NAME: Andrew Holder Ross

TEAM: 2s

POSITION: Centre midfield

BIRTH DATE: 7th June 1991

BIRTH PLACE: Teddington

PREVIOUS CLUBS: Various in Asia


  1. Tell us who you are outside of the club. What do you do, how would you describe yourself?


A chilled out entertainer.


I live in tranquil Stockwell with four other people, above an Eritrean café/crime syndicate headquarters.


I work for a brand strategy consultancy. Don’t ask me to explain what that means. It is fun.


  1. What was most memorable moment in your MFC career till now?


Seeing Ben Cook get sent off for attacking an opponent was quite magical. When you have heard so many stories, it’s a rare thing that the reality lives up to your expectations. A genuinely moving moment for all who witnessed it. 


I also enjoyed scoring my first ever goal for the club, with my back/shoulder.


  1. What is your favourite quote?


“People see me and see the suit, but they know I’m rock and roll through and through. You know ‘Live fast, die young’? Not my way. Live fast, sure. Too bloody fast sometimes! But die young? Nah, die old.”


  1. Tell us something about yourself that most of us at the club probably aren’t aware of…


I lived in Asia for six years, from 8-14. It’s the reason why I am able to get along with people of all cultures – eg Mike Todt (African) and Jordan (Scouse)


  1. Ask a friend for a reference and post their response of youcan be a family member, friend or teammate (E.G: “He’s a lovely boy” – Mom)


Courtesy of my dear friend and housemate Mike Stone:

“What Andrew Holder De Rossi lacks in stamina, speed, aerial threat, desire, tactical awareness, physical prowess, experience, finishing, passing, and the ability to last more than 60 minutes without cramps, he more than makes up for with his knack of scoring with his back. God bless AHR.”


  1. Lastly, share with us your goals/expectations for the season…

You can use this for next season too if you want:

  1. To score with my feet
  2. To gain promotion with the 2s


Player of the season (at Merton):

Alan Clowes


Favourite team in the UK:

Manchester United


Favourite team outside the UK:

Brooklyn Nets (a basketball team)


Childhood hero:

David Beckham


Favourite word:



Favourite band:

An impossible question (check ‘em out they’re great)


Favourite food:

Dim Sum


Dream job:

Brand strategy consultant

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