Impressive results from yesterday:
1s beat Old Lyonians 2-1
2s beat Carshalton 3-1
3s lost 5-2 against Kew Association 2s
4s beat Polytechnic 8s 8-1
5s lost 4-3 against Actonians Association 8s
7s beat Old Wilsonians 8s 4-0
Pictured: Goalscorers for the 5s Rich Gibbs (2) and Aaron Byrne; the victorious 7th team; the last men standing at the bar (Steve & Ryan Burchell, Tiago Carvalho and stats man Darren Avey), and man of the match for the 2s, Craig Usher (with skipper Wilgo)

Great camaraderie, good humour & team spirit show by Old Lyonians FC yesterday. After missing a near open goal to equalise and gain a point, the forward (in the dressing room) had his clothes taken away ! He was then made to come into the Merton bar wearing only his undies !
SHARON enjoyed it & VAL gave him an large portion of pasta !
nice to see the spirit of our football is still going strong…SAL still the best ….

MOM Craig Usher