Merton arrived on a freezing cold Sunday morning at Bedfont FC.
Not joking you could touch planes as they flew over being so close to ground.
We got changed in new white kit…looked really cool.
1st half was hard work as we battled to break Bedfont down.
The away team goalkeeper pulled off some great saves and 0.0 at half time.
2nd half we stepped up pressed high up pitch and gave them no room.
Rohan came on to midfield and put solid tackles in which shook up the opposition.
Steve Gumble then unleashed a bullet shot rifle into back of net…..this opened flood gates…..another goal from William and Cormac.
In fairness Bedfont did well to hold and we really did not play well…..was a cold morning.
We now march onto Semi Final for 2nd year in a row….big game Sunday against Roehampton to decide if we can make another final.
Whatever result we have a great team based on solid work ethic and amazing support.
Darren manager called me during week to wish us well and reiterated what a grwat bunch of discipline boys we have who are credit to club and thenselves….very humbling.
Wish us luck we will need it.

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