NAME: Daniel Rist

TEAM: Merton 3’s

POSITION: Right Back

BIRTH DATE: 30th September

BIRTH PLACE: Royal Leamington Spa

PREVIOUS CLUBS: Racing Club Warwick, Southam United and Coventry United


1. Tell us who you are outside of the club. What do you do, how would you describe yourself?

Away from Merton, I work in an Investment Bank for Societe Generale as a Recruiter…it’s really as boring as it sounds!

Away from work, I’ll either be making use of my 50% discount at Dominos, getting drunk after two pints or watching some type of sport.   


2. What was most memorable moment in your MFC career till now?

I have a couple:

      Scoring from the half way line, bar and in….can I still talk about this? The game at this point was pretty much over, so I closed my eyes and took a shot/cross, next thing I knew I had Big Mike jumping on me.

      Falling asleep in my car while putting my football bag away after the Christmas Party. Waking up at 4.00am after being sick….flipping EG rules!

      Other than that, it would either be watching Neil Davidson playing centre half (not pretty…) or seeing Vinny getting done for pace and then pretending to be injured.    


3. What is your favourite quote?

It’s a tossup between Michael Scott (US Office fans will understand), “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”, or from Merton’s very own Frankie, possibly the angriest man in football! Who on about 6 occasions has shouted, “Get the F**K out the way Ref”, truly unforgettable!


4. Tell us something about yourself that most of us at the club probably aren’t aware of…

I’m Dan Rist and I play for the Merton 3’s J


5. Ask a friend for a reference and post their response of youcan be a family member, friend or teammate (E.G: “He’s a lovely boy” – Mom)

“He’s pretty much perfect in every way, looks, football, on the pull, everything. He’s my role model; I just wish that one day I grow up exactly like him!” – Glenn Pitmann after a few WKD’s.   


6. Lastly, share with us your goals/expectations for the season…

As the season is over we turn our focus to the SAL Spring/Summer Cup. It would be brilliant to get some revenge against some of the teams we lost too. We ended the season on a couple of wins so a continuation of that would be lovely! Love a good cup final….too much to ask for? 



Player of the season (at Merton): Dan B – the guy is a beast in the sticks.

Favourite team in the UK: Man UTD

Favourite team outside the UK: Dortmund

Childhood hero: David Beckham

Favourite word: F**k – Sums up every emotion.

Favourite band: Oasis

Favourite food: Anything that’s bad for you. Dominos

Dream job: Karl Pilkington’s best mate.

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