From Roger Asling hon Disciplinary Chairman.
as of 4/11/2014 the card count is as follows
1st team   5 yellow cards
2nd team  4 yellow cards
3rd team   4 yellow cards plus 3 red cards.
4th team   2 yellow cards
5th team   0 cards
6th team   0 cards
The Disciplinary panel has already had to give suspensions to 5 players !
the AFA have suspended 3 players.
At this stage of the season this is just not good enough. given that we are at the moment not fielding all 6 teams on a weekly basis as well.
Gentlemen you must adhere to the laws of the game and curb your behaviour on the field of play.
I urge you to read & comply with the rules and regulations laid down in the players charter of Merton Football Club. You were all given a copy on joining this season. I would also point out the club Disciplinary code that you can find on the Disciplinary page here on the website. 

You are reminded that if you have not paid fines outstanding from this season or last, you may be suspended. please pay via BACs, to your manager/captain or any committee member. If you have any queries do not hesitate to discuss them with me.
[email protected] or 07879546090

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