Bedfont 6-0 Merton FC

Difficult game today, in which we tried to rebuild the confidence and the morale of the team.
It has been a difficult past couple of weeks with the team spirit deminiahing as quickly as our good start to the season was.
Today was about boosting our confidence, however it was a tricky game to do so.
Bedfont are a very strong outfit, scoring 58 goals prior to this fixture in 7 games of football.
We started the game extremely sloppy, conceding 2 goals in quick succession within the first 3 minutes.
After the mad 3 minutes we found our feet and settled into the game, creating a few good chances. Which was a massive positive from today’s game.
Dan and Harrison making their debuts for the club today impressed throughout.
We had a solid remaining 30 minutes of the half and was in the game still at 2-0.
2nd half started and it was back to the walls for Merton, with Bedfont pinning us in our own half for the majority of the game. We still broke and created chances throughout.
2 further goals were scored and our heads dropped.
Bedfont ran away with it in the end, but overall we can be pleased with the better attitude and atmosphere around the team.
We move on now to look forward to a good December.
Darren and Dan are proud of the boys and what they are beginning to achieve.
It’s been a difficult few weeks, but we can see that they are turning it around.
Tough game today against the probable league winners
Good luck Bedfont, heads up Merton
We go again

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