AGE: 34

1)Tell us who you are outside of the club. What do you do, how would you describe yourself?
Sports journalist turned corporate sell-out. Running? Yes please; preferably somewhere a bit different. Cycling? Well, we all have our problems.
2) How did you end up at Merton FC, and what is your favourite thing about the club?
During our (largely idle) Championship Manager-heavy university summer of 2002, Alex Herbert asked me to join his local team for the Hassocks 6-a-side tournament. Proud to say this club means as much to me now as it always has to him. Nowadays (if your cringe pipes can take it), playing any match with Sherbs in yellow is special.
3) Please tell us your personal career highlight with Merton FC?
Being promoted with the 1s at Bank of England courtesy of a 1-0 win on the final day stands out. As does last season’s Indian summer.
4) What was your funniest moment at Merton FC (on the pitch or off it)?
Absolutely any time I’ve ever golf-balled Ivan Gladkow. Actually, on that note, Van chewing through that pint of Caffrey’s on tour in Albufeira is up there. Partly because it has now (reluctantly) become his thing at a Merton wedding breakfast. What a continuous source of delight for us all. Thanks, Vanya.
5) What are your goals and expectations for your team this season?
A glorious cup run? Tick. Chris Rayner tying defenders in knots? Tick. Tom Benham setting a new world record time for the 100m? Tick. Paul Pearce topping the interceptions made chart? Tick. Ben Cook to go looking for a dust-up? Boom.


Player to look out for in your side this season? Joe Grew. Will dominate relentlessly.
Predicted top scorer? David Quainton. All from less than six yards. That said, Rayner is a two-in-one kind of guy.
Person with worst chat/banter? I always look forward to Conor Murphy’s on-pitch comms. Because I still (for now) have the privilege of splitting my game time between the 1s and 2s, can I also say Chaz? Chaz.
Who is most likely to get injured? Anyone tackled by Mustard in training. We walk in the garden of his turbulence.
Worst fashion sense? Darcy tends to rock up to games dressed as though he has just returned from a rave in an abandoned car park. Honourable mentions for Clappers’ jeans and Van’s brown jumper, dressed as though he has just returned from a rave in an abandoned car

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