Merton 6s  – 6
Old Wilsonians 9th – 2
Team: Swan, Chappell, Avey, Mahbubani, Burchell, Fullar, Savoury, Brobbey, Fisher, Obeng-Adu, Plaistow Subs: Katandika, Mambeko, Ackerman
Despite the result, there were far more contenders for DOD than MOM again for the 6s this week, but a win is a win and we keep the pressure on Carshalton at the top going into 2017.
With the Gaffa sampling a Gay wedding, Beans picking up swine flu and Paul forgetting at the last minute he had to take his mum to the shops (or some other family thing) we drafted a few old regulars into the 6s but retained our formidable front 4. Chris returned to midfield, and was so excited he dressed up for the occasion is some dandy fancy dress outfit and hoped to scare Wilsons into submission by breathing his alcohol ridden breath on them. … well it scared a few off clearly as Wilson started with only 8 but despite their lack of numbers, a mix of bad finishing, bad choices, great defending and superb goal keeping by the time they got up to 10 it was still 0-0. Merton were taking this all too easily and it showed too often, but we got the wake up call when Mr Burchell missed a header and I forgot how slow Darren is .. Wilson broke and scored to make it 1-0. The embarrassment didn’t last long as we pretty much went up the other end and Chris scored for his first Merton goal for the 6s.
Chance after chance went begging, with both George and Callum not at their usual clinical best and the Wilsons keeper was rolling back the years and having a blinder. Dan scored before half time but we only went in 2-1 against 10 men .. not the best half of football we’ve ever played.
To be honest the 2nd half wasn’t much better, but we looked more solid most of the time and despite again the keeper making some fantastic saves 1 on 1, tiredness was taking its toll on Wilsons and we stretched away so the result was never in doubt. John decided to give them a helping hand by passing to their striker to make it 6-2.
Now … The bit you readers will enjoy and those concerned will not … The nominations for DOD ..
Paul: For pulling out late as ‘he forgot he had a family affair’
Swanny: For arriving 5 minutes before kick off
Chris: For dressing like Chris Eubank and smelling like Paul Gascoigne
Dan: For trying to twist his right foot into some weird contortion rather than using his left to shoot
Then the big 3…
Pete: For missing two open goals, one from a header and one from about 2 inches
John: For passing perfectly across his own box for the Oppo to score and then throwing his toys out of the pram during and after the game
Ty: Missed a total sitter both high AND wide .. and confessed his liking for Little Mix, and I think he said Justin Beiber was his sort of man
Plenty of votes across all 3 … but Ty just pipped it 🙂
MOM was easier. Dan Plaistow scored one and tirelessly ran the Wilsons Defence ragged.
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