The day started poorly and got continually worse.

Two thirds of the team arrived in Finchley at 2pm, the agreed meet time, and then had to wait a further hour for the rest of the team, including the kit, to turn up just before 3pm having been caught up in every traffic issue possible on route. Finchleans and the nicest ref in the world were very accommodating though and the game kicked off about 15 minutes late.

We dominated the majority of the game but didn’t create any chances of real note. A series of over hit corners and misplaced passes through the middle was all we had to show for our possession. In fact the only two chances we did create were both for Finchleans. Midway through the first half Oaksey came to claim along throw but he misjudged it and the ball was helped over him and past a wrong footed Tilley on the line. Then about half way through the second half a long ball sailed over Browner’s head to Will who was sweeping up. Rather than clearing however he passed across the area to the Finchlean winger who scored well from a tight angle. We pushed hard for the last 20 minutes and Browner had a goal disallowed for half time but we still didn’t trouble the Finchleans keeper enough.

No one really shone but Will Taylor made a positive impact coming on for his first 1s appearance in the second half.

We must learn from this game as it wasn’t dissimilar in quality to any of the 3rd division games we had last year and therefore gifting them two goals was a waste of a good opportunity to get points on the board.

Team: Oaksey (GK), Will Low, Clappers, Browner, Jonesy, Wilgo (Clowesy 75), John, Vanny, Tilley, Jase (Will Taylor), Ash.


Written by:Clappers

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