On a beautiful¬†Sunday morning¬†u11s with a full squad including 4 subs for 2nd week in a row….. were ready to take on Claygate.

We started a little slow and went 1 goal down…. boys were reminded of training ….pass and move…..set and take.

We bounced back with a great team goal and Cormac scoring a goal with his left foot curling like a boomerang into goal.

Passing then just continued and it looked like a field of buttercups as we swarmed all over Claygate goal.

Steve smashed in a goal….like a torpedo from a sub… locked onto target and Boom.

Zion got 3rd goal and was on fire throughout the whole game… showed trickery and zap…. smash grab ball flew into net of his finesse finish on his left foot.

We March on and once again great team bond and parents…. we love you guys.

Next week we travel Hampton Rangers.

David Laughton

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