Match Report
Old Wilsons 8s v Merton 6s

Back down too Old wilson to face up to the 8s this week, brisk day with the chance of rain, however, the pitch is plague by the same low sun as last week
Looking at the oppo, for once the team looks more or less the same as the squad the 6s faced in September, which ended in a one sided 1-1 score line
However, there’s a few changes to the 6s, MQ still between sticks after last week’s clean sheet, left back is Steve B, centre back s of Joe Diss and TJ, and Steve H on the right, Left wing we have Ed, right wing Andrew, with the same pairing as last week, Phil T and Ricky. Up fornt is ‘El cappo and flanked by the speedy one in Daban B. Bench we welcome back Matt H and Ty from a ‘lengthy’ lay off
Confidence is high as the game kicks off, last week’s victory has brought about an air of confidence, passing the ball around, the CM start as they left off last week, passing as well as looking to run at the opposition. OW8s seem a lot more organised and match up well to their counter parts.
Up front, a good tussle starts to evolve between the OW8s centre backs and 6s CF, the ‘old dogs’ seem to be rolling back the years, only to bring back the art of kicking and tugging when the refs not looking! But all done in good humour.
Still, with the game evenly balanced, it’s the OW8s who’s strike first, a quick counter from a decent 6s attack, sees a long ball punted up front, the OW8s CF skips the challenge from Joe and bears down on goal, MQ with a rush of blood steams out at …. Pace! Only to arrive very much second as his rounded and the ball is slotted home. This being the first attack on goal compared to the several good chances wasted by DG and Daban
Not deterred, the 6s go on the front foot, once again from a high ball, DG draws the foul 25 yards out and lines the freekick up with Ed, who is selling the left foot option well. DG fakes the shot, Ed shoots… miss!
Another ariel attack and another foul on DG from a similar position to Eds debacle, this time DG lines the shot up alone, take his run up and spots Steve H unmarked wide right, instead of shooting, slots Steve in for a first time cross that is converted just wide from a deflection for a corner. A great flighted ball by Ricky is flicked on and ends up 15 yards out for a first time cutting side volley from DG which whistles passed the crossbar… 6s look good
For the play the 6s had, it’s frustrating to go in the first half down 1-0. Changes are made, JD makes way for Matt H, creating a shuffle at the back, with Matt going left back/left Wing and Steve B going Centre Back… Ty comes on for Ricky in the Centre
Game kicks off, once again the 6s get to grip with the game, Ty, looking a bit match rusty gets a few good touches in and keep it simple, Matt over lapping with Ed start to get some good work done down the left, Daban as ever, is serious threat with his pace but can’t seem to catch a break and get his shots off. Another change sees Ricky come on for Daban
Still probing, Andrew down the right starts to get some space, a few good through balls form DG and Ty sees Andrew get the edge, one such attack sees Andrews cross ‘passed back’ to the goalie by OW8s centre back and give away a needless free kick 6 yards out, once again Ed talks the talk… all he has to do is hit the target… a massive gap appears at the far post, as the balls is rolled into his path, he goes for all power and no finesse… from 6 yards, the balls rockets over the cross bar and DOTD is sorted!
Ed goes off and Daban comes back on and a formation change of 3-5-2. Flooding the midfield with Ty, Rick and Phil seems to work, however into the final third of the pitch and every chance seems to be over played or under passed, but all this is from just trying too hard and not wanting to lose, the fluent passing from the first half is replaced with panic or kick and rush
The dying embers of the game and tempers are getting strained. DG and the 2 centre backs have lost their humour and are basically just lumping each other (still without malice though… no harm in an exchange of raking studs now and then between the old boys!!)
Another corner to 6s, this time Matt curls in a great ball, DG contests the challenge with no other than the waring centre backs, the shot hits the cross bar and comes back out, Daban is the quickest to react and stabs the ball home from close range, 1-1
The remain minutes is the Alamo as the 6s hunt for the winner, however to no avail and the ref calls it a day 1-1. A close encounter, but once again it would seem the 6s drop 2 points as opposed to gaining 1.

After 2 away games, the 6s make their way home v Civ 8s, which was bit of a testy affair last season against the ‘then 7s.

MOTM: MQ in goal done well with what came at him, just one mistake cost him a clean sheet, and a superb save from one of his own (again) kept him in the frame for MOTM, but once again, Tom J was a rock in the back, and at this rate will be looking to play higher up on this form

DOTD: Could have been Steve B for another attempt at an own goal, this time heading from 8 yards out, but fortunately, MQ was at his best not react and tip the ball over
But it must go to…. Ed… think we found out his right peg doesn’t work very well with free kicks from any range!
Team: MQ, Steve H, Tom J, Joe D, Steve B, Andy, Rick, Phil, Ed, Daban, David ©
Ty & Matt.

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