🐗🐗 MFC results from 17/9/22🐗🐗
Headlines: The league season is now underway with a near perfect start for the Boars – 3 wins and a draw! Highlights include two teams scoring 6 (1s and 5s), including a hat-trick for Rhys George, and a clean sheet for the 4s.
1s: Won 6-1 away to Richmond and Kew in the league. The goals were scored by Rhys George (3), Jamie Cross (2) and Will Agbo, Assists were provided by Ruairi Biollo, Max Carveth, Will Agbo and Jamie Cross. One golden glove point to Tom Best in goal. MOTM was Rhys George and DOTD was James Gray. The 1s are 1st in the league.
2s: Drew 1-1 at home to Old Finchleians in the league. The goal was scored by James Barnett with an assist from Steve Newell. One golden glove point to Sam Singer-Ripley in goal. MOTM was Connor Headen and DOTD was Ryan Burchell. The 2s are 3rd in the league.
3s: No fixture. The 3s are 5th in the league.
4s: Won 2-0 away to Old Wilsonians in the league. The goals were scored by Aaron Ackerman and Andy Bitmead. Three golden glove points to Roderick Glynn in goal. MOTM was Aaron Byrne and DOTD was Daniel Gavrila. The 4s are 3rd in the league.
5s: Won 6-5 at home to Polytechnic in the league. The goals were scored by Lofty, Jesse Dakurah (2), Iain Evans, Fitz and Lewis Riches. The assists were provided by Steve Burchell, Lewis Riches (3), Fitz and Iain. MOTM was Jesse Dakurah and DOTD was Ed Plaistow, for a 25 yard own goal. The 5s are 2nd in the league.
Vets: No fixture.
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