Fresh off of the back of this season’s first win, the Sixes welcomed South Bank back down to the Hood for the early kick-off. A little too early for some, with Paul turning up just moments before the start, keeping traditions alive and well. John would be so proud.

There were some enforced changes to last week’s winning team, with Chris unavailable and Swanny having that back of 90 year old. In came Anan hungry for minutes on the pitch, and Kieran, thirsty for… well we all know what Kieran is thirsty for.

After the usual drill sergeant like levels of motivation from the gaffer, and finer tactical pointers (“Give the ball to the young lads”, “Kieran, if you’re seeing three balls just stop the middle one”), we were ready for blood.

The first half was a tight affair, with both teams playing some decent football, but neither team making the breakthrough. Merton did get some luck though with South Bank losing a player to injury, and thus having no subs for the rest of the game. No we had to take advantage to of this and test the tiring South Bank legs.

At this point it should be noted that the defence were particularly playing a blinder, holding a compact, but high defensive line, and winning first balls left, right and centre. South Bank’s dangerous forward line were getting frustrated. George was having the best game of is Merton career.

The only real trouble to speak of was a couple of misunderstandings between the back four and the stand in keeper. The defence left, what they thought were, a couple of easy balls for the keeper. But with Kieran on the look out in case any WADA testers turned up, he was slow off of his line.

Luckily we made it to half time without any disasters. 0-0.

Fresh legs were needed up top, so on came Paul and Scott. The less said about Ram’s brief, but brave, cameo the better.

The pressure was all Merton. Corners, free kicks and long throws were all flung into the box, but still no break through.

Finally the break through came. Paul made a strong run into the box and was sent tumbling to the ground by the keeper. Blatant penalty surely?! All eyes went straight to the referee, who remained impassive. In the confusion Scott found the ball at his feet and found the back of the net. 1-0 Merton.

Merton continued to have the best of the play and soon enough all eyes were again on the referee, demanding another penalty. Scott found himself in a position to shoot and tried his best to bend the ball into the top corner. His best wasn’t all that good. The ball was flying miles wide, but for some unknown reason a South Bank defender threw a hand at the ball. This time even the ref couldn’t deny it.

Now the arguments begin. Who will take it? The usual suspects are all interested. Pete. How many did you miss last season? Ty. Not the way you’ve been taking free kicks today. Kev. No chance gaffer. So up stepped Scott, in the midst of fine goal scoring run. He did his best to miss it, he really did. He hit it straight at the keeper. But he fumbled the ball, and bang, 2-0.

All Merton had to do was see out the remaining minutes of the game, and do nothing stupid.

South Bank had nothing left to give and their frustrated forwards had no answer to Merton’s experienced and robust defence.

It ended 2-0. A second straight win and the Sixes find themselves 3rd in the league. Bring on next week and Alleyn Old Boys down at the Hood.

TEAM: Kieran, Kev, Chappell, Beanz, George, Adam, Anan, Ty, Callum, Trey, Pete.

SUBS: Scott, Ram, Paul.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Unanimous this week. Nothing and no one got past George at right back this week.

DICK OF THE DAY: It could’ve been Ram for his brave effort whilst playing ill (hungover). It could’ve been Paul for his phenomenal time-keeping. But this week Adam was literally Dick of the Day. A dick so popular that even one of the opposition players had to have a feel.

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