From banks of river Wandle to shores of Scilly Merton U10s continue marching to cup victory.

Away to CB Hounslow they gave a brilliant display of passing and moving and destroyed opposition 7-1.

3 Jamal
2 Zion
1 Stevie
1 Nayman

Nayman goal curved like a boomerang into top corner.

Jamal danced like a beat boxer around the goal using his twinkle feet and smashing ball into net like an exocet missile.

Zion ran faster than Usain Bolt down wing and finished with 2 surplime finishes.

Stevie continued with his great discipline and finished with a great goal from a Jamal pass.

Hard work continues and if we stay with passing and moving who knows we could reach cup final.

Christian in defence and midfield was as solid as a rock and goes from strength to Strength.

Tom and Ted were on fire hot on ball.

MOM tough call….. Nayman for all his hard work and control.

Onwards we travel to next journey

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