AFC West End 3 – 2 Merton fc

After a positive start to the game, Merton took the lead. This being our 3rd or 4th chance on goal, with the others not being on target. Charlie gambling and nodding into an empty net to give merton a deserved lead.

Merton doubled the lead with Marcin hitting his shot into the far corner.
Merton had the more possession in the first half and were unlucky not to be more up come the half time whistle.

2nd half and the message was clear! But AFC West End built up confidence in the game, creating chances from merton mistakes.

AFC West End pulling a goal back with around 20 to play.

AFC West End equalised and scored the winner in the space of 5 mins – both from free kicks after sloppy fouls.

Onto the next fixture at Kew next week.

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