AGE: 90

1) Tell us who you are outside of the club. What do you do, how would you describe yourself? I work in security (CCTV) so get out and about. Generally I’m pretty laid back but outspoken about what I think.

2) How did you end up at Merton FC, and what is your favourite thing about the club? I worked with Chris Outred for about 4 years before he could muster the courage to say hello before introducing the club to me. I like how committed many of the members are, coming to training rain or shine and are willing to support our bar before, during (sometimes) and after the season.

3) Please tell us your personal career highlight with Merton FC? A largely improved season for the 5th team I’ve been leading and seeing so many people attend extra training to try and push for promotion. (Also still my half-way line goal which Malcolm kandula can take credit for assist from KO for)

4) What was your funniest moment at Merton FC (on the pitch or off it)? Hard to narrow it down to one with the 5s. If I could screenshot some of the stuff that’s on there you’d need an entire newsletter!

5) What are your goals and expectations for your team this season? I want to get 5 goals and actually get promotion.


Player to look out for in your side this season? Dwayne
Predicted top scorer? Andy Bitmead (Bitsy)
Person with worst chat/banter? Sam- constantly tells us his love life
Who is most likely to get injured? Tiago. Cramp seems to strike and induce him into labour!
Worst fashion sense? Dwaynes trainers can be pretty garish….

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