Alrighty, here we go with the results.
The 1s are on a roll, winning 4-2 on pens in the cup against BoE, after drawing 2-2.
2s lost 2-1 in a hard fought encounter against St James.
3s won 3-2 on pens (all that practice at the club day is paying dividends) against civil service after 1-1 AET.
4s lost 5-1 to a good polytechnic side.
6s lost 4-1 against Old Salesians.
And start the drumroll… Clive’s magic 5s did it AGAIN!! 1-0 victory over Old Wilsonians.
Vets lost 1-0 to OWC, the vets (war babies) MOTM was pat murphy & had to wear the “helmet” for the duration of the day….main reasons were because he got injured & wore his shorts inside out ! (or was it upside down) ……
And as you can see, a full house at the Hood. Cracking day, well done to everyone!

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