NAME: Jonathan Taylor
TEAM: Merton VIIs
POSITION: Inside Right/Right-Arm Slow
BIRTH DATE: 01/05/84
BIRTH PLACE: Berkshire
PREVIOUS CLUBS: Lost in the mists of time

1. Tell us who you are outside of the club. What do you do, how would you describe yourself?

A structural engineer by day which isn’t as fun as it sounds.  Work bang in the centre of that there London and live out east, which looks like Mad Max but is cheap. Enjoy a bit of cricket and snooker outside work, and when not doing that or boozing can usually be found underneath my car.
2. What was most memorable moment in your MFC career till now?
Forgetting my shinpads and as a warm up having to jog a mile to the nearest sport shop and back to buy some. Suffice to say it’s not been the most productive season.
3. What is your favourite quote?
“The ball is round. The game lasts ninety minutes. This much is fact. Everything else is theory” – Sepp Herberger
4. Tell us something about yourself that most of us at the club probably aren’t aware of…
I’m from the West Country and so therefore support Yeovil Town. I like to think it gives me a sense of perspective. I also do own a car that occasionally does actually work, contrary to popular belief.
5. Ask a friend for a reference and post their response of you – can be a family
“Generous – will always give you more points through fouls than he pots”
6. Lastly, share with us your goals/expectations for the season…
To reach some semblance of fitness and help the VIIs to a respectable first league finish.

Player of the season (at Merton): Difficult as it’s been a solid team effort but Captain Dave has been a consistent presence in the centre, as well as tapping in from 48 yrds.
Favourite team in the UK: Yeovil Town FC
Favourite team outside the UK: Udinese
Childhood hero: Warren Patmore
Favourite word:
Favourite band: Radiohead/UNKLE
Favourite food: Sunday Roast
Dream job: Pilot/Anything that pays an absolute stack of cash, really I’m not fussy.

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