A bit different this Sunday morning at the Hood. Firstly the fog and then we hosted Old Westminster Citz Vets v Old Woodhousians Vets in OLd Boys Cup. They lost 2-0 after holding out for most of the game. Our U14s put up a spirited performance but lost to St Helier. our U11s and U13s played one another and our U10s drew 5-5 to a premier U9 side. Shame fog never lifted. Good results all round and good in the bar after. Thanks Steve.

01 OWC Vets 02 03 04

Merton Football Club Forgot to mention OWCs Vets meticulous preparation for the game included pre match briefing and a slug of port all pound. I think it was only when the port wore off that they conceded. Well played lads


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