Merton 6s 1-4 Old Wilsonians 8s
Scorer: Matt Haswell
MOM – Mark Swan (SWanny)
Simon Brown Award: Mark Chappell, for being mugged by a snotty teenager in the corner
The 6s started this season campaign with a disappointing loss in the cup, and the score line could easily have been worse but for the superb keeping display by Swanny.

The advantage the 6s have with a group stage cup competition is we get to form our team before the league kicks in Рthis served us well last season and we have an even better chance this season given the players we now have at our disposal 

This game turned against us in the first 20 minutes of the second half when we changed away from the 4-3-3 that had worked so well in the first half. But the advantage we have is that we now know that the 433 formation works best for us, and this was the formation when we were our most threatening and when our goal came. We hunted the ball well high up the pitch and Dan Plaistow played in Matt Haswell who finished well.
Going forward I think we just need to be more brave with our play and push higher up the pitch to give our attacking options the best advantage –¬†we do this and I’m sure we will win more than we lose. When we stopped being brave towards the end of the first half and dropped a bit deeper, we gave their players more room and isolated Scott up top, this gave them an advantage that to be fair they took extremely well.
Saturday’s game also showed that we can no longer justify carrying players who can’t step up – we now have a squad that will enable Kevin to not only reward commitment but to drop players who aren’t playing well or who over time show they don’t have the ability to complement out team. When you consider that We can add the likes of John, Paul, Mal to the 14 from Saturday, as well as remembering that Steve B, Miguel and Chris stepped up to the 5s – we have a really encouraging squad and I’m sure if we get on a roll we will be tough team to beat and are certain to challenge for silverware.
Team: Swanny, Ram, Quinlan, Kevin, Chappell, Latin Lover, Adam, Matty, Dan P, Pete, Scott. Subs. Dan A, Josh, George

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