalkeeper and centres backs left the ball at Chaplin’s feet in the penalty area completely alone, not sure where Civils goalkeeper disappeared to but he wasn’t anywhere to be seen in the area. Chaplin walked the ball home, 3-0 Merton. Could he ever score an easier goal? Although Chaplin’s feedback back was its all about positioning.

Half time came with no threat to Merton as the home side eased to a 3-0 lead. Then came the second half and in all honesty there’s not much to tell, the game flowed with a ridiculous amount of off sides to Merton’s strikers frustrations. Trey and Callum both had chances and did the hard part by taking players on but not finishing. Think Callum may have stolen Georges shooting boots the last couple of weeks.

The 6’s were on course to see out a game without making in mistakes or were they! Civil were awarded a free kick in a half decent positon. The wall was set and Swanny was ready to push his save out of the danger zone. Although Swanny had other ideas as he parried the ball nicely in front of him for the 2 following in Civil players to make it 3-1. Not sure where the defenders were tracking them back, in fairness they may have been sprinting back in but by the time they have done 1 yard a normal person has done 10 yards.

I have to mention that Swanny did make up for this with a cracking save from a long range effort and Merton went on the win the game 3-1. Back in the bar as we checked the other results coming in we were safely back on top of the table and with a couple of teams with games in hand we must keep winning to sustain a challenge.

Then the real tension started, who was going to get D.O.T.D! Forget the M.O.T.M award this was all about who would be wearing the newly purchased outfit decorated at the Chaplin household. It was never in doubt and except a couple of votes it went to Nick, alright for non footballing reasons but the lad was leathered on that underground.

M.O.T.M was a difficult one as there was no real stand out performances from a good all round first half and comfortable second. Step up Mr. Consistent Andy, what’s that 3 out of 4 weeks. Getting a little boring now, either do something amazing or really rubbish. Stop with the consistency.

Scorers; Chaplin 2, George B 1

Squad; Swanny, Andy, Grant, Kev, Fitz, Callum, Ty, Neal, George, Tony, Nick, Trey, Pete, Bobby.

D.O.T.D – Nick

M.O.T.M – Andy

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