It was a slightly disappointing end, for us anyway, to a very good entertaining match of high quality. The HAC are a strong side who has a good record in AFA cups and we needed to be at our bets to take them on. They started very strongly with some good passing and two lively forwards but we got into the game and started to create chances. We went ahead after about 25 mins when a good crossfield passing movement gave Alex Gladkow a bit of space 25 yards and the keeper anticipating the cross came off his line to be beaten at his near post by a hard curling shot. But it was soon level when a free kick conceded on the edge of our box was taken too quickly for us and put in the net . We had a great shout for a pen before half time when Woody was brought down in the box. The Ref seemed to acknowledge that he was tripped but had gone down too easily. That’s Woody for you too obliging. Half time 1-1 and all to play for. We had the better chances in the second half but the they survived a terrific goal line skirmish I am still not quite sure how and we missed a couple of other good chances. Angus made a terrific save to make sure it was extra time. This was a pretty even slugging match between two increasingly tired teams but we seemed to be getting on top but straight from the Kick off for the second half their striker struck from the half way line with a brilliant shot that sailed on the wind and high into our net. I thought that was it but we were, if anything spurred on by this and continued to create opportunities with Bosh equalising and then having a winner disallowed with 5 mins to go. This was for a foul on the keeper at a corner but it was hard to undeatand as he had gone through a ruck of players and hadn’t said excuse me and seemed to collide with one of their lads. Ref was al ong time disallowing after having signalled aa goal. Well I thought he did. So to pens and despite Ackers and Bosh scoring we missed a couple and they didn’t. But that is the way it goes. Merton played some really good attacking football and even without our Leader, Clappers, the defence were only caught out by two opportunistic efforts. HAC were avery good side and a good bunch of lads who played very well. It is another Cup game this weekend Home to Old Chigwellians in the AFA Senior Cup and the team is playing well together and ready for the challenge. It should be another good game and well worth watching


Team:Angus Lees (GK), Alex Gladkow, Andrew Graves, Browner, Pat Manton, Snooksy, Will Low, Woody, Dan Whiteman, Bosh, Ackers Subs Connor Murphy , Chris Rayner.

Written by:Max Herbert

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