NAME: Jason Thomas

TEAM: 2s

POSITION: Centre Forward (occasional Centre Half)

BIRTH DATE: a while back


PREVIOUS CLUBS: Tynecastle Star (Edinburgh), FC La Sagne (Switzerland)



1. Tell us who you are outside of the club. What do you do, how would you describe yourself?  I’m a teacher of English to speakers of other languages and a part-time actor.


2. What was most memorable moment in your MFC career till now? “Playing” in 30 degree heat and totally hungover in Portugal and hallucinating that Woody scored from the halfway line.


3. What is your favourite quote? The lowest one


4. Tell us something about yourself that most of us at the club probably aren’t aware of… I have worked as a professional Santa for the last four Christmases


5. Ask a friend for a reference and post their response of you – can be a family member, friend or teammate (E.G: “He’s a lovely boy” – Mom)


6. Lastly, share with us your goals/expectations for the season…

Coming through unscathed




Player of the season (at Merton): Pearcey for the 2s

Favourite team in the UK: Norwich City

Favourite team outside the UK: Neuchatel Xamax

Childhood hero: Rupert the Bear

Favourite word: holidays

Favourite band: Crowded House

Favourite food: Indian

Dream job: Actor/Singer in the West End

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