NAME: Simon Clapperton
AGE: 43 (I know, how is still that good at his age)
POSITION: Centre half

1) Tell us who you are outside of the club. What do you do, how would you describe yourself?
I thought it would be easier to ask others their thoughts. “Inspirational leader, my hero” – James Tilley, “Like a fun, cool older brother” – Tom Rowe, “If I’m half the man he is, when I’m his age, I’ll be so proud” – Ivan Gladkow, “Useless, old, fat ****” – Siri Durrani.
2) How did you end up at Merton FC, and what is your favourite thing about the club?
Googled local clubs and found an old mate played here. Seeing so many people enjoying their football and the friendships they make along the way.
3) Please tell us your personal career highlight with Merton FC?
Guiding the 1st team to promotion into SAL Division 1. First time in 60 years!
4) What was your funniest moment at Merton FC (on the pitch or off it)?
Both on tour. Off it was Max’s face when Tilley told him he’d forgotten his boots as we arrived at the pitch. The pitch was a good 15 minute drive from the hotel and we were already late. On it was Tilley’s performance once he donned his, now collected, boots. Three attempts at a skill which all ended with him on his backside. In his defence he was still pissed from the night/morning before.
5) What are your goals and expectations for your team this season? Aim is to push for promotion and integrate more new, younger, players


Player to look out for in your side this season? Hopefully one of the new guys making a name for themselves.
Predicted top scorer? Charlie Hockless
Person with worst chat/banter? Chaz or Siri
Who is most likely to get injured? Ivan Gladkow
Worst fashion sense? Browner or Ivan. Browner doesn’t try or care. Ivan on the other hand……..

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