🐗🐗 MFC results from 24/9/22🐗🐗
Headlines:  Lots of goals, with all 4 games having at least 6 goals scored.  However, last week’s positive results were reversed this week, with only 1 draw (3s) and 3 defeats.  Two spankings (plus any extras involving Cookie) and two close games.
1s: No fixture.  The 1s are 1st in the league.
2s: Lost 5-1 away to Old Parkonians in the cup.  The goal was scored by Sam Pritchard with an assist from Jesse Dakurah.  MOTM was Sam Pritchard and DOTD was Pete Brown, for misreading the kick off time as the arrival time, wearing some questionable shorts to the game and a nightmare backpass.  The 2s are 5th in the league.
3s: Drew 3-3 away to Bank of England in the league.  The goals were scored by Iain Evans, Callum Fisher and Daban Babaker.  The assists were provided by Justin Huxter and Iain Evans.  MOTM was Callum Fisher and DOTD was Lofty.  The 3s are 4th in the league.
4s: Lost 4-5 to South Bank in the league.  The goals were scored by Daniel Gavrila, Andy Bitmead (2) and Dwayne Bedford. The assists were provided by Clive Corrigan and Dwayne Bedford (2).  MOTM was Daniel Gavrila and DOTD was Pete Obeng-Adu.  The 4s are 4th in the league.
5s:  Lost 6-1 at home to Old Blues in the cup. The goal was scored by Lewis Riches and assisted by Fitz.  MOTM was Will Farkins and DOTD was Ricardo Iglesias.  The 5s are 3rd in the league.
Vets: No fixture.  
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